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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


And once more I am back in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT!

It is the birthday of our friend Jonahs (aka John Lloyd he he he he) and his beautiful wife Ann wanted something special where the BP Group could eat, dress up, and take lots of pictures (as usual). So with that, I suggested 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT by Chef Jessie since my family had such a great time when we celebrated my Wedding Anniversary, and my officemates loved the food when Maru Sotto treated us for his birthday. Another big factor for us in choosing this restaurant was that it does not get jampacked with people so I'm sure we could take a lot of pictures without getting weird looks from people. (Something I'm very used to. I'm not sure about my friends though).

So it was set: a Friday night with my favorite BP Group (sorry it's a secret what it means) to eat, dress up, gossip, and take LOTS pictures.

Oh and to celebrate Jonahs' birthday too!

Sorry John Lloyd! Ha ha ha ha ha!


I originally reserved a table by the window in order to maximize the experience of the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT. But there were some KJ's who felt dizzy with the slow rotation in that area so we switched to the "stable" area with the wooden floors.

Tsk.. Tsk.. KJ's!

Ha ha ha ha!


Birthday boy Jonahs (who is turning the big 4-0 hence the birthday celebration) and his wife Ann, who was my College barkada. 

Mareng Chel and hubby Abel! 

They also brought with them handsome baby Tobey whom I named as my new godson whether they like it or not. Ha ha ha ha!

Mareng Gail of GLOG and hubby Pareng Jun (aka Edward Cullen... he he he he).


Mareng Gem and Pareng Joji, the oldest couple in our group. Har de har! Ha ha ha ha! Yeah right.

And of course... Hold your breath...


Ermaygaaad we look good!

Sorry love your own. Ha ha ha ha!

Our server that night in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT was always smiling, ready to help (with pictures... ha ha ha ha!), and got everyone's orders and bills right!

As always, we were given complimentary bread and spread in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT. I loved this as it was a blend of red and bell peppers, parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, and swimming in olive oil.  What I do is slather on a generous helping of the butter then top it with the tomato and peppers mixture.

One bite and I'm in appetizer heaven! Even if I would only be eating THIS in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT, I would go home a happy lady!

Ordering up!

(Me: "I want some dinuguan, chicken joy, happy meal, and fa la la la la la la la laaaah!")

The pogi hubs.... 

The "always right" wives... HA HA HA HA!

Kidding! With the way we're seated, you would think we were in some sort those "quickie date" thingies.

Now brace yourselves...
or IT'S HERE rather... He he he he!

Now I forgot who ordered who. All I remember is what the Chinese Adonis and I had. Blame it in our being totally absorbed in each other. Blech....

100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Onion Soup served the "classic" way (P260.00).

Ordered by the "classically" handsome birthday boy... NAKS!

Mareng Gail's 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT California Maki (P350.00). I think she offered us to try the pickled ginger... He he he he he...

Mareng Gem's big goblet of Sangria.

Oooh... somebody's planning to get drunk tonight! Yihiii!

I don't really order appetizers since it would usually fill me up even before the main course, but I just HAVE to have 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT'S Seared Tuna Salad (P395.00)!

This has been my favorite the last time I was at 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT and I vowed (like a superhero) that when I return I would order myself up another plate of this delicious creation by Chef Jessie. 

Do tell me, what is NOT to love in this 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT salad? You got a pile of fresh greens topped with shaved carrots, nori flakes, peanuts, sesame seeds, roasted garlic, AND slices of seared fresh tuna. This wonderful dish come together with a tangy wasabi dressing that truly plays with the taste buds. C'est Manifique!!!

I was really planning to share it and offered everyone at the table if they would like to split it with me. As usual, everybody ignored cute little ol' Jazzie so I was left to happily munch and express my ecstatic delight to the deliciousness of this salad on my own.

In no time... 


Egad.. The 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Seared Tuna Salad was so good I was thankful nobody listened to me when I offered to share it. HA HA HA HA HA HA! Kidding.

For the main course, Mareng Chel ordered this 100 REVOLVING SALAD... este RESTAURANT Charcoal Grilled Baby Back Ribs (P700.00). She said she was not that happy with this order. 

Abel ordered 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Roasted Duck. I haven't tried this before but Mareng Chel said Abel was not a fan of it. 

I think cutie Tobey agreed... He he he he!

Birthday boy Jonahs had the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT US Black Angus Rib Eye Steak (P1,350.00) served with buttered vegetables and potato au gratin!

