Tuesday, October 7, 2014


One Sunday, Kathi (Mucking Around Manila) invited us to celebrate the birthday of her partner in crime Jericho (Tasty Pixels Photography) in SILK ROAD organized by the ever hot and voluptuous, Chef Cecille.  Now normally the Chinese Adonis and I don't go out with friends on Sundays as we vowed to spend it always with the little lords (hoping that they'll grow up to that tradition) but the masterminds manipulated their devoted grand parents to go somewhere that Sunday morning and left us by our lonesome. Plus, Kathi had generously invited my mareng Gail of Glog that I wanted to support my sexy friend in her second blogger invite. So yes, we agreed to join the mini Thai party and have a very sinful pig-out Sunday!  Instant date morning for us!


SILK ROAD is located in the Net Quad building in Bonifacio Global City. If you have difficulty finding the restaurant, just look for these 4 metal figures dancing the whatever....

I have been to SILK ROAD twice in the past but it was usually for dinner. 

It's great to finally see the exotic but beautiful interiors of SILK ROAD illuminated by the morning sun especially with the Thai touches here and there. 

This golden buddha statue in SILK ROAD is as mysteriously beautiful in the daytime as well as in the night. 


Mareng Gail and hubby Jun!

Kathi, Chef Cecille, birthday boy Jericho, and his sister Justice.

Jericho and Chef Cecille's handsome British friend Ben. Yep! He's got the accent and all.


I could do an accent too by the way... Name it I could do it. I'm not sure if it's right though...


My simple but pretty SILK ROAD plate setting.

SILK ROAD menu... 

SILK ROAD drink menu 1... 

SILK ROAD drink menu 2.... 

As much as I want to drink alcohol, I don't like the taste of it. So I just ordered some SILK ROAD Milk Tea.

To which Mareng Gail wore the purty orchid that went with it.

SILK ROAD menu 1.... 

SILK ROAD menu 2... 

SILK ROAD menu 3... 

SILK ROAD menu 4...

SILK ROAD menu 5... 

SILK ROAD menu 6.... 

SILK ROAD menu 7... 

Here's what we pigged out on in SILK ROAD...

SILK ROAD Thai Ravioli (P330.00).

This has got to be one of my top favorites in SILK ROAD because the minced sesame beef goes so well with the shiitake mushrooms and the salt/spicy dip.  A must order in SILK ROAD!!!

SILK ROAD Satay Duo (P285.00) are four skewers of tender chicken and pork barbecue with special thai marinade. 

This appetizer was even served atop a smoking covered box with coals inside!!!

These juicy SILK ROAD meat sticks are best eaten with the satay sauce and cucumber marinade. Ooh yeah!

SILK ROAD Mieng Kham (P195.00).

You get 6 servings of this Thai appetizer served in cute mini espresso cups. 

Best way to eat it is just scoop it altogether in just one swift of your finger.

Then put everything in your mouth. If you're allergic to spicy food though you may want to pick out the red chili. But for me, it suited the fresh flavors of the betel leaves with the shrimp just fine!

SILK ROAD specialty... the son in law eggs (P195.00)!

I think I have already mentioned before that the story behind this appetizer in Thai cuisine was that it served as a warning to potential son in laws from the bride's mother that if he played hookey with anyone else, his round "treasures" will be cut. 

Gruesome story I know. But I wonder if the Philippine version of it are "Toknenengs" or "Balut"?

"You fool with my daughter and I'd fry up your little wee jewels!"

Hence, the toknenengs. HA HA HA HA! 

Anyway, you might forget that morbid story once you get a taste of these SILK ROAD hard boiled eggs deep fried and topped with fried shallots, tamarind sauce reduction, and a sliver of red bell pepper.

Like with the Mieng Kham, you eat this special SILK ROAD appetizer by wrapping it with the fresh betel leaves. Ooh wow! I really suggest you to do so because the slight bitter flavors of the betel leaves complement the tanginess of the toppings.

