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Monday, October 13, 2014


It's very rare that I'm at the Super South Side of the Metro since I'm so lazy from moving anywhere outside my comfort zone. But when me and some friends were invited to have dinner at ACACIA HOTEL, I thought, there was no other destined time for me to hit 2 birds with 1 stone by also checking out my new cupcake favorite, KAT'S CAFE.

I first encountered the creamy goodness of KAT'S CAFE, when we were given boxes upon boxes during our epic staycation in B HOTEL. Now several months have passed and even if I have already tasted other cupcake variants from this, this, and oh this, I was still craving for the very moist and fluffy deliciousness that only KAT'S CAFE cupcakes could give.

And so with that, I reached into my dark side and convinced my flabbiness that even if I already had dessert and coffee at ACACIA HOTEL, my life needed more of the sweetness of KAT'S CAFE. I then contacted Kathi of Mucking Around Manila to say that we'll be somewhere near her place and asked if she wanted to meet up. Turns out, she too was hankering for some my revered cupcakes.

So you see? It was really our sugary destiny to be graced with the lusciousness of KAT'S CAFE that stormy Saturday night. And believe me, nothing gives me a happier weekend than being able to taste and conquer a craving like that from KAT'S CAFE.


KAT'S CAFE was actually near ACACIA HOTEL, but traffic was horrendous that night so we got there after about an hour.  The Chinese Adonis and I also had a hard time looking for the restaurant because it was within a subdivision and we were so unfamiliar with Las Pinas. Even if Kathi said to look for a "well lit cupcake", we still cannot find it!

Good thing that KAT'S CAFE is moving to Robinson's Place Las Pinas at October 25, 2014.  SO YEY! At least it won't be as hard to look for my luscious cupcakes the next time we're at the South!

In the KAT'S CAFE branch where we went to, there was a different area to order coffee and another for the cupcakes. 

There were also some nummy for our tummy pastries in this part of KAT'S CAFE but I'll get to that later. 

Both restaurants share that playful vibe that gets you marveling at some of their items!

Like what restaurant would put a Ferrari and a topdown side by side huh?

If you're a happy customer, leave a note and make KAT'S CAFE's day!

There's no rush though. Because in KAT'S CAFE, you could grab one of their magazines to read while enjoying that cup of hot coffee!

Such beautiful words!

KAT'S CAFE red oven! I'm not sure if they used this though. 

KAT'S CAFE drinks menu.... 

KAT'S CAFE drinks menu 2....

I know I said that you should barge in at KAT'S CAFE demanding for cupcakes but please, do try their creampuffs as well!

These KAT CAFE Red Velvet Cream Puff (P37/ P175.00)  are so delectable!

The KAT'S CAFE Nutella Cream Puff (P32 / P150.00) are worth the calories as well!

I'm so confused because the KAT'S CAFE Caramel Cream Puff  (P27 / P125.00) were so good too!

We met up Kathi and Jericho (TASTY PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY) at the other side of KAT'S CAFE.

This was around 12:00 midnight. Almost the closing time of KAT'S CAFE!

KAT'S CAFE here is very well lit, vibrant, and playful! I love that their mini restaurant is also a feast for the eyes and the TV buff in you. Hopefully their new branch will have the same fun atmosphere! 

I don't know about you but I'm digging this clock...

SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER... of cupcakes. He he he he!

Something tells me the owners of KAT'S CAFE are fans of Dr. Who.

The loo even has a phone! He he he he! Now besides Dr. Who, this restroom could be very useful for the dudes from The Matrix! He he he he!

I wonder if their new branch will have a route to Baker Street? HMMM?

Is it just me or do these porcelain cupcakes from KAT'S CAFE make your mouth water too?

There's that red oven again!

KAT'S CAFE interiors are shouting date place everywhere!

You know the place you daydream of where your High School crush would take you and you'll be sweety patootsie that it's sickening?

Boo hoo! Time to order.

KAT'S CAFE luscious cupcakes with creamy toppings everywhere!

BUT! Just in case you're not in the mood for some cupcakes (ahem...loser... ahem), you could also order from their simple menu.

KAT'S CAFE menu 2....

KAT'S CAFE menu 3....

Our server for the night was always smiling even if we were there at closing time. I'm sure he hasn't seen the movie "WAITING"! 

KAT'S CAFE served this rich butter sponge cake that were moist and ultra "buttery".

This went so perfect with my hot KAT'S CAFE Grand Cafe Mocha (P130.00)

My ultraelectromagneticPOGIpop husband got the KAT'S CAFE Grand Belgian Chocolate (P130.00).

I'm not sure what Kathi got but anything seems delicious when served in a mason jar! Ha ha ha ha!

Remember the awesome KAT'S CAFE Cream Puffs I was telling you about earlier? Here they are drizzled with sweet sauce!

