Thursday, October 2, 2014


My husband and I would usually head to SUZU KIN for our Japanese cravings because it always gets us uber satisfied without breaking the hearts of our wallets.

(And when I say "Japanese cravings" I meant Japanese FOOD and not our obsession with Toshiro Mifune, Ninjas, or Voltes V! Let's just make that clear.  He he he he :P)

Anywho, on one particular Saturday the Chinese Adonis and I woke up very late from our siesta leaving us no time for our usual dinner and movie Saturdate (sorry we're such lazy sloths). When pressed to decide where to have our usual date night even for just a short time, I suggested we head for SUZU KIN since it had been ages since we ate there last. Before, we would eat almost EVERYDAY in their San Juan and Mandaluyong Branch. But due to mismanagement, these shops closed down and we were left to contend with SUZU KIN Makati.

SO! Since we just wanted to have something quick, affordable, and an all time favorite, we headed out for SUZU KIN.

And we're glad that we were able to justify being sloths that night. Ha ha ha ha!


SUZU KIN is well hidden in San Antonio in Makati City and difficult to find as the restaurant is like an old house. Just watch out for that teeny sign board to make sure.  

SUZU KIN reminded me of Binondo retaurants especially with the old curtains and wall fans.

It may not be swanky compared to other popular Japanese restaurants out there but I will eat in SUZU KIN anytime because food is delicious, fresh, and half the price!

We were well taken cared for by this very nice SUZU KIN server who may come off as "strict" but really looking out for us. She always checked on our orders and gave us water with no need for  follow ups. She reminded me of my Aunt who talks "mataray" but was really the nicest of all her sibs. He he he he!

Time to order.

My husband took a lot of pictures of me ordering and would you believe that this is the best one? Yes. He hates me so. Ha ha ha ha!

SUZU KIN menu!

SUZU KIN menu 1.... 

SUZU KIN menu 2... 

SUZU KIN menu 3... 

SUZU KIN also has a picture menu of their specials mounted on their walls.

For the life of me I don't know why they put our favorite SUZU KIN platter in between a picture of 2 elephants and 3 horses.

I wonder if there's a deep symbolical meaning to that? Hmmmm....

First on the table were half orders of SUZU KIN Salmon and Tuna Maki. 

Yep! That's what I love about SUZU KIN. You could request for the half roll and they will slash the price too.

I love that SUZU KIN makis are fresh and were made upon order. You could tell when seafood and rice have been previously stored in the freezer right?

For our order of the SUZU KIN platter, we were given a complimentary bowl of Miso Soup.

This SUZU KIN soup was tasty, good, and satisfactorily warmed my tummy. Don't expect it to be the miso soup that you're used to. The flavors were there but they added some green onions and fried tempura bits.

It certainly worked for me!


Our SUZU KIN platter!!

It may not look like it but Yub and I do not eat as much as we did before. Just a small bite would get us full already.

You know what bums though? One bite is equal to about 5lbs!! We don't lose weight at all! Boo effin hoo!

Anyway, this platter of SUZU KIN specialties is more than enough for us. We always share one and I usually get the veggies!

My husband loved the crunchy, meaty, and  fresh off the frying pan SUZU KIN tempura. One bite and steam comes out of this deep fried shrimp! The crispy coating is light and you get a good bite of the shrimp even for its cheap price!

I always get the SUZU KIN fried tuna with garlic bits since it's very tasty and perfect with rice. They fry the fish in a gravy like sauce so that's a plus for me...

Gravy and Garlic? Yowza!

We always request the SUZU KIN fried rice instead of the usual steamed rice that comes with the platter. We like to "splurge" that way. He he he he! 

Oh yes. We live on the edge you know... Tee hee!

This SUZU KIN fried rice may be filled with Aji-no-moto or what, but we don't care. We love it and were not sorry to get a bit of msg in our system every now and then.

While eating all of that delicious SUZU KIN food I chugged down a glass of ice cold Coke Zero!!! 

Thank you so much wall fan for fixing my hair!!! 

By the way, my husband gave me this because I am a Mommy daw.

Wait... I'm a mommy?? What? When? Where? How???

Just joking. Duh.


They really love horses don't you think?


Our SUZU KIN bill! Yup! Only P351.00 for our heavy tummies filled with Japanese comfort food.

