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Saturday, October 11, 2014


One particular Saturday we and our long time friends Aning and Pareng Jonas went to ACACIA HOTEL upon the invitation of our College bud Agot to treat us in their buffet. Now normally, we do not travel that far a distance just for free food. But Anne and I haven't seen our dear Agot in a LOOOOONG time and we have missed her muchos.

So even if it was raining hard that night we traveled the depths of South Super Highway to go see a dear old friend. 


If you haven't been to ACACIA HOTEL it's actually a very cozy boutique hotel with simple elegance. I checked the price and it is actually very reasonable for a family getaway within the comforts of the Metro.

Of course, we may have to schedule a staycation some other time because for that night, my friends and I are going to dine in ACACIA HOTEL BUFFET!

I find ACACIA HOTEL BUFFET very chic with the high ceilings and warm colors. 

The dreamy design of flowers and earth hues make for a simple but pleasurable  meal with your loved ones. 

We had a sentimental time with this 2 man team play the classics while me and the Chinese Adonis were going at it in ACACIA HOTEL BUFFET!

Now let me introduce to you my old time buds from College!

Here's Ann and her husband Jonahs!

Ann is my long time  Assumption bud and she got together with John Lloyd here in our Senior year. Omaygash.... I was always their 3rd wheel since nobody asked me out that time! HA HA HA HA HA! I love them to bits and I'm glad that these College sweet hearts ended up together.

Now this is our friend Agot! You see, in Assumption we were in a biiiig barkada (you would see my other friends when we went out in TGIFRIDAYS) but the three of us bonded over... secret! I hope you get to meet Agot soon. She's really macho! Ha ha ha! She may be a person who loves saying all the mean profanities in the world but she's one of the kindest gals I know. She's such a true friend who would never back stab anyone or say anything mean behind her back. 

We may not get together as often as we wanted to because Agot is such a workaholic and lived in a galaxy far far away, but I love these ladies dearly. And I'm sure you'd agree with me that if you have true friends who have been with you for more than a decade (we just graduated 2007... TEE HEE), you are truly blessed!

So to start off our ACACIA HOTEL buffet night, we noticed that their spread may not be as lavish as Spiral's or even Vikings!

But do check out the very reasonable prices!

Breakfast 6 AM to 10 AM      Php 888 nett
Lunch       12 NN to 2 PM      Php 995 nett (except Sunday)
Dinner      6 PM to 10 PM      Php 1,150 nett (except Friday)

Themed Friday Dinner  6 PM to 10 PM  Php 1,288 nett
Sunday Champagne Brunch  11:30 AM to 2:30 PM  Php 1,288 nett (with unlimited champagne)

I'm glad that even with the buffet rates of ACACIA HOTEL, it still covered the important basics.... 

ACACIA BUFFET cooked food station which had an array of Chinese and Filipino specialties....

ACACIA BUFFET Appetizers with salads and sushi.... 

ACACIA BUFFET cook on the spot station.... 

And ACACIA BUFFET with fruits...... 

ACACIA BUFFET pastries....

The ACACIA BUFFET dessert station also had crepes cooked upon request!

There's also a drink all you can coffee station!!!!

Do you like coffee? Because I DO! Before, I could have 8 cups a day. But since I'm watching my weight, I'm down to 4!!!

I saw our very own "John Lloyd" going for ACACIA BUFFET'S Sushi station. I remember telling you that the Chinese Adonis doesn't touch the stuff right? So I just ate his share. Ha ha ha ha!

It's okay, I don't mind helping myself to a lot of ACACIA BUFFET Maki in his name.

Wow! Salmon and Tuna sushi!

Now THIS just made me drool! See that spare space in the plate. That was MY doing. Ha ha ha! I'm sorry I'm so PG! But Salmon Sashimi is totally addicting for me!

I concentrated too much on the sushi that I was not able to try this.

These salads are just mouth watering! I love everything with cream and mayonnaise in it.

How do you like your salad? Me? I like it almost drowning with cream dressing. It's totally gross I know but it sure makes my belly happy!

In ACACIA BUFFET, you could also request to have some of the cold seafood to be cooked any way you want it.

I am such a fan of bread and cheese but I was sorry to not try what ACACIA BUFFET offered. You could say I was saving my tummy space for the main entrees. He he he he!

What about you? Do you like bread and cheese as well? I found that the ACACIA BUFFET had a modest spread on it.

Ooooh yeah! Carb overload!

The Chinese Adonis is missing 99% of his life by not eating sushi. BELIEVE ME, I wanted to convert him many many times but he still won't touch the stuff.

So in ACACIA BUFFET, he immediately headed for the barbecue station. 

Yup! Choose from a variety of fresh meat and seafood then have it cooked by the ACACIA chef on station.

My husband loved seafood so he immediately had plates upon plates of squid and shrimp on the grill!!

In the ACACIA BUFFET, there was also a Ramen Station but since the Chinese Adonis would only eat the stuff if I dragged him in a restaurant, he stayed clear of this.

