Monday, October 20, 2014


If I charge 25c everytime somebody comes up to me and says that I "should have a girl very soon", I bet I would be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg. No, make that Larry Page/Sergey Brin, creators of Google, because it might get me more views... Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, I am usually an understanding person (take note on the word "usually") but it really gets me when people have nothing better to say than for me to wish for something I don't have, case in point, a baby girl. What do I have to do to stress that I am already VERY happy with my 2 little lords and that life is more blessed with their hugs and kisses??? Do I have to put up a banner, set up a motorcade, and have the music "We Are Family" blaring from the stereo? Well excuuuuuse me for being contented with what I already have!!

I love my little testosterone filled family and I always have the "bestest" of fun with them. BUT, there ARE times when the Chinese Adonis and my little lords do their usual "man-stuff" that gets me a bit out of place. Besides their love for NBA/PBA/basketball (puhleez, when Jaworski retired, I have forgotten about the sport), they are also crazy about cars! When the 3 talk about this car and this car, I'm like a Twilight fan inside Kafka's world. Ha ha ha ha ha! I get so clueless! And even if I try to understand what the heck they're talking about, my brain just closes down and daydream what we'll be eating later.

I remember when we celebrated Jericho's Birthday at SILK ROAD, the Chinese Adonis and I saw that there was a display of Lamborghini's by KUPPA ROASTERY CAFE. We knew it was something the little lords would love to see, especially Andrei since he vowed to buy a Lamborghini when he grows up. So the following week, we scheduled to have our morning family Sundate at KUPPA.

When we got there, the little lords got so excited at the sight of the cars that they ran to it even if we were a street away. Once more, I felt like the odd lady out in THE YAPPY BUNCH that I just told them I'll get a table at KUPPA ROASTERY CAFE so that they could admire the cars all they want.

Ah yes. I may feel OP (out of place) but I'm not a KJ (Kill Joy)! He he he!

Seriously though, even if the guys in the YAPPY BUNCH have their own thing that I cannot relate to, I don't mind. Cheesy as it may sound, it really gives me a sense of joy that the Chinese Adonis has his own little posse who shares his love for cars and basketball. You may even say that it is a dream come true for him and I'm thankful that in a way, I was able to give him that. You may barf at the thought but my husband's happiness is my bliss as well.

And feeling THAT with a cup of freshly roasted coffee? Wow. Ultra heavenly.

SCORE for my segue. HA!


I went straight inside to get us a table for a light breakfast!

It was a good thing I went inside KUPPA when I did because there was only one table left available.

KUPPA ROASTERY AND CAFE is a franchise of the popular restaurant from Bacolod (think of it as their own version of Starbucks). Except in KUPPA, they offer much more than just coffee and pastries! They have a variety of entrees that you could enjoy along with your coffee!

PLUS! They serve breakfast that is not your ordinary mcmuffin!

KUPPA menu 1... 

KUPPA menu 2.... 

KUPPA also had a weekend brunch menu that I was curious to try!

While I was inside KUPPA, guess what the little lords were checking out?


Andrei was so happy! This is his dream car! He said when he buys one, he'll let me ride it if his girlfriend is not around.

Why you little... Ha ha ha ha!

They were so curious to see what's inside a Lamborghini!

Yep! That is indeed a thing of beauty!

Andrei asked afterwards when we could visit the showroom of Lamborghini! He he he he!

The little lords also took a fancy with THIS car!

Sorry I don't know what it is. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm sure it's expensive too! Ha ha ha ha!

It turns out that the group of middle aged guys sitting next to our table at KUPPA were the owners of these cars. They were regular customers of this popular cafe from Bacolod.

Finally after staring at the cars, the boys joined me inside KUPPA!

See the group behind me with a guy in a red vest? Yep! They're the owners of the Lamborghini and the other whatchamacallit car.


Is that a train?

Yub and Mati!

Me and Andrei!

Yup! It never fails! We ALWAYS spend Sunday mornings together! When they grow up, they could go out friends all they want during the week but they should still spend Sunday mornings with us old folks for mass then breakfast/lunch afterwards.

Mati : "I'll drink to that!!!!!!!!!!"

For now though, Mati would have to be content with a glass of KUPPA Raspberry Iced Tea (P90.00) that he's so curious to try.

The KUPPA Raspberry Iced Tea was a bit strong for the kiddies, so they split a glass and I further diluted it with water. It was so refreshing at every sip!

Andrei wanted to add more sachets of sugar though. Of course, we stopped him since we didn't want a little rolling tasmanian in our hands. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I was watching JULIE AND JULIA when we ate at KUPPA, and one of my favorite parts there was when they were feasting on a plate of Eggs Benedict.

Naturally, I'm monkey-see-monkey-do with food so I had a plate of KUPPA Eggs Benedict Florentine (P335.00)!