KAT'S CAFE Caramel.... 

Cream puff insides.... Oooooh......

KAT'S CAFE Nutella Cream Puff!

KAT'S CAFE Red Velvet Cream Puff!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Kathi and Jericho! It was great seeing my foodie friends after a loooong time!

Now enough about them (Ha ha ha!)... Let's get to the KAT'S CAFE Cupcakes!!!

KAT'S CAFE Death By Chocolate (P65.00) is definitely fudgy but without that cloying taste. You'd want to have one forkful of the rich moist cake one after the other!

KAT'S CAFE Fruit and Nutella Cupcake (P65.00) was very reminiscent of Cadbury's Fruit and Choco! Oh yum!

KAT'S CAFE Cheesecake Crumble (P65.00) gave that delectable experience of eating a cheesecake!

Our KAT'S CAFE table filled with food!

My husband loved the cupcakes but the KAT'S CAFE butter cake was something he never had before!

It was great catching up with Kathi again!

What are YOU looking at huh?

I forgot what you call these dolls but I always wanted one after I saw an episode of Sesame Street.

That was like.... a year ago?

KIDDING!!! He he he he!

And YOHOOOO! I got a box of my favorite KAT'S CAFE cupcakes!!!! Now I'm in real dessert heaven!

(l-r top - Fruit and Nutella, Mango and Pistachio, and Cookie Dough)
(l-r - bottom - Blueberry Cheesecake, Midnight Cookie, and Oreo Cupcake) 

It has all of my favorites!!!! That KAT'S CAFE Mango and Pistachio IS THE BEST! It was my favorite the last time and I'll be burying my face in it later on. 

Thank you so much Chef Katrece Gamo (the genius creator of KAT'S CAFE cupcakes) for having ERICJAZ FOODIES and for the box of wonderful cupcakes!

Of course, super kaduper thanks to Kathi for treating us to cupcakes!!! To think I was the one who asked you out to KAT'S CAFE. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 

By the way, when I said CUPCAKES I meant the mouth watering ones baked by Chef Kat in KAT'S CAFE ha? And not the other cupcakes I'm seeing. HA HA HA HA HA!

Do watch out for KAT'S CAFE opening at Robinson's Place Las Pinas on October 25,2014!!!! Please don't just have a taste... Take a WHOLE BOX home! IT'S JUST SO FRIGGIN AWESOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Follow KAT'S CAFE!!!

Check this out:

Check THEM out on October 25, 2014 at ROBINSON'S PLACE LAS PINAS!


  1. -ahhhh... so this happened pala after the Acacia Buffet, kaya pala nakapunta ka sa BF Resort. Let me guess, did you go there last Sept. 13 perhaps? Because The Partner and I went there the next day(it was a stormy weekend, we had lunch at KXP in Alabang before going to BFResort) and Kat mentioned that some blogger (di pa kita kilala nun, hehehe) went there the previous night, had a hard time finding the place, and arrived near midnight already.

    -I wholeheartedly agree! Kat's cupcakes are really some of the most unique, innovative, and nummy yummy cupcakes I've ever tasted! And their profiteroles are nothing to sneeze at either. =) I've been to Kat's Kafe several times in the past (and I live in Pasig!) because their products are really exceptional.

    -I love how they've decorated the place. So quirky and so whimsical.

    -while it's true that there are lots of magazines to ready in Kat's Cafe, those in that picture of yours (the one with the nutcracker, and the book about a dog, and the one with the numeral 8 on the cover) are all glued to the bookshelf, because that's actually the sliding door to the toilet of that side of the store, hehehe...

    -parang may kulang diyan sa mga words na yan para talagang mapasaya ako: FOOD! hahaha...

    -the cream puffs are really good! My fave is the Nutella flavor, followed by the Red Velvet, and Caramel variant. But they're all delicious! I also like that they pipe in the cream only upon order.

    -nanonood ka din ng Dr. Who? Kinda got bored with their latest season. Okay pa kse si Matt Smith before, pero I can't stand the latest one. My favorite is David Tennant.

    -oooooohhhhh... sponge cake! I can see from the pic how buttery that is! Bago ba yan sa menu nila?

    -hahaha... Ultraelectromagenticpop? don't tell me EHeads fan ka din? But, then again, who isn't? Right?

    -that Fruit and Nutella cupcake!!! Homaygulay!!! Tsalap!

    -Hi Kathi!

    -those are Matryoshka Dolls, aka Russian Nesting Dolls

    -the only way that you were watching Sesame Street a year ago was if you were watching it along with your kids, hahaha...

    -GRAVEH!!! Those cupcakes in the box!!! Penge! Waaaaaahhhhh... The nice thing about their cupcakes is that it's good even after several days in the fridge. Moist pa din siya. Tested ko na yan.

