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Thursday, October 23, 2014


If there's one thing that really got me attracted to the Chinese Adonis (besides his hunk of handsomeness) is that I know he will be a great father to my future minions. Yes! I saw it on one of our early dates where he carried the baby of our friend who introduced us. Right there and then, I knew, that this is the guy I'm going to marry.


I'm glad too that I married a guy who shared the same values as I do. And one of them is that  we wouldn't shop on anything that's just for ourselves -- we are MORE happy if we splurge on things that the 4 of us could share be it our favorite restaurants, trips, or staycations. Yep! We find it ultra enjoyable to create memories with THE YAPPY BUNCH. It may get crazy sometimes but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Anywho, as much as I could attest how my husband is THE BEST DADDY there is (yup! He could challenge anyone), I am just a little bit dismayed that our personality differences show up with how we choose to spend our time with the little lords.

Well for one, the Chinese Adonis is a very finicky eater and if he had his way, the boys would ALWAYS be eating burgers, chicken, then Filipino and Chinese food. As for me, I love exposing the boys to a wide range of cuisines so we would always go on food trips be it in posh restaurants or eateries in Binondo.  Another thing that my husband is crazy about is basketball! Everywhere we go it's NBA this or PBA that, Michael Jordan did this and Scotty Pippen won't do that. I don't really mind and I would attend basketball games if needed. But when it's my turn to expose the boys to a different of show, the Chinese Adonis would be short of screaming like a girl and run away.

Oh yes. I'm referring to theater and how I am such a fan! The husband however is repellent to it like how Kim Kardashian is with class.

The boys and I have already seen "WICKED" with my Mom and sister. We invited the Chinese Adonis and he snorted in ridicule as what he'll often do. Sorry for him though becase the little lords loved it!! So now, as much as my husband hates it, I'm on the look out for plays and shows that we could watch.

With that, I'm so glad and grateful that the little lords' school supports this art and would always have a "Repertory Family Day". Now as much as my husband hates watching theater, he loved the little lords so much that he was willing to spend family day with them via Repertory. We have already seen "Alice in Wonderland" and the "Wizard of Oz".  Now, we're going to watch "Pinocchio"!

Again, I'm glad that the Chinese Adonis let us drag him on a lovely Saturday to watch with the show us. He did announce though that he would try his best to snore silently if he falls asleep.

Oh wow. That man just turns me on.

Ha ha ha ha ha!


I really enjoy their school's yearly schedule to watch a kiddie show in REPERTORY.

We bought 4 tickets for REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO!

Sorry Yub, you're going to watch with us!

To be fair though, he did watch with Mati before when I had work on Saturdays.

We were in Greenbelt extra early that weekend so we could get good seats for REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO

Mati and Andrei's school was very organized and helpful with the line for REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO.

Me andAndrei!

My bunsoy's schedule was supposed to be in the afternoon but we wanted to watch the play together. Next year we promised him that we will watch with his grade level.

While we were lining up, Mati snuck away to watch something with his friends.

Tsk tsk... I really don't like gadgets when there is something more educational to do!

As we were very early, we thought of having a snack in Jollibee first before the show. Good thing we brought a driver with us to line up in our place. He he he he!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in Jollibee!

A bit later, it was time for the show!


How I wish movie theaters are as strict like this too! 


After our delicious and quick breakfast at Jollibee, we then proceeded to Onstage theater for REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO.

Could you see where we are?

We got very good seats at the 6th row!

We were very near the stage of REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO!


The little lords are very excited!

 Especially Andrei!! This is actually his 5th play!

Later on Mati's best friend Joshua joined us. His family was at the other side but he wanted to sit besides Mati. 

Mati was so happy that he'll be watching REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO with his best bud!

It's okay Andrei. You're my best friend too!

The two never stopped talking from start to finish.

Yep! About Minecraft and this program they're watching. 

Andrei missed his friends in Grade 2 because of that and asked that we'll be watching next year with his classmates. 

I bought the boys a REPERTORY program since they are always interested in behind the scenes trivia. 

Later on the lights dimmed and REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO started. The boys stopped chatting and really watched the show!

REPERTORY was very strict about taking pictures and videos so I was only able to take shot when PINOCCHIO was done. 

Curtain call for PINOCCHIO!!!

It's Gepetto!


Good day! Good day to you!!!

The boy who played PINOCCHIO was very, very, good too! His voice was so angelic and sweet!

That's why the boys REALLY paid attention! I guess they were able to identify with PINOCCHIO!

Yes! They're angelic too! He he he he!

They loved singing the BUON GIORNO song.

And the boys sang along with the cast.

Bravo! Brava! Bravi!

And it's curtains down for REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO!

Mati and Andrei with PINOCCHIO!

After watching, Andrei said he would like to take up musical theater again for summer!

Mati with Gepetto!

REPERTORY merchandise was available at the lobby.


Even if it will not be offered in schools, I really encourage parents to take their kids out to watch musical theater and plays by REPERTORY or TRUMPETS. Not only will it be a different kind of bonding experience with the boys, but at least they will be exposed to something more magical and educational than the usual explosions of box office movies. 

Don't worry! Even the Chinese Adonis loved this one. He did not yawn at all!!!!!

After watching REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO, I asked the kids if they would like to eat somewhere special in Greenbelt since we don't usually go here. Too bad Joshua cannot join us since he had somewhere to go to with his family.