Me thinks our kumpare enjoyed his 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT steak because this was immediately wiped out right after this picture was taken!

Mareng Aning had the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Pasta Ala Chef Jessie (P795.00) which had an abundance of prawns, scallops, sun dried tomatoes, and mushrooms. 

I think Mareng Gail ordered the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Carbonara (P450.00) with bacon and fresh thyme. 

Mareng Gem ordered the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Prawns Thermidor and loved it! I had a taste of this before and YES, this is SOOOO delicious! I would eat THIS with garlic rice!!

Pareng Joji also relished his 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Assorted Seafood Gambas (P850.00) with its savory garlic laden sauce.  

Hey.. What do you know? I DID remember everyone's order! Score!

As for me and the Yubskers, we split a plate of 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Tiger Prawns in Curry Sauce (P950.00) because not only was I quite full from my salad, but the serving is enough for sharing.

This is my plate with the rich curry sauce and pickled papaya salad.

Check out my husband's very plain rendition of this seafood entree.... Yep! He's such a finicky eater! I think he even got peeved that our server forgot to remove the pickled papaya. Ha ha ha ha!


Later on our always smiling server brought out a cake for the birthday boy!

Wow thank you! 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT did not just give us a slice of cake, they generously gifted Jonahs with a whole Tiramisu!!!


Don't worry you still look like.... 39? He he he he!

Seriously, even if you are already 64, I know somebody who will still love you and continue wanting to grow old with you. Yiihiii! Si Drew Barrymore!

It has become tradition for our BP Group to air out our appreciation and share what we love about the celebrant. I was not a fan of it before because I get very uncomfortable when I'm the center of conversation. But now I look forward to hear out what my BP Group will say about me the time I turn 30... He he he he he!

So here, we started sharing our fondest memory and loving message to Jonahs. My poor Chinese Adonis was first and we all know how he doesn't love talking much. He he he he he! He did give a very sweet "Happy Birthday" to our John Lloyd.

Up next was Jonah's BFF Abel who almost choked tears while giving out his message.... 

To which the birthday boy savored with his full heart.


After Mareng Chel it was my turn. And though I HATE talking and giving out speeches, I was able to say a lot since we have known each other since College. 

After Mareng Gail, Mareng Gem gave a very knowledgeable testimonial for Jonahs...

Same goes for Pareng Jojie...

Pareng Jun's speech was short, sweet, and sosy. Ha ha ha ha! He had that mestizo accent when talking kasi. 

And of course, the last speech comes from mareng Aning!


"This special love that's deep inside of us... Will all reveal in TIME..."

Theme song!

And because of that, you'll be hearing the song "BE MY LADY" from Jonahs for life!!!!

By the way, if you think we were just talking doing our birthday message for Jonahs... Heller! Did we just met? We also ordered some of Chef Jessie's special desserts.

100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Regular Vanilla Souffle (P300.00) was so nummy in our tummies!

So light but very scrumptious!!! I could just put my face in the ramekin cups and licked away if I wasn't feeling human that night!

My favorite was also the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Regular Chocolate Souffle (P300.00)! It was deliciously fudgy without that cloying taste at all!

Coffee and souffle... Such bliss!

BTW, make sure to order your souffle while having your entrees since it takes about 30 minutes to prepare. The wait will surely be worth it!!!!

Jonahs generously offered to share his birthday cake with us. But we told him to just take it home to the kiddies and have another round of birthday song with them.

Now I did warn you that my group loves taking pictures right? Here are SOME that we took in the serenity of 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT!

Enter if you dare...

BP Group... hug!


OMAYGASH I thought it was Annette Benning and Kenneth Peralta (Mark Anthony Fernandez or Kenneth Duremdes) at first... But at second glance... KAMI PALA???

Kidding! Just give us this one.. I think I'm having second childhood already. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Me and the ladies posing on our "day-off" beside lovely plants. He he he he he!

Mirror shot!

Thanks Mareng Aning for covering my "biceps".

When you see IT, you'll sh$% bricks... Ha ha ha ha ha!

I really super love my BP Group and I'm so thankful that we all got together. We all got our weird quirks sure but everyone shares our love for family, togetherness, motherhood, kiddie playdates, food, and PICTURES!!!

One thing is for sure, life sure got sweeter (and wackier) with them. I love you girls!

