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Friday, October 3, 2014


It's a Gatdula birthday celebration once more and guess where we went for dinner? KIMPURA of course! No matter what we suggested to the birthday boy, my elder brother Kuya Jon still chose our usual teppanyaki birthday dinner at KIMPURA since he felt it was already "tradition". I'm glad because not only am I all for "family sentiment" but the food at KIMPURA is timelessly delicious. Plus,  the twenty and more years that we have been eating here, we always have an enjoyable and tummy "full"filling meal EVERYTIME.

So why wouldn't we always include this in our "eat list"?

Oh and by the way. When I said "twenty and more years" that goes out to my brothers and sister. I'm like 2 decades younger than them.


He he he!


We were the first ones in the teppanyaki private room of KIMPURA and little Andrei was throwing a hissy fit because he wanted to sit in the middle. We told him that only the birthday celebrant sits there.

Ate Jit, Rocio, Mommy, and Daddy!

Karen and Kuya Jay (Rocio's parents).

Andrei, me, and the Chinese Adonis. 

My little bunsoy has now moved on and is smiling again! 

Calvin... este.. Mati and birthday boy Kuya Jon!


As always we have plates of our KIMPURA favorite tekka maki (P150.00).

My mother's favorite is KIMPURA's assorted selection of Japanese rolls, the Chiku (P450.00).

Everyone's favorite, fresh and buttery KIMPURA Salmon Sashimi (P475.00).

Another favorite, sweet and firm KIMPURA Tuna Sashimi (P295.00).

Wait.... Are you noticing a trend here? Fine I'll stop. 

It was my first time to order Kani Salad (P185.00) in KIMPURA (because usually I get my vegetable fix from the udon or the teppanyaki) and this didn't disappoint.  Not only was it so creamy as the powers of Japanese Mayo could be (I love it!) but I also got to eat almost all of it since my family were not fans of the salad.

Hooray! Will definitely order this again. I just LOVE Kani Salad! I could even have it with rice!

For my brother's long life, we ordered the KIMPURA Yaki Udon (P350.00).

This NEVER fails to make an appearance in our KIMPURA birthday celebrations because the vegetables were always crunchy while the udon forever al dente plus mucho flavorful. 

We also ordered KIMPURA Ebi Tempura (P540.00) and Mixed Tempura (P450.00) mostly for the Chinese Adonis who doesn't eat sushi (cough... loser... cough)

WHO SAID THAT??! Humanda siya sakin! :P

Finally the KIMPURA doors opened and in comes the Teppanyaki (Iron) chef who will be cooking for us for the night.

The Iron Chef always starts off with frying up the KIMPURA fried rice (P85.00) per cup.

Oh dammit! This was SO good!

The aroma that the frying butter, garlic, peppers, onions, and etc were just drool worthy. You cannot NOT have a teppanyaki KIMPURA dinner without their rice.

What? Me?

For that night though it was boo hoo for us because my brother hates MSG and requested the Iron Chef to remove it from the seasonings.

Awww... But we love a bit of taktak here and there. :(

Oh wow... My KIMPURA favorite! I'm glad that unlike Chinese Lauriats, they whip these up first before the entrees.

Up next was everyone's favorite (except Rocio): KIMPURA Prawn Teppanyaki (P445.00).

For the many years we have been eating in KIMPURA, this shrimp favorite has always remained consistent! The shrimps are always plump, oozing with flavors of garlic, butter, and FAT. 

Yup. Fat from the prawns' big heads. Delicious brain fat. 

We always fight over who gets the head to scrape off that orange garlicky custard to smear on our rice. Oh dear my.

Somebody ordered the KIMPURA Blue Marlin (P395.00).

I'm not really a fan of cooked fish (yup seriously) and it's the least I like among the proteins. 

But, I always become a convert when we have our KIMPURA birthday dinner because the Iron Chef jams up their Blue Marlin with butter, onions, and green peppers. I don't really need to describe how nummy that would be afterwards now would I?

KIMPURA Teppanyaki Chicken (P220.00)!

Awesome cubes of fried chicken! 

I'm not much of a white meat person but THIS I like!

Mati's order, KIMPURA Oyster Teppanyaki (P220.00) were plump and deliciously briny!

The birthday boy also requested a KIMPURA Black Angus (P995.00) and generously shared it with us.

My compliments to the Iron Chef! We got chunks upon chunks of melt in your mouth beef that was so tasty and savory!

I know what I'm going to order on my next 30th birthday (snicker) and I'm not going to share!

Of course, we also need KIMPURA veggies (P195.00) to soak up all that fat in our system. I don't know if it's actually true but I'm sticking to that belief.

Everyone loved watching the Iron Chef slice, fry, and stir all of that glorious KIMPURA food even if there are no theatrics like what they do in Benihana.

Maybe because we all know that delicious and scrumptious food is about to come and we don't need a "show" to prove that!

And THAT makes us so happy!

My plate! My messy, gooey, uncoordinated but I-don't-care, plate!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with muy familia at KIMPURA!!!!

We have noticed through the years that the number of dishes we would order in KIMPURA have lessened because as we grew older, our tummy space became more compact as well. 

So even if we ordered only about 1 or 2 serving per viand and just 8 cups of fried rice to share, we still had a LOT of KIMPURA leftovers.

Yoohoo! Good night snack! But maybe for tomorrow. I think I already have KIMPURA breath. 

And as always we bring out a birthday cake and song for the celebrant!

I'm glad I'm in a family who believes that nobody gets too old for a birthday celebration and song. It's just too fun!!! Maybe that's why we all have had special memories during our birthdays.