I love Thai Papaya Salad so it was a special treat that SILK ROAD had Angus Beef Salad (P380.00). 

Imagine thin cuts of Angus beef on a bed of crunchy strips of green papaya, cucumbers, red bell peppers, then topped with peanuts, cilantro and pepper flakes. What made this salad more delicious for me was the Thai special dressing that had a menage a trois of sweet, salty, and sour bites to it. 


My husband's favorite has got to be SILK ROAD's Siamese Pork Ribs (P310.00) which he ate silently in his corner.

It's really no brainer why he loved it: succulent fall off the bone pork ribs which were so sweet and juicy to the bite. Delicious! I was lucky to get even just one piece!

SILK ROAD Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab (P465.00) was a delight in every bite (so cliche I know).

The crabs were fried to a wonderful crisp in flavorful batter then topped with sauteed bell peppers, onion, and carrots. A popular contender in our table too!

Another surprise for me in SILK ROAD was the buttery and spicy Thanglor Beef (P358.00).

I'm not overly fond of stews (except if my Mom cooks 'em) since the meat would tend to be tough and rubbery. 

But in SILK ROAD, these chunks of beef were slow cooked for 6 hours and flavored with the exotic seasonings of curry.

Soooo perfect with rice!!!

Of course, you cannot NOT have a meal at SILK ROAD without Chef Cecille's much revered Pad Thai (P340.00) served in its trademark "egg net". 

This never fails to make us drool ANY time of day!! SILK ROAD pad thai is bliss!

SILK ROAD Din Daeng (P310.00). Savory fillets of tender pork sauteed in special Thai sauces! 

And just when I thought we cannot have enough food on the table, in comes SILK ROAD Thai Chicken Basil (P245.00)!

Still a winner among its other SILK ROAD mates with the well seasoned ground chicken, green beans, Thai chilis, fresh basil, and an egg topping!!!

Of course, the star of the day (besides the birthday boy and Chef Cecille... and us :P) was this awesome Tilapia coated generously with rock salt then slow grilled to awesomeness. 

The fish was so fresh and flavorful. You would just know this would be a blockbuster in SILK ROAD very soon.

Give this delicious SILK ROAD tilapia a generous dip in the tart but savory green tamarind salsa and you're VERY good to go!

If you thought we ate all of those glorious SILK ROAD food as is, then you don't know us too well. We just GOTTA have rice!!! Thankfully we were served with SILK ROAD signature rice P330.00).

My favorite though would have to be the SILK ROAD Khao Pad Chicken Rice (P305.00) which is actually a meal in itself.

Even if I was already too full for comfort I got a serving or two of this very tasty rice which elicited the most alluring aroma for a plate carbs. This SILK ROAD dish was even served with a side of fish sauce and chilis to drizzle over the piping hot flavored rice for that extra savory bites. WOWWWWW! Craving for this NOW.

My plate!!! My SILK ROAD messy plate!

ERIC JAZ FOODIES in SILK ROAD for Jericho's birthday!

Fish anyone?

Chef Cecille sweetly organized her SILK ROAD servers to sing a birthday song to a surprised Jericho.

Happy Birthday Tasty Pixel Photography! He he he he!

The massacred Costa Brava cake! 

So perfect with coffee!!!

Such a fun Sunday lunch with equally fun people!

Thank you so much Chef Cecille for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!! Besides the awesome and delicious food this Sunday, you got the Chinese Adonis smiling from ear to ear! Kiligations yan to the maximum homaygulay level!

BTW, would you believe that SILK ROAD is already serving its special Thai cuisine for a year already? In celebration of its 1st Anniversary, SILK ROAD is having an all you can eat buffet deal every Friday!!!!

Do check it out! It's a buffet of SILK ROAD specialties at a very great price!!! Wohooo!

Check these out:

Net Quad Corporate Center, Shop H 
4th Avenue corner 31st St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
+63 923 421-8294 / 02-824-1678


Of course, had fun with my ever Mareng Gail! We didn't talk about it but our dresses matched that day! Ha ha ha ha ha! As our former boss would say... "Great Minds Think Alike!"