As for me, I tried out ACACIA BUFFET's Mongolian Station. I remember before that me and the Chinese Adonis would always pig out in the Mongolian buffet in Mile Long in Makati. Since it has closed down already, THIS was such a welcome sight to us!

ACACIA BUFFET also had a Sinigang Station where you could drop in all sorts of meat, seafood, and vegetables to the hearty sour tamarind broth.

Of course when you're at ACACIA BUFFET, DO NOT forgot to save your appetite for their Roast Beef!

The sight was just so beautiful!!! Like me, you love red meat too right? So with that, I requested for a thick slice of the ACACIA BUFFET meat that is medium rare! Ooh la la.... 

Why hello! Just check out the juices on THAT side!

Besides pouring thick gravy over my ACACIA BUFFET roast beef, I also put a dollop of horse radish cream on the side. 

It may not be obvious but my kumare Ann is very much like Eric in so many ways. I'll get to that next time but like my husband, she also went right for the main entrees. Here she is with Agot after she requested for a special cut of roast beef. Of course, when they bumped into each other in the buffet line, it was another chika session on the spot.


My husband had many plates of fried shrimps in butter and garlic. Don't worry, the Chinese Adonis was very sweet and shared with everyone. 

Mareng Ann loved it and feasted on the sweet seafood of  ACACIA BUFFET made more flavorful by the creamy butter!

The Chinese Adonis also had some ACACIA BUFFET grilled squid!

Plus some ACACIA BUFFET cooked grub.

He also had some ACACIA BUFFET Sinigang na Salmon and it was fruity and deliciously sour! It just called for a cup of plain white rice and fish sauce! Sarap!!!!!

It may seem weird but part of his "dessert" was ACACIA BUFFET Nachos.

He later on helped himself to some fruits. Unlike me, the Chinese Adonis is such a healthy eater!

The same goes for pogi Jonahs!

Now here's what I ate!

My first of 2 sushi plates from the ACACIA BUFFET!

Yes!!! ACACIA BUFFET roast beef with gravy and horse radish cream! I was trying to cut down my carb intake that's why I only had buttered vegetables on the side.

PLUS! ACACIA BUFFET salad with LOTS of caesar's dressing! HA!

Even if my tummy was getting full, I wanted to try out the ACACIA BUFFET Mongolian Station.

I asked the very nice chef to do my Mongolian stir fry vegetables "well done"!

I know that veggies should have a "crisp" when you bite into it but I've had bad experiences with Mongolian Bowls before when the vegetables are half cooked and I would get indigestion.

Now NOBODY wants to feel THAT when we're stuck in traffic going home because of the heavy rain right? Ha ha ha ha!

My ACACIA BUFFET Mongolian Bowl. I was surprised they didn't serve this with rice (since I'm so used to it in Mile Long before) but it's okay. I remembered I didn't specify to have it anyway.

I love Chinese food too (obviously... hello, Chinese Adonis?) that I decided to end my main meal with some dimsum and fried rice!

My husband may not love pastries but he absolutely ADORES ice cream!!!! And in the ACACIA BUFFET, he was so happy that there was Big Scoop in Avocado flavor!

Look at the happy Chinese Adonis!

One time, we were in SAMBOKOJIN and my Yub was ecstatic that he saw the familiar green ice cream in their buffet section. He excitedly filled a whole bowl of it but got the surprise of his life that after one big spoonful, it was actual GREEN TEA ice cream!!! Ha ha ha ha!

I'm sure I don't need to tell you if he liked THAT!

Oooh yeah! I LOOOOOVE Big Scoop's Avocado Flavor! It's like having an avocado shake! YUMMMMMM!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our beloved Agot, Aning, and Jonahs at ACACIA HOTEL BUFFET!!!!

Afterwards, I ended that delicious ACACIA BUFFET meal with coffee.

Agot's bill!!!

Since our friend was working in ACACIA HOTEL, we thought that our buffet meal was part of her complimentary benefits. As it turned out, she really treated us! Oh noooo! Kahiya!!! But really, thanks so much Agot!! If you are looking for a generous being, Agot is that kind of lady. She is somebody who keeps on giving without asking anything in return. She was like that during College and is MORE sharing now after (ahem) 10 years!!!!

Thank you SOOOO much Agot!! Please let me and Ann treat you. Don't indian us na!

Me, Aning and Agot!!! I SOOOO love these girls! We are actually recreating here a studio picture we had during our College years. Will look for that (when I stop being lazy) and post it here.  I wonder how many years we have aged since then! Ha! Let's see your "predictive" skills. He he he he he!

Before I go, here's a picture of John Lloyd and the Chinese Adonis! I'm sure you agree that Ann and I have very good taste in men no? Pogi na... Sobrang bait pa (blech... ha ha ha!) Kidding! But yes, we adore our driver sweet lovers! NAKS!!!!

Another happy night out for ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!

5400 East Asia Drive (corner Commerce Avenue), 
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang
1781 Muntinlupa City
(02) 720 2000

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