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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last September 27, 2014 was indeed a busy "foodie" day for me and the Chinese Adonis: We went to CRISP on 28th in the morning for a belly inducing brunch, then became food critics for the whole afternoon at ULTIMATE TASTE TEST in Powerplant Mall.

When we got so full at the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST that my husband and I could not move anymore, we were deciding if we should still go home or head straight to TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL to meet his childhood friends in the Fort. We were already out the whole morning and afternoon that I at least wanted a fresh change of clothes so that I don't smell of food when I make beso-beso with my husband's pogi-wogi friends (Ha ha ha!). But when we saw the traffic outside Powerplant Mall, my husband put his food down (pun sort of intended) and said we'll be driving straight to BGC. He said it'll be crazy to go home to rest for just 5 minutes then go out again.

HMP! The Chinese Adonis claims the reason why he wanted to get to the venue early was that he didn't want parking to be a hassle. YEAH RIGHT. If I know, he just didn't want me looking oh so fresh and beautiful for his childhood pogi-wogi friends. Ha ha ha ha!

Just kidding!

So anyway, the reason why we're going to TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL is because one of my husband's childhood friends namely TJ, was visiting from the US. With that, we cannot NOT meet up with some of them since they have been friends for soooooo long --- think "pre-school long". 

All throwback pictures grabbed from TOPMUD vaults

My husband actually has a kinder one class picture with all of his TOPMUD friends in it ("Topmud" is the of his barkada). But from here you could see clearly the boys we will be meeting later on at TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL (the boy in stripes is Dr. Jan while the kiddie in orange is Chid). 

Could you see where the Chinese Adonis is here?

Here are the TOPMUD boys for Sherwin's wedding (top) and getting ready for the prom (bottom). Poor Yub got covered by Cong. Irvin. Ha ha ha ha ha!

BTW, TJ is the young man in purple beside the Chinese Adonis.

Hey Yub... Are you looking for me?

Here's the TOPMUD group in an impromptu trip to Enchanted Kingdom. Yep they have TOPMUD girls too! I could just imagine the riot they caused in class! Ha ha ha ha! 

BTW, the Chinese Adonis is the one looking up in the sky for a bird or a plane.

The Chinese Adonis, Lord, Chid, and Dr. Jan.

The last time the TOPMUD- Manila Chapter went out to see TJ was in Lucena 2 years ago when they had a bachelor party for his upcoming wedding.

Here are the boys of TOPMUD hamming it up and recreating an old pic during that bachelor party. Could you match the kiddie from the oldie?

Wow Yub! Same pose for the wedding AND the bachelor party up there! Ha ha ha ha!

And here's the actual wedding of TJ and Janice!! 

Could you see me there? I'm the one with the wackiest face (as usual).

And since I'm already sharing old pictures from the vault of TOPMUD, I would also share MY favorite throwback piece.


And THAT is why he is my Chinese Adonis!!! Woof woof! 

Ha ha ha ha ha!


So anywho, we may be tired, we may be smelly, or we may already have aching bellies for that tiresome Saturday. But there is NOTHING to stop us from meeting up with TJ and the TOPMUD (Manila Chapter -- he he he).

Because, why would you NOT meet up with "family" right?


We were the first in the restaurant so we booked a table until the others arrived. 

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how crowded it was that night.

While we were waiting, TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL attendants gave us some bar peanuts and a metal pail to throw the shells in.

Check out my husband and I still sporting our ULTIMATE TASTE TEST bands in TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL!

Inside TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL is like entering a western saloon except that it had yellow electric lights and blaring modern music.

If you're with kiddies, TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL have these quiet booths that are far from the drinking crowd.

If you feel like chugging down a few cold beers while watching what's the latest in sports, grab a chair by the bar.

It will also have the steak griller within your eye's view. 

TJ is here!

Welcome back TJ! 

Later on, Chid and the Reynosos arrive!

This is Chid's ultra hot and sexy wife Nina!! YOWZA! Now if this IS the premise of how a mother of 3 would look like, then I'm going for another "utoy" very soon! He he he!

To make up for lost time, Chid immediately ordered a bucket of San Miguel light in ice (P390.00).

Our server at TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL that night was Bert! Kudos to this guy for always smiling and eager to accommodate our requests.

Time to order!

The whole gang (TOPMUD - Manila Chapter) is now here!

TJ, Chid, and the Chinese Adonis!

Doc Jan, Lord (minus pretty wife Grace), and TJ

While the boys were gabbing non stop, I was also giggling and gossiping with these lovely ladies Nina and Doc Brenda (wife of Doc Jan)

Now time to EAT!

Chid and Nina's very cute daughter Nicole had the TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL Little Chicken Tenders (P160.00).

May I have some cutie Nic?

Or maybe petite Rian would gimme some? 

Kudos Mommy Nina for having such sweet and behaved kids!!! I wanna see them again!

Now back to the food... Ha ha ha!

TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL Parmesan Chicken (P395.00).

TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL Old Wild West Burger (P340.00)

With beer... este... with bacon add P40.00!

My husband and I were still so full from the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST so we just shared a TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL Flat Iron Steak (P795.00) with buttered corn and mashed potatoes.