Sorry nalimutan na naman si birthday boy.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


Check these out:

33rd Floor, MDC 100 Building, 
C5 corner Eastwood Drive, Quezon City
+632 962-1016


  1. Mare which is better , the Crisp salad or the seared tuna salad here?

    1. Mare it's difficult to give a straight answer because they both have different dressings and toppings:. The seared tuna salad here has a wasabi vinaigrette while the one at Crisp has one that is similar to bleu cheese. I find the seared tuna very light and appetizing while the other is heavier in the tummy and could be an entree. It really depends what you're feeling to indulge in for that day because both are equally delicious!

  2. - uy sige na, tell me na what BP Group means!!! Baden Powell ba yan, kasi mga girlscouts kayo? Birthday Party, kasi sunod-sunod na birthdays ang pino-post ko dito sa blog mo? Binibining Pilipinas, kasi mahilig ka mag long-gown? Tell me naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! hahaha...

    -haven't been to 100 Revolving Restaurant before, although parati kong kinukulit si The Partner. Di lang talaga namin afford. Bullet day I will lafang here. Remark my words.

    -Happy birthday Sir Jonah! Ang cute niyo pala. #manyaktalaga

    -OH NO! Sayang! Sana di kayo nag-transfer. I think half of the experience of eating there is the rotation itself.

    -Hi Mareng Gail! Vavavavooooom!

    -bakit biglang "hold your breath" pagdating sa inyo... di ka naligo, 'day? hehehehe...

    -uy pareho tayo! Ganyan din ako: butter muna then yung salsa. Tsalap!

    -Ang fuge ng mga husbandry! =) Pwedeng menage a cinq! hahahaha...

    -sige na nga, maganda din ang mga wives (napilitan! hahaha)... Seriously, though, you all look fab! Must be the lighting, hehehe...

    -ooooohhhh... that Seared Tuna Salad looks really good! Baka naman nag-offer ka nga sa kanila ng salad pero scary naman facial expression mo, kaya they declined, hahaha...

    -"C'est Magnifique" - my word of the day

    -That Prawns Thermidore!!! Piktyur pa lang, ulam na!

    -Homaygulay! I swear, tinalo na ni Eric si Richie sa pagka-picky eater, hahaha... kahit atsara pala di siya kumakain.

    -What a beautiful couple the celebrator and his wife make. Many happy returns!

    -Kailan ka mag-30 years old? Nung March (nung nag Death March)? Or nung May (nung may Hapon pa dito sa Pinas)? hahaha...

    -one of the items on my bucket list: to taste Chef Jessie's souffle.

    -What does BP mean na.... tell me naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Waaaaaaahhhh... hahaha

    -Have a great Thursday Jaz!

    1. HI Mr. Snuffleupagus!!! How was your morning today? Mine is now bright and sunny cos of your comment!!!! O eto na ang mahaba ang makapagdamdamin kong reply...

      1) H aha ha ha! In fairness your meanings of BP ang creative ah! As in I never thought of that! We were actually just restricted to BEAUTIFUL and POGI group pero yours takes the cake!!! Pwedeng pwede for this month kasi may isa pang birthday akong entry after this one!!!

      2) The food at 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT is good but it may be a bit overpriced because what you're paying for din is the experience. Kahit try nyo muna ni partner ang souffle and coffee. You'll see what I mean. Pero ang saya niya! We all enjoyed!

      3) Wag naman Sir Jonahs! Pareng Jonahs na lang! Yes! Kamukha niya si John Lloyd Cruz right? Ha ha ha ha ha!

      4) Oo nga e! Ang KKJ!!! Sayang it would've been nice to eat while the world is whizzing by. Kaso mga mahiluhin daw. Bigyan ng bonamine!

      5) Hi din dawwwwww! I was just chatting with her. He he he he!

      6) HOLD YOUR BREATH kasi para sa maximum effect ng pagdating ng food... ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) Di ba?? Butter just makes everything perfect!!!

      8) Menage a cinq!!! Pwedeng pwede!!! Role playing pa??? JOKE!

      9) Ha ha ha ha! Kaw naman pagbigyan mo na kami... minsan lang!!! Pero ganda nga namin grabe. Ha ha ha ha!

      10) AYYYY SUUUPER delicious talaga! No ah! Ang bait ko nga e kasi since mahal gusto ko may kahati. E yan! Nung naubos ko na Mareng Gail regretted not having a taste. Up to now she's wondering. Ha ha ha ha!

      11) SACRE BLEU! Next word of the day dapat!

      12) SUPER! That's what I'm going to order next time we're there TAPOS with extra garlic rice! ERMAYGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

      13) Yes they are! Jonahs and Aning are such a good looking couple. Bait pa!! Will tell them. Di ata nila binasa to e... Ha ha ha ha!

