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Monday, July 7, 2014


While in Las Vegas, we were only supposed to have one staycation in the strip which we had in NEW YORK HOTEL (SEE HERE). But then I got to talk to Ms. Eileen Macapagal (wife of my ever favorite EB host Mr. Joey de Leon) and she strongly recommended us to try THE GOLDEN NUGGET. Her family just came from Las Vegas and they got a room there not really for staying in but because the pool at GOLDEN NUGGET was truly one of a kind!

And when she told me what made THE GOLDEN NUGGET pool so special, we immediately booked a room before you could even say "You're gonna need a bigger boat".


And here we are...


THE GOLDEN NUGGET is actually one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas as it first opened its doors to the public in 1949. 

Since then, it has come under many new owners and underwent a major renovation last 2009.

THE GOLDEN NUGGET lobby may not be as spacious as MGM Grand but there was still an air of luxury around it. Plus, the hotel staff was all efficient making it a very easy check in for THE YAPPY bunch!

The kids didn't mind waiting as they were checking out the babes... este... the pool!

I wanted to buy some fruit shakes in the tall Las Vegas glasses but they said in THE GOLDEN NUGGET bar they only have alcoholic drinks.


Tickets for sale at THE GOLDEN NUGGET!

After checking in, we were raring to go up in our room!

This was the scene beside the elevators. Lovely chandelier right?

Going inside our GOLDEN NUGGET room!

Why hello there room 971!


The size of the room and the beds were not as big as NEW YORK HOTEL but everything still seemed clean and comfy!

The little lords agreed on this.

HEY! WE get the other bed!!!

Simple GOLDEN NUGGET bedside table.... 

Simple view... 

Simple GOLDEN NUGGET entertainment set.... 

Simple GOLDEN NUGGET bathroom... 

Simple GOLDEN NUGGET hotel complimentary toiletries... 

Simple GOLDEN NUGGET throne... 

Simple GOLDEN NUGGET bath tub....


Har de har har!

Seriously though, everything might seem so simple in our GOLDEN NUGGET room but we still found it homey and cozy!!

I just know we're going to have a great time!

Wait... is that an ORB??

While Andrei was wondering why there's a bingo game on television... 

Mati was fake sleeping... Ha ha ha ha! He told me to take this picture. 


Now this calls for a monopod selfie!

We lost no time in dressing up to go to the GOLDEN NUGGET pool!

And here we are... THE GOLDEN NUGGET POOL

The GOLDEN NUGGET pool was actually part of their expansion project last  2009 so the facility is really new. 

Unlike our swim in THE NEW YORK HOTEL, the weather during our staycation in THE GOLDEN NUGGET was perfect! So the whole bunch was going in for a dip!

If I feel like gambling after a swim, I could still do so at THE GOLDEN NUGGET

He he he!

The GOLDEN NUGGET pool is very popular for all ages -- you could see single party goers or families with little kids! 

There were also plenty of lifeguards in THE GOLDEN NUGGET pool monitoring the safety of the swimmers. There was one at each side then another one at the middle.


Ms. Eileen said that when they were there on the weekend, there was no place to budge. Ha ha ha ha!

The pool area is where you could find GOLDEN NUGGET'S bar H20. 

There was also a bar and pool at the second floor of this GOLDEN NUGGET tower.  

This area was far less crowded in GOLDEN NUGGET.

It is just a place to just think and drink. 

... and ogle....

OGLE? Why you Chinese Adonis???!

Like I said, the pool at THE GOLDEN NUGGET was truly one of a kind because of this big aquarium. 

This is no ordinary aquarium mind you. Yes, it does have in it a variety of marine life in it but one thing you won't see everyday in a hotel pool area are these...


Yes, the GOLDEN NUGGET hotel has a shark aquarium within their pool area. 


And the cool thing here in THE GOLDEN NUGGET pool is that you could have the opportunity to "swim" or be in real close distance with these sharks via the glass slide inside the tank!

Now if "swimming with sharks" is in your bucket list, you should head on to THE GOLDEN NUGGET. I don't really have a list but I just imagined myself writing and checking that item out. Ha ha ha ha! 

So with that... we are now ready to swim!

At first, Mati was very hesitant to try the "shark chute" at GOLDEN NUGGET. I told him that I won't force him to do something that he doesn't want to. 

But I did show him that there's nothing to be afraid of because I'm sure the last thing GOLDEN NUGGET wants is a hotel guest being chomped to death by "JAWS".

