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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Before going to Las Vegas, I promised myself that I will only eat a quarter of meat matched with a whole platter of vegetables so that I could still maintain my (ahem) wonderful figure. I have been pretty successful so far especially that I would just share entrees with the little lords then control my food intake by just having a side salad. Everything was going well until my Kuya Nap happily announced that he was going to take us to a seafood buffet in M resort.

Wow. Seafood and buffet. I don't need a picture to know that my diet will go downhill from there. 

We were driving to California on Sunday so we attended Saturday mass  in my cousin's parish. 

As their custom here in the Philippines, the little lords ran up to the priest to give respect (here we do it via "mano"). 

I'm sure the priest did not know this Filipino custom but he did give the kiddies blessings and a few words of wisdom.

After church, it was a long straight drive to M resort. Wow! You don't see this very often in Manila. This is what my husband definitely misses in the US!

And so we're here...


STUDIO B rates and dining hours. 

There was a LOT of food in STUDIO B but alas, my dozens of ziploc bags will not be put to use...

Just. Kidding. :) He he he he he!

My Kuya Nap had to be somewhere else to be so he just introduced me to his usual server, took care of the bill, and bid us "enjoy". 

Thank you Kuya Nap this early on!

STUDIO B was like a hotel lounge and not a buffet restaurant. There was certainly a lot of space for us to do the chacha without fear of bumping somebody from the next table. 

STUDIO B was circular in shape where the outer area consisted of the buffet. Yup! You will certainly have a long way around for the food!

They also had lcd screens flashing out M RESORT's attraction which made the place more vibrant and energetic. 

And now, ON to the food at STUDIO B!

As much as I wanted to dash around the buffet and help myself to food like a Tasmanian She-Devil, of course the kiddies came first and Mati volunteered to get food. 

I take it that this section was the STUDIO B treat for the kiddies as they served fried chicken and a very gooey mac n' cheese. 

There was also an assortment of STUDIO B chicken crispers and fries!

There also was an assortment of pasta sauces in STUDIO B that will be cooked up on the spot but Mati ignored it all for the meantime. 

But I WILL certainly check out this STUDIO B penne pasta later on. 

And these assortment of Italian appetizers too...

As usual my little guy went for the pizza. 

Mati also helped himself to some STUDIO B baked mussels and macaroni and cheese! 

My little master loved soup and asked if I could accompany him to the bread and soup section. 

 He would usually help himself to clam chowder when it's available in the menu. But in STUDIO B he went for the lobster bisque. 

I also got me some because the creaminess matched with the fresh flavors of lobster were irresistable. 

Andrei as usual was monkey see monkey do and asked the same thing for him.

As much as I love my kids, I get frustrated when they only get the usual pizza and pasta in hotel buffets because definitely they are MISSING A LOT. Oh well... Practice makes perfect! He he he he! 

At least Mati got some baked mussels with his meal. He he he he!

While the kids ate their food, Yub and I went around to check out what we will be pigging out on. 

STUDIO B divided their buffet into different sections depending on the cuisine (Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American, and Mediterranean). The selection was not as vast as what you would usually find in other Las Vegas hotels but I could tell that they have exceptional quality in each dish. I'm sure they won't be awarded as winner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal 2012 readers' choice award if their food was bad. :)

I love appetizers so I headed immediately for these initial STUDIO B munchies before I go to the main entrees. 

STUDIO B Italian appetizer section... 

STUDIO B Asian Appetizer section... 

There was really a more to the STUDIO B Japanese section but hungry me only got eyes on the sushi PLUS the salad...

there were STUDIO B maki's too!

STUDIO B American appetizer section...

STUDIO B Meditteranean Potato Salad, Hummus, and Greek Salad. 

STUDIO B's stuffed eggplant salad, baba ganoush, and kale salad with greens. 

STUDIO B American section particularly New Orleans dishes with stews, crawfish, and jambalayas.

STUDIO B Roast Turkey.

STUDIO B Roast Beef...

(Homer Simpson drools.... wrkwerkwrwkrwrwk)

STUDIO B's Asian Chicken, and Roast pork.  

A very saucy STUDIO B osso buco, plus American sidings of  mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts... 

... yams, baked potatoes, yada yada... 