So. There.


  1. - Aha! Kaya pala hindi ka naka-reply nung weekend sa comment ko! Inuna mo pa sila! huhuhu... (arte! hahaha)

    -I LOVE THAI FOOD! I've always wanted to eat at Silk Road yun lang nga hindi kaya ng budget. Pang-point-point lang talaga ako. =)

    -Ganda naman ni Mareng Gail! (naks, naki-Mareng Gail! feelingero! hahaha)

    -Hi Kathi! Happy birthday Jericho!

    -Ooooooohhhhh... Ben! Nummy siya ha! Matangkad ba? Malaki ba kamay? Anong shoe size niya? hahaha... I'm a certified Anglophile. =)

    -pero siyempre, sinophile din ako... hi papa Eric! hahaha... Teka, may relasyon ba kayo kay James? Sige, pag nanlibre ka na sa fairmont mag-English accent ka ha! :P

    -I love Thai Iced Tea!

    -is that pork floss I see on top of the Thai Ravioli?

    -oooohhh those skewers must smell soooo good grilling right there in front of you

    -that leaf thingie food chorva with shrimp chenelyn looks very interesting

    -I love S-I-L Eggs!

    -"menage-a-trois" - my word of the day

    -hahaha... hinorde ni CA yung pork ribs! Sabagay, I would've too because that looks AMAZING!

    -hoy echosera! Ayaw mo ng "yummy" pero may pa-"delight in every bite" ka pa diyan! hahaha

    -if the meat in the stews you're eating is tough and rubbery, then they're cooking it wrong. It really has to be cooked over low fire and left to simmer for long periods of time. I usually do it for at least 4 hours. But I'm sure alam mo na ito =)

    -I love Pad Thai!


    -ako din ba pwede mag-pose ng kagaya ni Chef Cecille kasama si CA? (complete with matching hawak to the nipples, hahaha)

    -HOMAYGAHD!!! FRIDAY BUFFET!!!! Buti hinuli mo yan, otherwise I wouldn't have read the rest of your post if you put that promo photo first, hahaha...

    -wow, parang evening gown competition ng Ms. Ususan, Taguig ang peg dun sa last pic, hahaha...

    -Have a great Wednesday Jaz!!! God bless.

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuffleupagus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Uuuuuy! Pareho tayong matampuhin!!! Joke!!! Hindi ah! I told you Kathi fixed the design of my blog kasi e kaso nagkaerror sa paglabagay ng Pages Tab, she said don't touch it muna... Kaya ayun!! No blogging over the long weekend... Huhuhu... Namiss ko nga e!

      1) Me too! I love love love Pad Thai and the food in SILK ROAD!!! Super sarap! Medyo pricey but good thing they have this promo on Fridays! he he he he!

      2) Ay naku matutuwa yun! I always tell her kapag may nagagandahan sa kaniya! And yes, feel free to call her Mareng Gail... Cool yun promise!!!!

      3) Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!! Super cute ni Ben but he's average size. Shoe size... parang average din... Why??? Ano kinalaman nun ha? Ano? Ha ha ha ha!

      4) Before I don't like Thail Milk Tea but now naappreciate ko na siya. It's great to drink about having a mouthful of spicy food. Nagpapatanggal ng anghang! I love spicy food din kasi! He he he he he!

      5) YES!!! Ay if you go to SILK ROAD! Make sure to order the Thai Beef Ravioli! It is my favorite there! Promise! It's not weird with the rice wrapping and all... ANG SARAP!

      6) Right on with the pork satay... the leafy churva... and the SIL eggs!!!!!

      7) HI hi hi! Ano ba ibig sabihin nung menage a trois?? hi hi hi! Joke!

      8) Yes!!! He loves barbecue kasi. He doesn't like really exotic grub pero barbecue game na game yun!