What we got were 2 perfectly poached eggs over muffins, smoked ham, and wilted spinach! 

A creamy yet light Hollandaise sauce was poured over the KUPPA eggs and served with a bunch of fresh  greens! Yum!

My little foodie Mati asked to share my KUPPA Eggs Benedict and he was so excited since it was his first time to try out this famous dish!

He loved it! After Mati wiped his plate clean his first ever plate of KUPPA Eggs Benedict, he declared that from this day forward, he was the Eggs Benedict monster!

As for me, I loved how my KUPPA Eggs Benedict gave a lot of gooey yolk which I could mop up with my english muffin!

Yummm.... My perfect forkful!

Of course, I cannot have a meal at KUPPA ROASTERY and CAFE without having a cup of their deliciously brewed coffee! Here's my lovely cappuccino (P85.00) to go along with my scrumptious Eggs Benedict!

We were expected in my parents house for Sunday family lunch in an hour so we kept our KUPPA breakfast on the light side. Yup! Just an hour... Ha ha ha ha ha! That's gluttony for you.

Anyway, Yub ordered some KUPPA Buttermilk Pancakes (P120.00) for the boys. 

We got 2 fat pieces of oh so creamy pancakes that were so perfect with the thick maple syrup!

So buttery and luscious at every bite! Yowza!

Hmmmm... I am very tempted to munch on these vegetables and use the hollandaise sauce as dressing! He he he he!

The Chinese Adonis was planning to get some pancakes from the boys. But the plate was licked clean before he could get any. 

Good thing these golden KUPPA ensaimadas were at the corner calling out to my husband....

"You know you want us........."

My husband succumbed to temptation and ordered the KUPPA Cheddar Ensaimada (P50.00) since we did not leave him anything! HA!

Wow! Look at the cheese of THAT.

Hmmm... I don't remember the Chinese Adonis offering me a taste. 

So that's your "cheesy" revenge ah?

Andrei: "Look at me! I'm a Herobrine!"

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords at KUPPA ROASTERY and CAFE!

That's Andrei doing his impersonation of an Herobrine! If you're familiar with Minecraft, it's one of the zombie-like characters there.

And we're done!

Did I hear you say "wiped out"?



My compliments to the KUPPA ROASTERY AND CAFE service, especially to our server Dave (the guy with glasses) for being very accommodating and knowledgeable about their menu.

I would definitely want to come back to KUPPA to try out some of their entrees which I heard were very darn good too!



While we were walking around BGC, Andrei saw the showroom for Porsche cars! We went inside and the very nice sales guy let our little lords look around.

(I just received a PM from my fellow KTG mate Jeeves that we actually went to a Ferrari showroom. Not Porsche... but FERRARI!

There's your proof that I don't know anything about cars.


The boys were so excited seeing that this Ferrari (Porsche) car had Michelin tires. They're so proud for their daddy!

You like that color Andrei? 

Then it's YOURS! Ha ha ha ha!

Andrei and his Daddy raving over the Ferrari (Porsche).

Inside Andrei's future car!

Awww... Look at that happy smile!

Another happy Sunday for me and my guys! I couldn't ask for anything more!

Maybe a Ferrari (Porsche) or Lamborghini to take home maybe?

Tee hee!

Check this out:

31st Street & 4th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 6235120


  1. -I know exactly what you mean, some people see things that they think you're lacking in your life, when they're actually the ones who are not satisfied with theirs... pero alam mo, dapat nga mag-assemble na kayo ni CA ng babae, hahaha... kidding! or am I? hahaha... (o ayan, para lalo kang yumaman, nadagdagan ng 25c ang pera mo, hahaha)
    -si TP din sobrang hilig sa kotse!!! As in, he would drag me to car shows, stop at every car exhibit in a mall, show me videos of reviews of the latest car variants... you get what I'm saying... kaya ako nagri-research na para naman di ako OP kapag kotse na pinag-usapan, hahaha... BTW Aug. 20 this year yung post ni Jin.=)
    -KUPPA!!! I was just there the other day for merienda! Love their cakes, pero medyo walang kwenta yung grilled cheese sandwich nila. Sarap ng coffee though.
    -eeeeeekkk!!! ang mahal ng breakfast! Pang ericjazfoodies dapat ang budget! di kaya ni mr snuff, hehehe
    -cute ng little lords mo, feel na feel yung lamborghini
    -alam mo, it DOES look like the front of a train! although I'm sure it's just a coffee thingamajig tienes, hehehe
    -ganyang din ginagawa ko sa iced tea kapag sobrang tamis =)
    -that eggs benedict looks amazing! Nakakatuwa talaga si Mati, I don't think kids of his age would add eggs benny to their list of favorite foods.
    -buti ka pa maganda coffee art, parating chaka kasi yung nakukuha ko diyan kaya di ko na pini-piktyuran
    -yummy ensaymada!
    -had to google what herobrine was, hahaha #hindigamer
    -was going to say it's a ferrari, but someone beat me to it na pala, hahaha...


