Thursday, October 16, 2014


Every time we go to my husband's home town in Lucena, I shudder at the thought of how many pounds OF FAT I'll be gaining there.  It never fails: I diet for about a month with no rice from Mondays to Thursdays and control my soda intake, I lose a few pounds (YAHOO) but then VOILA! My waistline doubles up even after just a day in Lucena! A DAY!

Honestly, I'm getting tired of it. Imagine, I have already been HOT and SEXY for like 29 years of my life (yep include that when I was born in my birthday suit) so I guess, it IS high time for me to give other people a chance! 

Like what my favorite philosopher Derek Zoolander said "There is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking!" So with that, yes. The heck with my diet! I will now further indulge in the delicious food that Lucena has to offer.

And the reason for this morbid justification? EDUVIGIS. Yup! Another discovery for me to pig out in Lucena. Woe is me.

Oh and don't mind my horrendous hair. This was after my beauty sleep (which obviously did not help).


Photo grabbed from EDUVIGIS LUCENA Facebook Page

EDUVIGIS is a popular restaurant located in their town proper.

I wasn't able to take a shot of it but EDUVIGIS is about 3 floors with the first one catering more to families and people who just want to go out and have a delicious meal.

If you want something more exciting with your dinner, you could choose to sit al fresco at EDUVIGIS where they have live band music at scheduled times.

As for us, we chose to stay inside EDUVIGIS since we prefer the atmosphere of... airconditioning.

I told you I was "hot". Ha ha ha ha!

Bleeech I know.


The Chinese Adonis and my little bunsoy!

Yub's younger brother Allan and his lovely wife Ivy!


AND little ol' me with the terrible hair and unflattering clothes. I think for some reason, I woke up and decided "Hmmm... I want to look repulsive tonight!"

That's why nobody had a picture with me :(

Time to order at EDUVIGIS!

Let me just say this early that food may be delicious and the servers were accommodating at EDUVIGIS but the wait was just INCONCEIVABLE. We waited for more than an hour for all of our dishes to be served. Usually I would cancel my orders and move on to another restaurant. But I just gave EDUVIGIS the benefit of the doubt and waited a bit more.

I really hope EDUVIGIS would address this concern faster than they served us Mati's bibimbap! Good thing their food was delicious!!! It made the long wait somehow worth it!


EDUVIGIS menu is on a whiteboard with the print out plastered on it. It certainly makes choosing easier with the big pictures and all but that whiteboard was heavy!

EDUVIGIS menu 1.... 

EDUVIGIS menu 2.... 

EDUVIGIS menu 3... 

EDUVIGIS menu 4... 

EDUVIGIS menu 5... 

EDUVIGIS menu 6!

Like I said, because EDUVIGIS took so long in serving our food, dear Andrei cheered himself up by playing with my husband's celphone!

Check out the many faces of my little lord! Soooo cute!!!

Andrei sticking out his tongue....

Andrei showing his fangs with a photobomber at the back.

Andrei making his "I just ate a sourball" face.

Date (in falsetto voice): "Hi Andrei! Do you love me as much as I love you?"

Andrei : (This face).

I just want to bite his cheeks, his chin, and his nose in here!

Yep! I'm Jazmin and I'm addicted to Andrei.

Everyone: Hi Jazmin!


Andrei's order was the EDUVIGIS Cheese Pizza. 

It may not seem obvious but my little guy loved it because the toppings were the usual cheese that he loved and the sauce was sweet (aka kid friendly).

Up next was the EDUVIGIS Caesar's Salad.

I loved their simple salad with crisp vegetables and creamy garlic infused dressing. 

Now before you move any further, PLEASE, READ THIS IMPORTANT reminder which  may CHANGE YOUR LIFE....

When you're at EDUVIGIS do NOT, for the sake of all that is good and true, forget to order their SIZZLING SQUID!!!! If you suddenly had insomnia and passed over this sizzling great, you are almost missing half of your "foodie" life and I promise, you'll regret it FOREVER. 

Believe me when I say that the EDUVIGIS version of this seafood favorite, is the BAD-ASS of all squid dishes!!!!

Imagine, soft, perfectly cooked squid in coconut milk, then topped with chopped bell peppers and onions. Oh wow! That brown sauce is soooo savory and jampacked with "linamnam" flavors. What also gets me crazy about this dish from the foodie heavens is that the coconut milk gravy has a certain spice that makes you want to shovel more spoonfuls of steaming hot rice. ERMIGAAAAD!!!!!!! I enjoyed the flavorful sizzling squid with garlic rice, then washed it down with my ice cold drink.

SUCH. DELICIOUS. BLISS. I am drooling right now just thinking about it. WOAH.

I also tried out the EDUVIGIS Bicol Express and this was my least favorite among the food we ordered. It was delicious yes but it won't go well with the richness of the Sizzling Squid.

And of course, if I were made to choose from the Squid and THIS, the first contender wou7ld be the winner. 

The story of my life. If I will EVER be embroiled with a love triangle it will only involve food. He he he he!

Dear Ivy ordered the EDUVIGIS Korean Beef Stew.

This was very good because the beef chunks were fork tender and the sauce was sweet and appetizing. Again, very perfect with rice!