STUDIO B please refill asap! :)

When you're at STUDIO B on a seafood night, THIS is the section where you should set camp.

There will ALWAYS be a line for these steamed crab legs but who cares? 

Go on help yourself to a plate or two with some lemon butter sauce on the side!

My husband and I were also frequent visitors of this STUDIO B... 

He he he he he.... Yes we loaded up on the STUDIO B oysters forgetting that it was an aphrodisiac.

Yes! Our physical urges are just secondary compared to our desire for food... Ha ha ha ha!

So here's what the Chinese Adonis and I ate... 

I started off with some STUDIO B clam chowder which was just okay compared to the richness of their lobster bisque.

Of course I never eat in a buffet without helping me to some sushi first. I also got 2 plates of this lovely STUDIO B salad (with salmon and sesame vinaigrette) too.

And here's our piece de resistance!

STUDIO B fresh oysters with lemon and assortment of dips (marinara, horseradish, herbed butter).

I preferred my fresh oysters with  a spritz of lemon and a LOT of tabasco sauce!

Mati was a bit disappointed that he couldn't have these babies grilled, baked, or fried. He did try one fresh oyster and said he might like it more after 2 or 3 pieces of it. He he he he!

Yub ignored any form of appetizers and went for the main entrees. 

That STUDIO B roast beef was mighty tender!

STUDIO B steamed seafood!

Yub's confusing second plate... Ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. He's CERTAINLY handsome naman! He he he he!

Now here are my STUDIO B plates!

Very tender STUDIO B roast beef in au jus plus horseradish cream, wild rice, macaroni and cheese, then mashed potatoes! Yup! That's how I roll in carbo loading.

 Wow! That STUDIO B roast beef was INSANE! I'm craving for it right now!

I also had MORE STUDIO B Oysters, crab legs, and some steamed ventricotes!

Aaah l' amore! 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with little lords in STUDIO B!

Mati loved the food and finished 2 plates of pizza, pasta, mussels, and some oysters. 

Yub feasted on the STUDIO B crab legs.

Ahhh! We washed down all that meat and seafood with STUDIO B's refreshing sweet iced tea!

When we were almost finished, I got up to get some rack of lamb, penne pasta, and linquini with marinara sauce. 

I'm not really a lamb fan but we found the meat to be very tender and tasty!

You could also get some wine, champagne, and beer at STUDIO B!

I paired my roasted lamb with something red!

While the Chinese Adonis and I were eating, the kids helped themselves to STUDIO B's dessert buffet. 

Here's STUDIO B's dessert menu!

Coconut merengue!


STUDIO B cookies and pudding!

Chocolate cupcakes!



Chocolate cake!

STUDIO B's panna cotta!

STUDIO B's crispy brownies!

Marshmallow sandwiches... 

STUDIO B's chocolate marshmallows!



Of course, you could always go for the healthy route and eat up some STUDIO B fresh fruits!

But please, for the love of Thor, please save room for a LOT of STUDIO B's gelato!

Oooh... la la!

Andrei loved STUDIO B's gelato that he got 2 servings!

This was Andrei's gelato creation! It was quite good with the chocolate syrup, M and M's and sprinkles. 

The Chinese Adonis helped himself to some gelato plus a some more.

Yup! My guy got a plate of THIS!

Yub paired his STUDIO B desserts with some sparkling champagne. I was not really a fan of anything alcoholic so I just got a small sip of it. 

After Andrei finished his gelato, he kindly offered to get me some!

This was Andrei's beautiful and sweet (pun intended) creation. He remembered that I loved marshmallows and nuts on my ice cream so he put a lot of it in the cup. 

Yes the STUDIO B gelato was as fudgy and smooth as it looked. I asked Andrei to go get me another one after I was finished with this. 

Yup! Told you. Diet. Forgotten!

Of course, every great meal should be finished off with a hot cup of brewed coffee. 

Burp done!

Our STUDIO B bill! Thanks so much for the treat Kuya Nap!!!


Yep! Afterwards, diet was thrown out the window. I ate and pigged out on everything that I could get my hands on afterwards. So HELLO 10lbs!


 12300 S Las Vegas Blvd, Henderson, NV 89044, United States
Phone:+1 702-797-1000

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