However, this will be his only chance in a loooong time to have the opportunity to swim with sharks. So if he was curious even just an itty bit, he should try it.

I "swam" with sharks!!!! Yipeee!

So with that, Mati mustered up enough courage to line up at the 3rd floor of the GOLDEN NUGGET aquarium tower. 

When you get to the opening of the "shark chute", you wait for your cue to go in.

There's actually a 4th GOLDEN NUGGET lifeguard who monitors the "sliders" if they are already clear  from the "slide danger zone". You have to wait for his thumbs up to go down the tube. :)

Like what I obediently did ASAP because....

the lifeguard's so cute! Hi hi hi (tucks hair behind ear)!!!

Mati then got the go signal.... 

... and away he goes!

There goes Mati!!! Do you see him? :)

Yey! Mati "conquered" the sharks!!!!

Guess what? Afterwards, he went again, and again, and again!

Here he goes again!!!
He must have slid down that chute about 10 times that day!

It's a shame that there's an age limit to ride down the slide. Andrei really wanted to try it since JAWS is his favorite movie of all time! Oh well... he just settled to being all cute by the pool! He he he he!

The Chinese Adonis also tried the "Shark slide". After going through it for 3 times, he decided it was time to "cool off"! He he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and SHARKS!

Is it just me or is there something really wrong with bringing a towel in the pool and getting it wet???

Hmmm... my Chinese Adonis' idea of a wacky shot is a towel over his head. Nice one bro!

We were only supposed to swim up to 5:00pm but we extended before 7:00pm because we had such a fun time  in the GOLDEN NUGGET pool!

After we dried up and dressed, we went out to have dinner. 

The Chinese Adonis was craving for some beef sandwiches so we dropped by at DENNY'S.

Groooowlll! Blogpost soon to follow!!! 

After our dinner at DENNY'S, we went to back to the hotel to have the FREMONT EXPERIENCE! This area downtown was so near GOLDEN NUGGET.

Check out our night on the town there via this link!

When we got back to the GOLDEN NUGGET, the Yub and I did our usual routine while the kids slept...

MIDNIGHT SNACK! He he he he!

Is there anything else that we should do?? ;P

The next day we were up and early for our swim in GOLDEN NUGGET

Once again, Mati went at it for the shark slide!

That is me waiting for Mati to slide by to get a picture.

By the way, I think the theory that "the camera adds 10lbs" is applicable in this case!

Op! There he is again! But the blasted fish covered him! H aha ha ha!

Grrr... and another one! Ha ha ha ah!

I'm so proud of my Master Mati!

He overcame his fear MANY times!!!

This cutie GOLDEN NUGGET lifeguard, who was stationed near us, saw our  cheers and gave her congratulations! 

And with that, it's time for us to dry up!

I asked the boys to hold it right there because I wanted another picture of them.

I also wanted a picture of HER. Wow!!! So pretty!

As we were about to check out, we did our usual "picture" around the hotel room.

Who has big eyes???

Mati : "You gotta use that power"!

On our GOLDEN NUGGET bed BEFORE watching Miley Cyrus...

On our GOLDEN NUGGET bed AFTER watching Miley Cyrus...

WASTED! Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Before watching GAME OF THRONES' Red Wedding... 

AFTER watching GAME OF THRONES Red Wedding! Ha ha ha ha!

Oh we're just kidding!

This is Andrei cam. He took a picture of Yub checking out. 

BTW, standard check out time in US is 11:00am. But we requested for a late check out and front desk gave us a free hour. (Yup! That's how they do it there). 

Yes. Definitely Andrei cam!

I got the camera from Andrei and he requested me to take this picture of him.

This is one of my favorite shots that he requested.

Good bye GOLDEN NUGGET room!

Good bye 971!!!

Our traditional hotel hallway shot!

By the GOLDEN NUGGET elevators.

Hmmmm... I don't want to be here late at night.

I might see twin girls inviting me to "play". He he he he!

Standard elevator shot!

Usually Andrei would press all floor buttons. This time Mati took over and just pressed the button for the ground floor. 

We were not able to go in but GOLDEN NUGGET also has a video arcade!

While in the US, the kiddies were obsessed with these penny engraving machines. 

They tried this one in GOLDEN NUGGET.

Andrei with his "prize"!

Mati cam! There's that triumphant smile as my little master was able to swim with sharks! 

Now THAT'S a different kind of prize!!

We would surely go back to GOLDEN NUGGET for another staycation when we go back to the US!

129 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States
1 (702) 385-7111

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