Friday, July 11, 2014


A couple of Fridays ago, the Chinese Adonis and I celebrated the start of a wonderful weekend by jamming up with some of the usual suspects: 

Great friends...

Delicious food. 

And the verdict for the day when I'm in love (thanks Cure) was in the stretch of Kapitolyo, Pasig City.


NINAK -- comfort food. 

Yes, because their dishes are so good you might go into a food coma.

Yes for me THAT'S comfortable. He he he he!

So like I said we met up with our usual foodie couple Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!

And yes. We are FINALLY at NINAK!

I said FINALLY because almost EVERY... WAKING... DAY... Mareng Gail would tell me "Mare! Food at Ninak is so good! Everytime we eat there we remember ERIC!!!"
(cue in sad "On My Own" music) What about little ol' me?

Even MY friends love the Chinese Adonis more! Huhuhu!

Oh well... even if my friends have deserted me I'll just console myself to the fact that I'll be eating food from an "EAT OUT NOW" favorite later on!

Anyway, the restaurant was a bit small and we were seated beside the NINAK kitchen. But we didn't mind because we saw most of the dishes coming out for serving. 

There was actually a second floor to NINAK but my husband was so lazy to go up to take a picture of it. Oh well maybe next time I'll just take PRINCE CHARMING with me to take pictures. I bet HE won't be lazy to take pictures for his lady!

Yup! I'm watching ONCE UPON A TIME now!

Time to order at NINAK!

NINAK meynuh one... 

NINAK meynuh two... 

NINAK meynuh three...

NINAK meynuh four!

I noticed that NINAK offered a lot of Thai dishes and you know me, once I saw "Thai" I automatically ordered their Papaya Salad (P185.00). 

This is almost a reflex move for me especially in a Thai restaurant because I love the sweet, sour, and spicy vinaigrette that goes with the greens jampacked with peanuts and other goodies. 

Yub's order for the day was NINAK's Soy Chicken (P315.00) which tasted so similar to a fried adobo especially with the fried garlic toppings. The dish was a generous serving of half chicken and was good for 3-4 people (depending if you ordered other NINAK specialties).

Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun were crazy with NINAK'S Crispy Beef Belly (P345.00) and they have every right to be. 

This NINAK dish may look simple but the US beef were fried to perfection that we all got the crispy on the outside and superkaduper juicy insides. Don't really need an extra dipping sauce -- the meat was so flavorful on its own.

Sinful too! But we don't care.  

Another order for us hungry wolves was a bowl of NINAK's Chicken Curry (P270.00). I was in the mood for something in coconut milk that was also on the spicy side so tadaah, this was ordered. 

Again, when I'm in a restaurant that serves Thai food, my mouth suddenly gets a life of its own and orders "Bagoong Rice!". I cannot NOT have it along with the Papaya Salad (even if I also ordered it because of this dish). 

This NINAK plate of carbo-great (P190.00) was loaded with all that makes bagoong rice my own "chicken soup for my hungry soul". Yes it's a complete meal in itself and I could really finish a whole plate if I wasn't watching my weight. So friggin good. 

For reinforcements, and for those who don't eat NINAK'S Bagoong rice (loser), we also ordered a cup of plain rice.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the Campos in NINAK!!!


The ever loving hubby Jun was waiting patiently as his beautiful wife took time in helping herself with the NINAK Bagoong Rice. 

I bet he was thinking "Faster woman!"


Halt! Who goes there???
I don't know about you but Yub seems to be guarding his NINAK beef there from me. 

My plate! My beautiful and oh so mouthwatering NINAK plate!

A tableful of NINAK goodness!

We loved everything that we ordered in NINAK! I think we had about 5 minutes of silence except for the sounds of gnarling, chewing, swallowing, and gulping.

We would only emit words to exclaim how delicious the food was!

Mareng Gail, so pretty no matter what she's doing!

Especially if she treats me to SPIRAL! Bwa ha ha ha ha! 

Kidding! It's my forever joke to her... WHICH... she could make into a reality! ;)

Burp! And so we're done!

Our NINAK bill!

I know I was supposed to be dieting these days by not eating rice at night. But man oh man. I don't care if I get an extra stretch mark on my tummy (ew?) if it means digging into the goodness of NINAK food with these lovely people. 


LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'm extra happy cos it's a Friday today, hence, the extra exclamation points. He he he!)

So. There.

Unit 101 Seven East Capitol Building, 
East Capitol Drive, Pasig
(02) 655 6902


  1. Lets go back!!!! Ps ang taba ko ditooooo

    1. Mareng Gail?

      Game! Anytime you guys are free!!! And PS, ang ganda mo pa din ano ba!


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