Of course with the boys, it's always a contest who gets to blow the candle no matter whose birthday. Ha ha ha ha! It's okay. We usually have 2 or 3 more songs for them so that either Mati or Andrei gets to blow the birthday candle.


That actually reads from Mom, Dad, Mati, Andrei, and Rocio. :)

Our KIMPURA bill!

(Actually it's Daddy's.... bwa ha ha ha ha!)

Now give us some cake!!

Afterwards us sibs had some more chika, coffee, and dessert in Starbucks. The little lords went home with my Mom and Dad as per the grandparent's request. 

 Yub and I always have fun with my brothers and sisters that's why I'm so happy that Kuya Jay and family stayed with us for a night cap. Yohooo!!!! (They don't like me taking pictures though. Boo.)

Sayang lang our youngest sib Chris Gatdula aka Chris Hemsworth, cannot join us that night since he's somewhere for work.

Aaah.... Maybe THAT'S why my Kuya's don't like taking pictures. We're not complete daw e!



Kimpura Japanese Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center
GH Lifestyle Center, Ortigas Ave
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 721-8816

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  1. - vakeet ganun ang fez mo dun sa first pic? sino kaaway mo? hehehe

    - I wouldn't mind eating at Kimpura everyday! Although, siyempre, waley the datung kaya J.Boy lang ang peg ng lowlah mo

    - "favorite" - my word of the day

    - bwahahaaha... dapat matuto na si CA na kumain ng sushi! He's missing 99% of his life!!!

    - that rice really looks soooooo good! Picture pa lang ulam na. AND THOSE PRAWNS!!! *drool*

    - MSG makes everything taste better! =)

    - "nummy???" :p

    - pareho ulit tayo - not really a white meat person (except for CA, I'll take his white meat anytime, nyahahaha #manyak)

    - I'm surprised Mati ordered oysters. He's still quite young but his palette is already mature. Nagmana sa ina. =)

    - STEAK!!!

    - I'm not really a big fan of theatrics while my food is being prepared, so I'll stick with Kimpura na lang instead of Benihana.

    - OMG! Hinimatay ako sa presyo! Kalahating taon ko nang sweldo yan!

    - still reading this? Imaginary lang ito... take your meds na... hahaha...

    Have a great weekend Jaz! God bless you and your family (and the birthday celebrator... many happy returns) always!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuffleupagus! So sorry for the late reply. May inayos kasi si Kathi sa html ko and so I can't use muna my blog. Really want to make an entry and reply to you na! Soooowwwwy!

      1) Ha ha ha ha! Kainis ba my face? It's my favorite look when Yub is taking a picture of me. Kunwari nagtataka ako sa paparazzi! Ha ha ha ha!

      2) Yes! I looooooove Kimpura! Kaya hindi kami nagsasawa kahit every birthday dinner dun kami! Kayang kaya nyo yan no! Pero kami din di pwede everyday. Ha ha ha ha!

      3) Naku nahihiya tuloy ako! Kapansin pansin ba ang numerous uses ko ng word for the day ko? He he he he!

      4) Hay naku! ALAM MO BA one time may kasalanan sa akin yan I told him, I'll only forgive you if you eat sushi! Ayaw talaga niya!!! Kaya yun ang worst that I could think of. Hindi talaga super picky eater siya. One LQ namin nagalit ako nilagyan ko ng catsup yung fries niya. Buti nga. Di niya tuloy kinain. H aha ha ha ha ha!

      5) YES! Favorite namin super the fried rice and prawns! HAY!!! Sooo good! At dapat wag tanggalin ang MSG. H aha ha ha!

      6) Ha h aha ha! Pet peeve ko ang using YUMMY in my blog since a lot of people use it na when they can't think of anything else to put. ha ha ha ha! So I made the word NUMMY NUMMY! Bwa ha ha ha! Same thing I know pero at least orig. Blech! H ah ah ah!

      7) BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Pareho tayo manyak!! Yes! Kasi white meat is so dry!!! I love em red tapos fatty and with lots of bones!!! YUM!

      8) Yes Mati is such a foodie! He loves oysters and seafood. Daig pa niya Daddy niya! He even eats sushi and sashimi too!!


      10) Di ba?? What's important is the delicious food!!!

      11) Ay ilan naman kami no... we're like 11! H aha ha ha ha!

      12) Yep reading it always and forever!!!

      Thank you soooooo much Mr. Snuffleupagus aka Niel! HA HA HA HA! I really look forward to comments always! Nakakatuwa super!!!! MWAAAAAH! God bless you too!!!!!

    2. -homaygulay! tinalo pa pala ni Eric si Richie sa pagiging picky eater! =)
      -echosera ka! pa-nummy-nummy ka pa diyan, eh pareho lang naman ng yummy yun, hahahaha... napahiya tuloy ako kasi madalas kong gamitin ang "yummy" sa IG posts ko, hahaha...
      -"steak care cos I care" --- LOVE IT!!! Magamit nga ito, hahaha...
      -hope you had a wonderful long weekend Jaz! =)

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha!! I think it's a tie between them e! No veggies, no raw food, no exotic spices... blah blah... In short BURGER MCDO! Ha ha ha ha!

      Oy at least ako lang gumagamit ng nummy! Ipapa-copywright ko nga yun. Ha a ha ha ha ha!!!!

      See you soon PLEEEASE!!!! It's high time to sched something!!!! Mwah!

    4. Teka, mag-ipon muna ako... magkano ba kailangan? P100/person? sige, bigyan mo akong tatlong buwan para maka-ipon ng ganyang halaga, hahaha

    5. I don't believe you!!! Magpapalibre pa nga ako sa yo sa Kate Spade tea ni Jane e! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


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