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So sorry for not writing on my blog for the longest time. I know I may be talking to a blank wall here but it doesn't hurt to address a question that may be asked by imaginary people or something.

ANYWHO, just in case you WERE wondering, Well not only was I busy with work (yep even if it doesn't look like it)  but I was also nursing this terrible migraine that may have something to do with my enormous forehead.

Well not only THAT. Since I ran out of television shows to watch, I went back to savoring (yep I will use that word) SHERLOCK HOLMES season 1 and 2. And you know what happened the last time I became a "Cumberbabe". Well... let's just say that I used the same lines as above when I made a blogpost about my obsession with Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch. He he he he!

Oh and congratulations dear Benedict for winning this year's Emmy for best actor in a mini-series or movie! I told you, you could do it! (Tee hee!)

Oooh la... la! (grabbed from

Now on a totally different note (and I mean TOTALLY), when you do get a chance to go to a US theme park, for the love of all delicious things on earth, PLEASE do not miss having a TURKEY LEG.

A TURKEY LEG? For a snack in a theme park???

Yes I actually found the idea very absurd at first. I mean I grew up thinking that a fat and juicy TURKEY was only supposed to be served during special occasions, case in point, Thanksgiving. Since we don't have that in the Philippines, my family would sometimes have it for Christmas. But to walk in a congested sunny theme park while biting on some TURKEY LEGS is truly unimaginable for me. That is, until one time we were in Disneyland California  and this family beside me was feasting a TURKEY LEG while we were waiting for the parade to start. The aroma emitted from the smoked TURKEY LEG made my mouth water and even at the risk of being called out as a  gawker, I still kept on staring while they tore the meat from that blasted TURKEY LEG and got all greasy hands in the process.

Homer drools... GWRRRKKKKK....

From then on, it became my mission to have that fat and juicy TURKEY LEG. However, my desire to bite into that meaty flesh took a while due to severe long lines and/or unavailability in the following theme parks that we went to.

At last, when we were in SEAWORLD, there was a decent line for that much revered TURKEY LEG and finally I was able to take a big bite out of it.

And wow... there were no words...

I wonder though if dear Benedict's warm embrace is as yummy as that TURKEY LEG?

Tee hee! 

Lining up for my TURKEY LEG!

An order of smoked TURKEY LEG costs $9.99 plus tax. So that would be about P500 for an oversized drumstick?

One would think... Is it worth it???

There was only one way to find out!

There were a lot of TURKEY LEGS being grilled. I pointed to the nice cashier guy which one I wanted.

Yep! The TURKEY LEG that I got seem to be calling out my name...

"Eat me..."

That TURKEY LEG was very HOT and heavy!! I guess it's advisable to get a table near the stall because it would be quite a difficult walk with a greasy TURKEY LEG in one hand!

The TURKEY LEG comes with a small tub of barbecue sauce. Knowing how much we love our meat doubly saucy, I asked for an extra serving.

The Chinese Adonis was taking a long time in getting our food from SEAWORLD's Shipwreck Cafe that when I was not looking, Mati stole a bite from my TURKEY LEG!!!

What the...???? After telling me that they didn't want any???

Awww! I actually wanted to do THAT first bite! (Grumble grumble) He he he!

Anyway it's a good thing that my husband took a long time in getting the kids' food because I cannot finish that TURKEY LEG all alone! The little lords attacked it since they got hungry already. It was fine because the perfectly roasted bird could actually feed about 3 to 4 people (just like the American family I first saw sharing a piece). It may not look like it but it does!

If you think that the TURKEY LEG is similar to a Mang Inasal drumstick, you are dead wrong. The meat of the TURKEY is tougher but it is more flavorful than a chicken. 

Every meat morsel we tore off from the TURKEY LEG was like "pork" tender and biting into it was a juicier experience too!

The little lords who were only supposed to have a taste of MY TURKEY LEG can't stop tearing off meat from the bone.

The barbecue sauce that came with the TURKEY LEG made every bite more savory! The sweet and tangy flavorings truly complemented the smokey flavors of the TURKEY!

Oh they just won't stop!

Such a shame that my husband was not able to to catch us eating the TURKEY LEG. Not because I wanted to give him some but nobody was able to take my picture eating it! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh wow! That TURKEY LEG was as delicious as I dreamed it to be. I don't know about you but when I watch movies set in Medieval setting, I always wonder how it was like eating all that roasted meat then washing it down with wine. Believe it or not, it seemed like I tasted the roasted meat glory like they did in the days of yore with that TURKEY LEG. Too bad I did not have a goblet of wine with me! He he he he!

Now when are we going to have some TURKEY LEGS here in Enchanted Kingdom huh????!

Oh wait... And on a TOTALLY different note again... Let me conclude this blogpost with THIS.



both DEEELICIOUS.... :p

So. There.



  1. 1) Nope, not blank wall. I'm here haha. You're on my blogroll kaya, and I have missed you! :-* 2) Shetness I also miss Sherlock Holmes huhuhu ang tagal! Kelan ba ang next season??? paki tanong sa TAPE! ;)) 3) I love turkey legs! Nakakainggit naman yang foodtrip nyo kay aga ng morning! 4) I super miss you BAKIT HINDI KA NAGPAPAKITA super sexy ka na anoh??? 5) I hope you'll feel better soon. Migraine is a bitch.. and so am I? Mwahaha. Love you! :-*

    1. Awwww thank you so much dear Sugar and Spice! You're my lone reader. I think you read my blog more than Eric... HA HA HA HA!

      1) Missed you more! And YOU are my daily morning habit. Before I log in to my blog, I check you out too. I want to comment kaso baka mahalatang stalker mo ako lalo. So quiet na lang. Once in a while maybe... Ha ha ha ha!

      2) Sherlock was supposed to come back 2016 but I guess nagwork ang power ko over Mr.Cumberbatch so Season 4 will be 2015 na. THE GAME IS ON!

      3) Ha ha ha! I never thought I would love it too. It's weird right for a theme park? Pero promise ANG SARAP! That's why it's a famous snack for them. Pero for me, meal na kasi it was so big!

      4) Ha ha ha ha! The invites naman kasi are always for lunch on weekdays! E you know me. I have janitorial work at TAPE... Kidding! Let's set up something asap with the mother mucker that would be fun! But I think i'll see you next week! Can't wait! Set up a small group sabi ko sa yo e. Sasama talaga kami!

      5) I'm much better now thanks. I drank all the drugs I could get. He he he he!

      O ang haba ng reply ko... thanks so much! Your comment brightened up my morning! Naks! Love you back!


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