This was sooooo good! The steak may not be as buttery as wagyu but it was still quite tender to the cut. 

I ordered an extra side plate of fresh veggies (P100.00) with extra blue cheese dressing to eat with my mashed potatoes! Wow! 

I'm drooling right now. I would definitely go back to TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL just for this!

My husband loved it too and we licked our plates clean to show our love. Ha ha ha ha!

Somebody's TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL Chicken and mushrooms (P395.00).

TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL Porkchops (P400.00).


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the TOPMUD boys....

TJ hamming it up with Chid!

It was non stop drinking and bantering among the TOPMUD boys in TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL!

You got that right! Ha ha ha ha!

While the TOPMUD boys were laughing out loud every 5 minutes, I was chatting it up and with the ladies.


Chid and Nina's youngest baby boy is just too adorable! But I think he should eat more... Kidding!! Now I want one!

Somebody must have heard what I said and ordered another TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL beer bucket. Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

CHEERS for more years of friendship, handsomeness, and MUSCLES! NAKS!

Yub told me that one of the heart throbs of  TOPMUD is Doc Jan and yes he IS cute! Maybe that's why we made him Ninong of my eldest Mati. Same goes for other TOPMUD kiddies. Ha ha ha ha!

With permission from Doc Brenda and the Chinese Adonis, I expressed what many ladies are always joking about with the very pugi Doc Jan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It was great that TJ's wife Janice was able to catch up!!!

Great seeing you again Janice!!! Thank you for the bracelets!

While the big TOPMUD boys and girls were drinking and sharing stories, I saw that Chid and Nina's daughters were quietly playing games in their seats. 

I told pretty Nina how impressed I was! It was such a relief seeing kiddies playing with real toys and using their imagination instead of having their faces busy with gadgets.

Of course, playing with gadgets is not that bad but it should be limited. I myself am training the little boys to play with their PSP's only after they've written on their journals or when we're just in the car. 

I asked Nicole if I coud play with her. She agreed but she has her own special set of rules that she got angry when I tried to play Snakes and Ladders for reals. Ha ha ha ha ha!



We finished at around 12:00am already and it was time to go home because of the kids. 

But WOW! It was such a fun night and so great seeing TOPMUD especially TJ and Janice!! Thank you for meeting up with us amidst your busy schedules!!! 

We are so looking forward to eat, chat, laugh, and get drunk again with the rest of the TOPMUD!! Yep!! It might not be as often as we want it to be but I'm doubly sure that their camaraderie and strong bonds of friendship are always there. 

Cheers TOPMUD!

Check this out!

11th Avenue Fort Bonifacio Global City, 
(02) 856 1547



  1. -had to backread and familiarize myself with TOPMUD before commenting here, hahaha... Saang school sila sa Lucena? Maryhill?
    -I'm going to hazard a guess that Eric is the one behind the kid in front, on the left. I think he's wearing a light blue shirt and striped black and white pants. Korek ba? =)
    -ooooohhhh... topless CA! droool! hahaha... Nakakatuwa naman ang barkadahan nila. Very heartwarming ang friendship nila.
    -alam mo, ang hirap tanggalin niyang UTT band na yan ha, had to use scissors pa to remove mine... hindi pwedeng basta hilahin mo lang. Although, I'm sure that's a good thing, para hindi madaling matanggal habang umiikot ka sa rockwell tent.
    -uy mukhang masarap nga yang steak nan yan... dapat mapag-ipunan na. =) Although The Partner and I aren't really heavy drinkers so we tend to stay away from bars and pubs.
    -andyan din pala ulit si Somebody! TOPMUD din pala siya, hahaha
    -you want one? Go! Assemble ulit kayo ni CA, hehehe...
    -wow! writing in journals... very nice training for the kids... almost a lost art nowadays.
    -Have a great Wednesday Jaz! =)

    1. HULLOOOOO MR. SNUFF!!! Yep they're from Lucena!!!

      1) KOREK! Bigyan ng jacket!!! Kidding! Pero yes! You got that right. Itim niya non no? I'm impressed you saw the striped pants. Di ko napansin yun.

      2) Di baaa? I love that pic of the Chinese Adonis too! Rawr!!!

      3) EXACTLY! With regards to the UTT band, we forgot that we were still wearing it in the middle of dinner. Ang hirap also punitin. Kudos to UTT in making a fool proof admission band. Ha ha ha ha!

      4) Yes I loved their steak! Of course the quality may not be as the expensive ones which I'm sure you are used to pero we loved it. Bagay na bagay with the mashed potatoes and veggies... YUM! Me and the hub are not heavy drinkers too! Si Chinese Adonis would really stay away pa from inuman. As for me, I don't drink at all. I just want to eat. I love bottomless iced teas though. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) DI BA? Etong si SOMEBODY wala nang gumawa kungdi sumama! Tsk tsk tsk...

      6) Ayaw magpahipo ni Chinese Adonis e!!!!!!! Joke! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) Yes! It's their ticket to playing PSP. At least it also proactices their writing and broadens their imagination. Si Andrei ngayon loves writing little short stories. So cute!!!

      THANKS! YOU TOO MR. SNUFF! MMMMWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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