Hmmm... Sloth and (possible) Gluttony all in one night.  My guardian angel must be very proud of me. He he he!

So. There.

Check this out:

9753 Kamagong Street, 
Corner Sampaloc Street, 
San Antonio, Makati City
6328967143, 6328619108


  1. My favorites are the Beef Garlic and Oyster Butter! I miss Suzu Kin!

    1. Hi dear Guia! Yes! Those are delish too! I love suzu kin!! Thanks for reading! :) Miss you mwah!

  2. -hindi ako magko-comment... bow. hahahaha...

    -sige na nga, mag-comment na ako, pero maiksi lang, hindi nobela :P

    -uy SuZu-Kin! That's just walking distance away from my Significant Other's house! Madalas kaming kumain diyan! Sarap nga at mura pa. Kung madalas kayo sa area na yan, you should also try a new place there called CHARAPTOR, all-you-can-eat grilling place siya. Dozens of marinated meats, seafood, and veggies just waiting to be grilled. Unli-rice din and bottomless Pineapple Juice (you know what they say about men who drink pineapple juice, right? *wink wink* hahaha... Lunch buffet is only P290 and dinner buffet is P390. No aircon, pero good ventilation naman and lots of fans. Just go there in your chaka clothes, yung tipong pang-bahay lang, bec. you're going to smell like grilled food afterwards, hahaha...

    -ang galing talaga nila! pwede ang half orders. da bes! at presh na presh ang mga isda!

    -naku, ganyan na din kami ni LOML (love of my life), di na malakas kumain. Pero bilis tumaba! Itch umpeyr!!! huhuhu... Pero, tumigila ka nga! Ang payat niyo kaya ni Yub!!! Echoserang frog ka!!! hahahaha...

    -para tayong kambal sa ating pagmamahal sa GRAVY!!! (at kay Chinese Adonis! charaught! hahaha)

    -anong araw ba kayo nagpuntang suzu-kin? himala kasi, mukhang hindi naka-michelin si CA.

    -"splurge" - my word of the day

    -katuwa talagang basahin mga blog posts mo... riot siguro pag kumakain kayo ni Eric sa labas. =)

    -DAMMIT! Mahaba na naman ang mga comment ko! Next time, di na nobela talaga... hahaha...

    -and remember, imaginary lang ako... ikaw lang nakakabasa nitong comments ko... and if you're really seeing this, it's time to take your psych meds, bwahahahaha... have a great day Jaz! God bless!

    1. Nooooh! You should always comment (when you're not busy or pag feel mo para no pressure) and maganda nobela.... PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!! Ha ha ha ha! Asawa ko nga hindi nagcocomment e... mawawala ka pa??? Ha ha ha ha!

      1) CHARAPTOR?? I'm game!!!! Will try that soon pero double date tayo?? What do you say? If ever dinner. Then I'll blog about it. Uy that would be SOOO fun!!!

      2) Mismo! That's why we love eating there. Yub kasi doesn't eat sushi so ako lang if ever e I can't finish Tuna and Salmon tapos I don't want to take it home naman kaya I really appreciate that they have half orders. Saraaaaap!!!

      3) Huhuhu! Dati I'm so thin... Nung when I started blogging eto na ang stretch marks at kung ano anong bulges. Huhuhu!!!! No si Eric lang ang fit kasi he's very active and plays basketball and sports. Ako I'm lazy. Kain tulog talaga ako... And blog. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So ayan. Megaton ang weight!!!

      4) Yihiii!!!! Great minds think (and eat alike)!!! Ang sarap naman kasi talaga ng sosy!!!! Bwa ha ha ha! Matutuwa si Yub kasi wala naman fans yun e. Nanay lang niya. Ako hindi. JOKE! ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) Charaught my word for the day....

      6) Yes! Minsan nga kinahihiya na niya ako because I could be so loud. Yun nga lang pag may LQ tahimik ako and kain lang. No blog. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! I love nobela! Pahabaan pa tayo. Ha ha ha ha!!!!

      8) Ha ha ha! It's okay. Yun nga lang the office might wonder why I'm laughing by myself. It's okay na ako lang nakakakita ng comment mo. Because it still makes me so happy and kilig everytime. Yey! Love you Niel (pero platonic lang)


      God bless you too! Hope to see you again soon!!!!!!!!


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