      14) OY PINANGANAK AKO 1985!!! OOH??? Galing na tactic no? Ha ha ha ha!

      15) Yes you should! I loved the chocolate!!!!

      16) Pag nagkita na lang tayo! Ayan! At least you're not going to hide from me na. When we meet up with Queen Jane, I'll tell you what it means... PROMISE!

      17) ALREADY better dear Mr. Niel!!! I'm smiling oh so widely right now while typing my reply! Thank talaga for giving a different kind of life to my blog! MMMMMWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  3. (baka repeat post ito, wasn't sure if my previous comment was posted, kung sakali po paki-delete na lang yung nauna, hehehe)

    Unang una, before anything else, bago sa lahat... salamat sa pag-follow mo sa akin sa Instagram. Isang malaking karangalan na ang isang pinagpipitagang manunulat na katulad mo ang tangkilikin ang isang hamak na dukhang katulad ko. Naks! hahaha...

    Oh no! Walang post today? I am forlorn! Hindi kumpleto araw ko! hehehe...

    Uu nga, kamukha nga ni Sir Jonah si JLC (pwede bang "sir" ang tawag ko, para mas-realistic sa role playing fantasies ko, bwahahaha...). Crush na crush ko kaya si John Lloyd, hehehe...

    Bilis na! Bumili ka ng kwek-kwek diyan sa tabi-tabi, para naman may mai-feature ka bukas, hahaha...

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Hi Mr. Snuffleupagus! Alam mo walang bola ha, promise. I looked at my counter this morning and was sad. I thought... "Haaay since wala akong new entry, no comment tuloy ako from Niel". I was really hoping you'd answer my last comment, and lo and behold.... YOU DID! YEEEEY!!!! You might think I'm just joking or what pero promise, your comments really make me happy. Sometimes when I do my post, I'm imagining na nga that I'm talking to you. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) HANO BAH! Mas maganda pa nga ang englsh mo sa akin sa Instagram! At wow! Pianist ka pala! I want to hear you play sometime. Alam ko lang is chopsticks. Pero kainis ha, nagutom ako bigla sa post mong 8 CUTS burger! I looooove bleu cheese! I dont like the onions though pero ang saraaaap! GUSTO KO TULOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yun na lang pala kakainin ko mamaya sa TGIFridays! He he he he he!

      2) Oo... no post... :( I packed for me and the boys kasi were going out of town this weekend. Uwi kami hometown ni Chinese Adonis in Quezon Province. Pero will do talaga today!!!

      3) Ha ha ha! Sige parang Sarah G. ka! Yes mas pogi siya in person. And VERY mabait!!! I'll introduce him to you kapag nagkagetogether!!!! Pero si Chinese Adonis papayag ka Mark Anthony Fernandez? Promise nung payat siya kamukhang kamukha! At si Kenneth Peralta. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      4) Dami ko talaga nakasalang sa drafts na gagawin na blog... Wasn't able to yesterday... Will do something talaga later. Thank you at pinagtyatyagaan mo silly little foodie blog ko... Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Really... really appreciate it Mr. Snuff!!!! MMMMWAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

    2. OA ka ha! Ang saya-saya kayang basahin nitong blog mo! Pramis!

      Bilis! I-like mo na yung barjer pic ko! Para naman umabot ng sampu yung nag-like! (sapilitan na ito, hahaha)

      Ang sarap naman, mag-out of town pala kayo. Ako kse taga-pasig, ang out of town ko na pag nagpunta akong pateros, hahaha

      Yes! Seriously, I can see Mark Anthony kay CA. Di ako masyadong familiar kay kenneth peralta. I-google ko na lang mamaya.

      Kikiligin ako ng bonggang-bongga pag pinakilala mo si Sir Jonah, baka himatayin ako sa tuwa, hahaha... #malandi

      Have a great weekend Jaz! And don't forget... to like my burger pic, hahaha... Mwah!

    3. I'm not OA!!! ha ha ha ha ha! Ay nako! Magblog ka then tell me how it feels kapag may regular commenters ka! That'll be Queen Jane at ako! PROMISE!!!!

      1) Ay sorry I thought na like ko na... DONE!!!! Sabihin ko din kay CA ifollow ka para may like pa!

      2) Ha ha ha! Masaya pero bitin ang overnight stay lang. Naku tataba na naman ako nito!

      3) Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I want to see that! SOON!!!!!!

      Have a great weekend too Niel! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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