Now, even if they get to eat here on a regular basis, the little lords (with YUB!) chose PEPPER LUNCH


I mean, PEPPER LUNCH is good but there are a lot of other restaurants in Greenbelt that you can't see in our usual hub at Power Plant Mall.

Oh well... Yub and the boys won this round.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I stopped fretting after I saw Mati's happy and appreciative smile. He knows I'm not overly fond of PEPPER LUNCH so he said a cute "Thank you" for agreeing to go there.

Of course, my husband can't help but give a happy and triumphant snort.

Grrr! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Another fun day with the boys!!! 

Most definitely we will watch REPERTORY'S SCROOGE next!!!!

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  1. -braaaavooo to that reference to Kim Kardashian (aka KK - even her initials sound so vulgar! hahaha)
    -it's so nice to see the both of you contributing parts of your different personalities to make the little lords very well rounded people
    -awwww... cute naman! the besties want to sit together. =)
    -awwww... cute naman! Andrei really looks like you
    -Wow! Nag-musical theater na dati si Andrei? Galing a!
    -I love pepper lunch! hahaha... pagbigyan mo na si Yub, tutal sumama naman siya sa pinocchio e, hahaha...
    -BTW ganda ng dress mo a! =)


    1. Hi Mr. Snuff!!! Sorry for the super kaduper late reply!!! I think I aged over the weekend. But it was worth it! We had a lot of fun! Youll see soon in my upcoming blogs!

      - A kindred spirit knows talaga what I always mean! Ha ha ha ha ha! I really find her fake! She puts up this facade while baby North is at the corner. Fake fake! Right on with her vulgar initials. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      - Maybe that's why 2 opposite people got together... because we will make up one heck of a team! Naks!

      - Yes! They have been best buds since Grade 1!!! :)

      - Ha ha ha ha ha! We have the same attitude pa! Ha ha ha ha!

      - Mati and Andrei had Trumpets musical theatre last year for summer. They really enjoyed it! We might try out Repertory naman this year. Yub and I was just thinking about if we're doing it right since they're boys who might want to study basketball or sports. I told him na lang they have all the school year to do that. At least kapag vacation, something for the arts and to hone their creative side naman. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      - Ugh... I really don't like Pepper lunch. I liked it before but I think I got umay!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! The kids know how much I don't like Pepper Lunch that's why Mati was so thankful that I agreed to have lunch there. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      - YEY! Thanks!!!! I love wearing dresses now. TO HIDE MY FAT! bwa ha ha ha ha!

      Mmmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Sorry late reply....

    2. OH NOOOO! I accidently pressed REJECT on my email kasi I already answered your last comment. I was supposed to be DELETING EMAIL.... Huhuhu!

      So sorry Niel! Could you post that comment again??? :(

  2. Ganyan naman talaga, alam ko reject lang talaga ako, huhuhu 😊😊😅

    Saw the food you cooked sa IG pics mo, and they look AMAZING! Dapat matikman yan minsan.

    Naku, paano yan??? Sa pepper lunch pa naman kita ilibre! Hahaha

    It's wonderful you two are exposing your kids to the arts. It may not make them money in the future, but it will still serve thrm well in whatever they choose to do in the future. 😊

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry Mr. Snuffy at eng eng lang tayo your kumare sa computer!!! Ang galing di ba, I was supposed to delete the email (since napublish ko na comment) ang napindot ko DELETE the comment. Ang eng engerts! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      - Yeyyy! Sure!!! I really love to cook! When we lived in Lucena before, I would always cook tapos background music F4... Ha ha ha ha ha! It sort of became my habit na!

      - TALAGA????????????????? Sige! Di ko pa natitikman ang STEAK ng Pepper Lunch!!! Yung angus ata yon??? WOW! Matitikman ko na din pagkain ng PEPPER LUNCH NA AABOT NG P1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      - Yes! Thank you :) I'm glad you think so. I want them to be knowledgeable in a lot of things and not just confine them to sports because they're boys. At least I"m happy they're very interested in it too. The little lords are so talented! They're just shy but ang ganda ng voices nila.

      So sorry I am not able to respond as fast. Busy bigla here in office sa pagmop at pagwalis AT pag timpla ng kape. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h! But you know what? Seriously. When I blog now, I'm like... Naku I have to blog later kasi I want to tell Niel about THIS at para magcomment siya. O di ba... Mutal admiration!!!

      Hope I could blog later.... Haaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... :)

      Take care! Mwah!

  3. ASA KA PA!!! Matapos mo akong I-REJECT!!! Dapat ikaw na manlibre niyan, hahaha... tsaka dapat sa Allium!!! hahaha... Tsaka sinabi mo na na ayaw mo sa Pepper Lunch, touch move, walang bawian. hahaha...

    Tumira kayo pala sa Lucena? Si TP din kasi taga-lucena.

    1. Teka teka... follower or commenter ba kita? Kasi parang nangaaway ka na unti unti! Nung una ang bait bait ngayon may ASA KA PA!

      BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA!!! Mmmmwah Niel! Napakasaya na ng ERICJAZ FOODIES dahil sayo.

      Lalo na siguro kung magpaSPIRAL ka. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    2. Frenemy ang peg, hahaha... dapat may konting drama, may konting tension... bago mag-resolution. Para masaya ang mga manonood, hahaha...

      Ano, magpapa-The Goose Station ka? Huwaw! Salamat! hahahahaha...

    3. Ha ha ha ha haa! Grabe! Pamahal ng pamahal ah????


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