    -Hi Kat! Good luck on your new store (not that you'll need it). =)

    -bwahahahahahaha... katawa that second picture of you and Kathi. =)

    -we will definitely be visiting Kat's Cafe over and over again. Can't wait for their new branch to open. Noms!

    1. GOOOOOOD MORNING NIEL Q AKA MR. SNUFF!!! How are you doing today? I'm having sweet coffee right now. SWEET AS MEH!! bwa ha ha ha ha!

      1) OH NOOOOOO! Nakakahiya! Really???? Yes that was us :( Pero we got stuck in traffic cos of the storm and yun nga ang hirap niya hanapin. Tapos promise, we really plan on being paying customers naman with Kathi. We didn't expect it'll be a blogging thing pala. I just wanted to take home a box after a cup of coffee. Naku was Chef Kat inis???? Hala I'm so embarassed. I gave a tip to the waiters for the trouble pero still WOW... so worth it ang byahe namin. The cupcakes were SOOOOO DELICIOUS! Pero nakakahiya ah.... If I knew that they were expecting us as "bloggers" wouldn't go na. :(

      2) SUPER SARAP RIGHT??? And yes I really feel that KAT'S CUPCAKES are much better than some of the MORE popular brands in the Metro. Tamang tama lang ang moistness nung cake and sweetness of frosting.

      3) QUIRKY AND WHIMSICAL!!! You said it!!! Magblog ka na din kasi!

      4) Ha ha ha ha ha! As for the magazines, they COULD read the headlines naman or the cover??? Joke!!! Sige, I'll just rephrase that to KAT'S CAFE ENCOURAGES CUSTOMERS TO BYOB and are not in a hurry to kick them out. Howzat???

      5) Yes nafocus ako masyado sa CUPCAKES!!! Let's go back there when it opens in Las Pinas to focus on the FOODS naman... and cupcakes pa din. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) Yes I didn't expect to like the cream puffs but I LOOOOOVED the ones from Kat's Cafe!!!! Kasi the whipped cream inside was light and sweet and so delicious with the soft breading. Naku! The next night I had a midnight snack and I took a bite EACH from the cream puff that I took home! Sorry na lang sa makakita kasi nagdiet ako. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) I don't watch DR. WHO e. I know I should since my brother has the complete series but I feel I'm so far off na. Maybe soon sisimulan ko. I only saw the DONT BLINK EPISODE with that Tennant guy and I loved it!

    2. DINIVIDE KO at nakakainis nabura yung kaninang mahaba ko nang reply!!! Ha ha ha ha!

      8) I'm not much into sponge cakes but Yub and the others loved it!!!

      9) He he he he he! Actually the ULTRAELECTROMAGNETIC top word is from Voltes V... It's the weapon of the robot. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I actually hear Steve yelling it while I type it. BTW, I just saw it in Youtube since I'm only 30 years old hence I was never able to watch Voltes V in Philippine tv nun... tee heee!!

      10) I lovooooooved the chocolate!!!!

      11) Ayuuun! I forgot what they are called (or don't know talaga... ha ha ha ha ha)

      12) GRAVEEEH ka naman sa Sesame Street claim ko! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      13) exactly! That's why I was still able to enjoy her delicious cupcakes even after 2 days!!! Sarap talaga!!!

      13) Tee hee! It's my favorite pic too!!!

      Let's do KAT'S CAFE when it opens TARAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! We;ll definitely go there too! Ano masarap sa entrees nila?

      Mmmmwah Niel!!

  2. -op kors not! hindi siya inis ano. we were talking about their transfer kasi, and I told her na hindi na mahihirapan ang mga taong pumunta sa store niya, tapos dun niya sinabi na naligaw nga kayo, hehehe...

    -ayoko mag blog! di ko kaya ginagawa niyo, hahaha... yun ngang susunod kong post for Jane di ko pa matapos-tapos e! hahaha

    -natawa lang ako na yun ang pic mo about magazines kasi nga naka-glue yun as decor dun sa shelf... pero madami silang reading materials dun kaya oks lang yung caption mo

    -ooooohhhh, that is one scary episode. May mga sumunod pa na yung "angels" ang antagonist, pero di na kasing ganda nung una

  3. sagot sa part 2 mo, hehehe

    -ahhh, okey, was thinking kasi na mas naabutan mo yung EHeads kaya yun ang ginamit kong reference, pero I'm familiar with the Voltes V weapon; grade 4 or 5 ako nung pinalabas yan dito sa Pilipinas, hahaha...

    -there's a possibility that I might go there on the 25th, pero di pa naman sure yun... dun sa food nila dami kong gusto! Nakabaon na dun sa lumang IG pics ko, hahaha...


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