My plate! My very full without coordination plate from EDUVIGIS!

We were all so hungry so it's really a "Can't talk. Eating." time.

Our table filled with EDUVIGIS food!

Finally, Mati's EDUVIGIS bibimbap arrives!

Mixing it up for my little man!

(Jaz, have you heard of a comb?)

This was worth the long wait for master Mati. I tried it and the EDUVIGIS bibimbap was good!!!

I don't drink alcohol but I took a fancy to these large goblets of colorful drinks in EDUVIGIS. Good thing they serve this non-alcoholic too!

A toast to have girlfriends when you turn 30 years old Mati! 

Wait till they get a load of their future Mother in law! BWA HA HA HA HA!


After dinner, we went to our favorite hang out in Lucena... 

Yup! Bowling!!!!

We love it here because besides having cheap rates per game, they're not very strict with foot wear and playing. It's anything goes! 

Bowling alleys in Lucena rules!!!

Ivy had very good form while Mama used to play bowling regularly. 

In other words, they're good! So Mati and Andrei didn't mind them playing!

Now don't wonder why the kids made me sit by the sidelines. Yep! Nobody wants me in their team.

The story of my life. Ha ha ha ha!


So. There.

Magallanes cor Bonifacio St
Lucena City, Quezon
(042) 373-3273


  1. -what a unique name! Have ever asked why they called their resto EDUVIGIS? Contraction ba yun ng pangalan nila, like Eduardo and Virginia?
    -okay naman ang hair mo a
    -yikes! Ang tagal naman dumating ng order? Is that the usual wait time there, o nagkataon lang na ganyan nung nandiyan kayo?
    -hahahaha... katuwa naman bunsoy mo, kamukha mo talaga =)
    -wowowow! That pizza looks gooood! Mahilig ako sa sweet sauce, although si Tha Partner ayaw niya.
    -I haven't had sizzling squid before, mukhang masarap!
    -The best nga na ang ka-love triangle mo ay pagkain, kasi di ka kailangang faithful sa isa lang, walang selosan, pwedeng polygamous ka... ika nga, you can have your squid and eat the bicol express, too! hahaha...
    - I LOVE KOREAN BEEF STEW! Pero, again, di feel ni The Partner yun kse matamis, hehehe
    -kawawang Mati! 30 years old pa pwede mag-gf, hahaha...
    -Have a fantastic Friday Jaz! Yung treat mo sa Vask, huwag kalimutan, hahaha...

    1. Hulooooooooooooooooo Mr. Snuff! So sorry I just replied now. I had a bad case of vertigo so it was rest for me. Biro mo, no facebook and blogging for a day??? Umiikot ang paningin ko!!!!!! Good thing I'm better. At least hindi na Tasmanian ang brain ko.

      1) You know what, it didn't occur to me to ask. Ha ha ha ha! Babalikan kita diyan. Puro pagkain lang kasi iniisip ko e! Pero I think it has something to do with somebody's name. At dahil diyan BIBIGYAN KITA NG JACKET! He he he he he he he!

      2) Thanks! Pero I don't like it :( Losyang ako at tabachuy. Sometimes I'm soooo tamad kasi to fix myself up. Sabi naman kasi ni CA, maganda daw ako. I'm sure nagbobola lang pala siya kasi I HATE myself in these pics. I got a new haircut naman after this. He he he he he1

      3) Yes! If you meet Andrei, he's very quiet. PERO! Nasa loob ang kulo!

      4) The pizza at EDUVIGIS was very kid and pinoy friendly. Super cheesy and yum!!! Andrei was able to finish it!

      5) I had sizzling squid before at Sizzling Seafood but this is the first time I had it spicy with coconut milk. AY ANG SARAP OHMAYGOSH! Nawala ang inip ko sa tagal ng inantay namin. Ha ha ha ha ha! So perfect with garlic rice! I could finish one whole order by myself!!!! Tapos with ice cold coke zero??? Wow!!!!

      6) Korek! Tapos kapag love triangle ang pagkain, pwede ka pa magtwo time. Hindi man masarap ang combination, masaya pa din ako. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      7) Ay diyan tayo nagkaiba :( I don't like sweet entrees kasi. I want them spicy or salty. Maapreciate ko lang ang sweet ulams if I dip it in patis with sili. Kaso I'm controlling my salt intake. Oh well... one difference is okay lang. He he he he he he!!!!

      8) Yes! AT! Kawawang girlfriend niya. Kapag ibreak niya heart ni Mati, tatawagan ko talaga yan! Humanda siya! JOKE! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Thanks so muchos Mr. Snuff!!!!! Wag mo muna kalimutan ang treat mo sa akin AT SA CHINESE ADONIS, sa SPIRAL. TWICE.

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! MWAH!

  2. Awwwwww... Hope you're feeling better now Jaz! Mwah!

    At totoo yung sinabi ni Chinese Adonis, maganda ka dun sa mga pic mo. True yan! =)

    1. Thank you sooo much Mr. Snuff! Sorry for late reply. Just got hold of PC.... Sige I'll believe you na nga. Thanks so much!!! Minsan lang ako masabihan ng maganda. Cute pa, pero maganda, VERY rare. Ha ha ha ha ha!


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