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Friday, July 18, 2014


Even if we were having a lot of fun in Las Vegas, it was time to pack up our bags and go to what I feel is the theme park capital of the US.... 


The long and winding road.... NOT!

It's going to be a 6 hour drive for THE YAPPY BUNCH!

Now as much as I love my relatives, there is a different kind of fun by going on this trip by our lonesome. We suddenly had this exciting feeling of independence knowing that we could talk about whatever we like, scream as loud as we wanted, and fart as much as we can.

YEAH! Dibs on the last one. He he he he he!

Everytime we drive to California, this is the most familiar sight for me as we exit Nevada -- the roads going up to the mountains. My husband never noticed it until he looked at the rear view mirror and shrieked like a girl realizing how high we were!

After arriving in Los Angeles, we dropped our things and chatted with my other cousin, Ate Baby. We promised to talk some more later on because we will be meeting my high school friends. 

My HS friend Shiela passed by to pick us up. Upon seeing each other there was a lot of laughter, screams, and gab gab gab! 

Here we are at MOON BARBECUE!

According to Shiela, this restaurant is one of the most popular Korean joints in Los Angeles. I checked up on the reviews and yes it got a lot of raves from its diners. 

And best of all?


Now I'm going to ignore everyone on the table and just go on Facebook ALL I WANT!


I'm thankful that we were having a late lunch at MOON BARBECUE because everything was all quiet and lazy. I'm not sure though if their lights are as dim come night time. 

My friend Pynqi and her family were there already and got a semi-private room for us. 

They also came from a special family event and chose to celebrate the day with the YAPPY BUNCH. Awwww!

It was so lovely seeing the Gorgonia's! My! Dear sweet Pynqi now has 4 kids! I could just imagine how fun and happy their household must be. I want to have the same number of children too but I'm not as patient as her. :(

The boys were immediately friends with her kids. They were all absolutely wonderful!  

Her little lady Raine was so lovely as well!


The restaurant was really famous for its buffet but they also have some ala carte dishes which you could see on the bottom left. 

Check this out for a closer look at your buffet options!





Once you have made up your mind on what pill you would take... este... option, you could now choose the meats you want and order from the waiter. 

MOON BARBECUE may be an eat all you can restaurant but you should still think about what your order since you cannot take out your leftovers. 

While waiting, help yourself to MOON BARBECUE'S ban chan selection and special dipping sauces!

Of course I did my usual multitasking of talking and working on my food! He he he he!

The chatting only stopped when my Yub took a picture of us! Tee hee!

Now that's what I call KIMCHIII!

The MOON BARBECUE steamed egg was all creamy and fluffy! 

This MOON BARBECUE egg dish was initially served hot and bubbly. Later on, it formed a nice custard. I wonder how they do this without the eggs drying up in the hot pot?

I'm not sure what dear Pynqi ordered but plates upon plates of meat were laid down at the table. 

Could you just imagine my face when she told me that THIS was all mine? 

Chicken strips!

Time to fire up MOON BARBECUE's smokeless grill!

The aroma of grilled meat was just insane!

I once again exhibited my wonderful talent of multi-tasking as I stared and fantasized at the sizzling meat while talking. 

Not a wonderful sight believe me but since I'm cute I could get away with it.

Only husband thinks so though... and my mother.

HA! Score!

Dear Pynqi already cooked up some of the beef so we could eat something while our OTHER meats grilled. He he he he!

Yes I kept on talking and talking that next thing I knew I was the only one eating. NGIIII!

Yup! Here's the evidence!

Or maybe everything was just so good in MOON BARBECUE that I cannot stop!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, the Gorgonia's, and Shiela!!!

We haven't finished our meal yet but we were so eager to capture this moment!

Our meet up was so much fun! I would choose family getogethers over girls' night outs. In fact I could do without clubbing or gimmicks with just girlfriends. It's not something I really wish for now. If I'm going out with friends it should always be with the hub and/or the boys. 

It's MORE quality time for us!

That day was also the birthday of Pynqi's daughter Psalmer. She is so adorable and sweet!

We all sang to her a happy birthday. I hope she liked my Mariah Carey rendition of the song complete with waving hands.... 

Kidding! He he he he he!

Thank you so much Jim and Pynqi for the Korean Barbecue treat and for celebrating this special day with us. It was also sooo cool of Shiela to pick us up and take us around LA! We were all supposed to meet again with another HS friend but we suddenly had "family" plans. Oh well! I really look forward to seeing you girls again! I'm hoping that'll be VERY soon! :) 

Mwah mwah tsup tsup...

That's EAT BULAGA lingo for you. Ha ha ha ha ha!

So there.

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