    1. Hulloooo Mr. Snuff!!!! How is your morning doing? I just had a sausage Mcmuffin for breakfast. I was really craving for some burgers (as I was watching Clerks 2 going to work) but hindi pa siya available sa Mcdo. BUMMER.

      1) EXACTLY!!!! Normally I don't mind it. Pero it just gets so tedious when some people cannot think of anything else to comment and hahanapan ka na lang of what you don't have. I'm sure if I DO have a girl, they'll comment, isa pa girl para pair! DUH! Hey Niel! Hindi bagay sayo ang frenemy ah! BUT if you're willing to treat us at BLACK BIRD, go lang. Kahit ilang questions about having another baby... GAME!

      2) FINALLY I saw THE PARTNER! I really looked for Jin's post on that! Pogi ah! UUUUUUY!!! What hospital? I'll stalk him! Joke!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! As for me, believe me. I TRY! I watch basketball with them, I listen when they tell me about cars... I read about it too... BUT IT JUST WON'T REGISTER! It's like, my brain is already filled with up with food, Benedict Cumberbatch, food, movies, food... etc that I will immediately forget about it. Like, right now you tell me that's a Ferrari... When I see one tomorrow, I STILL won't recognize it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! But what I lack in brain activity I just make up for my physical support. I'm really interested when they tell me NBA stuff like who is the famous NBA player is in Cleveland (??????????????) and I go with them whenever they play basketball to pack extra shirts, drinks, and snacks. Yun lang. Pero I REALLY REALLY have a short memory on it. Ha ha ha ha! So when they talk about it, I'm like "Who again???" HA HA HA!!!

      Oh add to that pa pala, techy stuff.... I just zone out. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) I haven't tried the grilled cheese of kuppa but yes! Sarap their pastries! Kathi said the pizza is real good and I should try it soon. TARA LETS!

      4) ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS! Mura nga sa yo ang P650 ng Crimson breakfast no???? Ha ha ha ha ha! Kayang kaya mo ang half the price!!!!

      5) Yes they are!!! I love it when they get so excited over cars. Yun lang it's like a sign that they ARE growing up! No more Mickey stuff.... CARS na! And Andrei here talking about letting me only ride his Lambo if his girlfriend is not there kasi 2 seater lang daw. :(

      6) Ha ha ha ha! Yes! But the "train" is actually the roaster! Check out my 4th picture. Yun pala siya! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) I know! Mati is such a foodie! Daig pa ang dad!!! He is always willing to try anything that I eat. Ang sarap niya kasama sa food trips! Yun nga lang minsan kinukuha niya food ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      8) Ha ha ha ha! I am not a gamer too! Naku ilan beses ko pinaspell kina Mati and Andrei ang Herobrine. They asked me to post it the first time kasi to show their friends.

      9) Bwa ha ha ha ha! Nakakahiya!!!! Oh well! It's funny though! Di ko talaga alam!


  2. BTW yung white car (after the lamborghini) looks like a porsche 991. =)

    1. Thanks! I bet I'll forget that tomorrow.... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  3. -Blackbird ka ba kamo manlilibre? Go tayo diyan! Kaso lang sabi ni Jin tatlong putahe lang daw ang masarap dun, pero since libre mo naman, oks lang yun... everything tastes better when it's free, hahaha
    -hahaha... katawa naman... ako medyo photogenic ang memory ko, kaya na-e-encourage tuloy si TP (pogi niya ano? hehehe...) na lalo akong bigyan ng info on cars, pero minsan tinutulugan ko na lang siya, hahaha
    -oh no! Techie pa naman ako! huhuhu...,
    -so bukod sa Blackbird, Vask, Stockton, at Spiral, manlilibre ka din sa Kuppa at Crimson? Iba talaga ang yaman ng ericjazfoodies! Daig si Warren Buffet! hehehe...
    -ooooohhhh... roaster pala yun! dapat may napkin din sila na may drawing ng checken... para pair sila... bwahahahaha... #kurneh

    1. Awwwww talaga treat mo kami sa Blackbird? Hangsweet mo talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grabe! Ha ha ha ha ha! That joke will never get old.

      Yes pogi ni TP! Galing talaga our taste in men! Kaya magkasundo tayo e! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Naku I'm so not techie!!! Si Yub pa nagtatransfer ng pics ko sa computer at kung ano ano.... No interest! Kaya nga kahit Nokia phone ko okay lang!

      Teka teka... Ikaw muna mauna. I blogged about my appreciation for you na e... Dapat your turn. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      Ay ang kurneh... pero it worked on me! I love corny! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!


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