      9) BWA HA HA HA HA HA! OMG I just proof read this again and ilang beses ko pala ginamit yung DELIGHT! Parang HELLLER!! Wala na pala akong alam na salita! Salamat sa yo, I changed it. Pero minentain ko pa din si DELIGHT IN EVERY BITE. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      10) Yes you're right! Many times kasi I've eaten in restaurants here tapos kainis! The meat is stringy and rubbery. Dinaan lang sa sarsa!

      11) Right on with the Pad Thai and Costa Brava! OMIGERRRD!!!!

      12) Bwa ha ha ha ah! Go! The reason nga pala nandon kamay ni Chef Cecille is pinatakpan namin yung logo ng shirt niya. Buti sana kung Polo kasi e. HA HA HA HA!!!!

      13) Ha ha ha ha! Oo! Yung iba kasi turn off kapag unang bukas palang ng blog promo agad. He he he he!!!!

      14) Long dress na ako lagi to hide the extra large bilbil and legs. BWA HA HA HA HA!!!

      Thanks! You too my dear Mr. Snuffleupagus!!! Mmmmwah! Thank you always for brightening up my day!!!!!

    2. -Ah average lang ba si Ben... sige, pwede nang pag-tyagaan... you know what they say about men with big feet, right? They have large.........................

      .............shoes. hahahaha...

      -tama yang sinabi mo about thai iced tea... yung milk kasi ang nakakatulong sumugpo sa anghang sa ating bibig
      -kunwari ka pa hindi mo alam ang ibig sabihin ng menage-a-trois! Yan ay kung tatlo ang managers mo sa opisina, hahahahahaha...
      -E-CHO-SE-RA ka pa din! Ayaw pa kunwari ng yummy... hahahaha...
      -sarap ng costa brava!!!
      -sige, ako sa ilalim na lang ng shirt ang kamay ko, hahaha...
      -oy! di ka naman mataba ano!
      -di mo pa sinasagot tanong ko: related ba kayo kay James Yap?
      -no, thank YOU for your entertaining posts. I look forward to reading them every morning when I wake up. =)

    3. Ha ha ha ha! Hala! E si Chinese Adonis SIZE 11... So size 11 din ibibili ko this Christmas??? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      1) Sa Menage A Trois... ala eh OO nga no? Di ko narealize yun Ha ha ha ha!
      2) Ayan! Ayoko na tuloy gamitin kahit yung inimbento kong NUMMY! Naconscious na din ako. Ha ha ha ha ha!
      3) GO sa ilalim ng shirt... Pero balbon yun sa chest. Yak!
      4) Dati di ako mataba... Ngayon tumaba na. Huhuhu! As in!!! Pumuputok na ang pants and blouse ko. Huhuhu! Pero yey! Buti you don't think so!!
      5) With regards to James Yap... salamat naman hindi... HA HA HA HA! Joke!

      Oh no! Kailangan agahan ko na din ang sagot! Kanina 9:30am ako gumising! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      MMMMWAH (with laway)

    4. Size 11 pala si Chinese Adonis! Ang LAKI-LAKI!!! hahahaha...

      Sori, I meant under the shirt ni Chinese Adonis, hindi si Ben... unless hairy din pala si CA dun sa area na yun, eh di mas bongga! hahaha

  2. You are my new best friend mr snuffy - love mareng Gail

    1. Thank you Mareng Gail! *kilig to the bones ako* =)

  3. Wrong spelling on menu. I thought that was always spelled meynuh! LOL!

    1. Ha ha ha! Supposedly I did that to be original. Kaso I figured nobody would search on google for SILK ROAD MEYNUH. So I used the incorrect spelling of "MENU" na. He he he he!

  4. Jaz and Albert - I really thought it was realy Meynuh---parang Meynok or Metsing...

    Mr. Snuffy - Awwww shucks! Have you visited my blog too (gail-og)? It's not as good as this one (Mentor ko si Jaz e) but it's pampalipas oras parang funny komiks lang.

    1. Not yet po... pero I'll make sure to visit it later. =)


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