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Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Finally! My BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her husband Manong Fred have arrived after about a 4 month vacation in the US!!

Now life is DEFINITELY complete!

Initially we were supposed to meet somewhere else but then I remembered I was saving money and requested that we have a "practical" dinner. Good thing Manong Fred suggested TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS in SM Aura because not only was I addicted to Japanese fried food but I have long been curious of this cheap grub in their food court.

Now, even though I have been hearing an assortment of reviews about TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS, I was still curious to give it a run through of my appetite (he he he he). Besides, you could never go wrong with Japanese food that is affordable.

Also, my BGP and I have proven many times in the past that we don't need to eat in swanky restaurants to enjoy ourselves. Meeting up with dear Marian is the same as the ERICJAZ FOODIES mantra: "It doesn't matter if a restaurant is dingy or classy, because my BGP and I ALWAYS have a great time as long as we are together".



TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS is located in the 4th floor of the SM Aura food court.

A TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS smiling attendant reserved seats for us in front where the action is and told us their best sellers. 

It was good that the TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS attendant knew a lot about their food. Since it was my first time, I wanted to make sure to get something that I would go back for. 

But what IS teppanyaki?

This goes out for those who wants to know about it.

As for me, I don't care. I just EAT!



What's enticing about TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS is that you get to see your food being cooked up in front of you.

There may be no flipping nor frying acrobatics by the chefs in TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS but the aroma of the sauteed food was amazing!

Hungry? You would have to line up at the counter of  TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS to pay for your orders. 

TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS will then give this beeping machine which will turn up when your food is ready. Claiming of grubs is at the other side of their stall. 

Wait time for your food to cook at TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS would usually take about 10 to 15 minutes. It really depends on how many diners there are since they only have 2 or 3 "chefs" cooking it up a notch. 

YEYYY! BGP Marian is here! I gave her such a tight hug because I missed her so!

Oh she brought along Manong Fred with her.


JOKE! Ha ha ha ha! Missed you too Manong Fred! Eric was doing cartwheels in his heart because NOW he feels complete. Ha ha ha ha!

We did reserve seats at the TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS counter but then we realized we won't be able to take our sweet time eating and talking there. 

So we just settled at a table across TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS!

At least we were in a comfortable space and we could savor the dinner as long as we wanted!


I ordered the TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS Shrimp and Dory Set (P235.00)!

For the reasonable price of Japanese Teppanyaki, we got sauteed vegetables, soup, and rice, along with our fried entree!

The TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS soup was simple, hot, and tasty!

I think this is a pretty darn good deal don't you think?

For additional P15.00, you could upgrade your bowl to TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS fried rice!! I got a spoonful of it and it was good!

The TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS Shrimps and Dory were sauteed with butter and mild seasonings. It went very well with the piping hot fried rice!

My only deal with TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS is they don't have the option to have this entree spicy (unlike the beef). So I just requested some chopped chili to mix with the cream dip that came with the seafood set. 

Yub ordered the TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS the beef ala carte (P120.00) since he could do away with the vegetables and soup. 

The Chinese Adonis just ordered a TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS fried rice (P50.00 - solo) along with it.

BGP Marian and Manong Fred waited for their orders.

And finally the TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS' beeper summons them!

Manong Fred got the TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS Beef Set (P190.00) while BGP Marian ordered the Dory ala carte (P100.00). 

Yohoo! We're excited to eat our food at TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS!

Of course, my TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS seafood set is not as great as what they have in KIMPURA but for the very reasonable price, it's a worthy chomp!

I can't help but notice that Coke Zero calling my name... Coincidence? I don't THINK so. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My husband liked his TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS beef. The same goes for me because the brown sauce worked well with my rice. Plus! If I'm going to order this, it would definitely be spicy!

I'm not much of a dory fan since I don't like the soft texture in my fish. So I would rather get the beef and shrimps next time. But BGP Marian enjoyed her light dinner from TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

Missed you sooo much guys!!!!!!!! Welcome back! YEY!

I'm done.... 

The Yubsker is finished too!

Our TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS bill! Cheap right? But we all had a great time!

Afterwards, Manong Fred treated us to some coffee and lava cake from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Next time Peking Duck ha???? (That's our inside joke. Bwa ha ha ha ha!)

As expected, it was such a great time with BGP Marian and Manong Fred at TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS!  Not only we're we able to enjoy food at a reasonable price, but we proved once again that an enjoyable time need to be somewhere expensive or classy wassy. You just have to be with the people who are already  SPECIAL in your hearts to begin with.

So. There.

Welcome back my BGP! Don't leave us so long again!

SM Aura Premier Branch
4th Level, Food on Four, SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines 
(+63 2) 342-6493, (+63 2) 887-0193


  1. -dapat may acronym din tayo: BISTEC (Best Imaginary STalker, Este Commenter) hahaha
    -dapat tayo may motto din: "It doesn't matter what restaurant you post about, as long as there's a picture of Chinese Adonis, I will always have a great time." Naks! =P
    -bago ba yang Teppanyaki Brothers? I don't think I've seen that the last time we passed by the food court.
    -para kang nasa Kimpura ang peg! At mura na siya, ha... siguro around 6 months ko lang pag-iipunan para makabili ng rice diyan, hahaha
    -May fever ka, ateng? Kaya feel mo na "hottie" ka? Kasi mataas temp mo? hehehe... just kidding... or am I? (gaya-gaya ba?) hahahaha
    -spicy food - the best there is!
    -tama ka diyan! It's not important how expensive your food is, yung kasama mo ang tunay na nagpapasarap sa kinakain mo. =)
    -Have a fantabulous Thursday Jaz!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Good morning Mr. Snuff!!!! I am all about acronyms and code names!! Meron na kaya tayo di ba??? NFFF! New Found Funny Friend! O! Hindi ka basta stalker or commenter in my book!

      1) Bwa ha ha ha ha! You are soooo right with that motto!! Tapos ipa-frame pa ang blog kapag shirtless pic of the Chinese Adonis! Vavavoooooom!!!!!

      2) I think TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS just opened around 2 or 3 months ago. It's waaaay inside the food court so you may not see it unless you go to Brasas.

      3) KOREK! Kimpura setting but of course, don't expect na same quality of food. Still, we loved it! The CA might find it bland pero there's nothing a bit of salt could cure. Ha ha ha ha ha! Asssuuuus... 6 months ka diyan. BAKA 6 SECONDS!

      4) Grave ka naman!!! Tsaka hindi naman ako nagsabi na hot ako e... YUNG COKE. Ha ha ha ha! Nagphotobomb pa ang lata! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) I agree!!! Spicy grub just makes everything MORE fun!

      6) EXACTLY! Kaya looking forward to our food trip! Isked na yung Korean Buffet na sinasabi mo na mura in Makati!!!!


  2. Food looks delish! But use affordable na lang instead of cheap...hehehe!

  3. Whoa so cheap! I was just there yesterday and spent 600 bucks on a solo meal at Triple O's hehe.

    1. Hiya Stacy!!! I know right??? Of course, don't expect the taste to be like Kimpuras. But it was still very good at an affordable price!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)


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