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Friday, July 4, 2014


It was the morning of my Daddy's birthday and it has been our usual tradition to hear mass and have breakfast no matter what day of the week it was. Before, we would usually have birthday dimsum and congee in GLORIA MARIS (SEE HERE) but for today the verdict was pancakes and so my Daddy suggested "FLAPJACKS".

"FLAPJACKS??" I confirmed excitedly. "I haven't eaten there yet!" To which my sister smirked "We eat there always kaya everytime you're not with us!"

My family ladies and gentlemen. The source of my strength and love as a human being!! 

Anywho, since I've had my fill of pancakes from other breakfast hubs such as Pancake House, IHOP, Italliannis, blah, blah, blah, I was wondering how FLAPJACKS would fare up. And since I love pancakes so much (yup enough that I want to MARRY IT and have 4 or 5 little baby pancakes ASAP :p) I was more than stoked that somebody suggested PANCAKES for Daddy's birthday breakfast....

I became ravenously hungry... And yes. You will not like me (more) when I'm hungry. :P


Yohoo! Free coffee! Time to parteeey!

FLAPJACKS is a member of the BISTRO GROUP and if memory serves me right from TGIF, ITALIANNIS, MODERN SHANGHAI, blah, blah, blah, they certainly know how to take care of their diners!

FLAPJACKS in Greenhills is limited in size but tables were spaced well so there's nothing of that crampy feeling. 

Interiors at FLAPJACKS are very simple and gives you the impression that you could just go here after a basketball game to pig out on their hot breakfast platters.  

Yup! No need to wear white gloves or penguin suits here.... Tee hee!

FLAPJACKS even has a tv set mounted at the end of the restaurant. Since they have glass windows on the side, I often see a lot of bystanders watching if there's a basketball game on. Must be very annoying for people who are eating at that side of the restaurant. Ha ha ha ha!

The birthday celebrant, the love of his life, and two fingers...

My very pretty Mommy and my mean sister....

Would you believe that she's a Fellow of Child Psychiatry?

Me and my aunt... (Dad's sis).

They got my second name from her. I won't say it because it's utterly embarrassing. 

Kuya Jon and Tita Meldy.

Tita Meldy is the younger sis of my Dad and she said she's going to treat Daddy for his birthday breakfast.

Yohoo! Take home for all!!!!!

Tita Carmi and Daddy looking at the menu. Yes, my Dad always looks grumpy. Ha ha ha ha!

Our FLAPJACK server for the day was Jep (with an EP). He was always smiling and very eager to serve. Egad, I'm sure he's a morning person. 



Now I apologize for the ninja swift moves here but wow.. I LOVED this FLAPJACK salad so much that I really forgot to take a picture of it. Ha ha ha ha! 

Salad in the morning? Yup that's me! And I'm not sorry to do so. This FLAPJACK Bleu Cheese Salad (P245 lunch serving) was just OWEMGEE good!

I'm such a sucker for bleu cheese especially with buffalo wings. And since they ingeniously put these lovebirds together (pun sort of intended) this was so heavenly for me!

I will DEFINITELY come back to FLAPJACKS, order this, then bury my face into this delicious salad. HA!

In no time.... 

Yep. There's a shy piece right there.

Tita Meldy, who was visiting from the US, was in the mood for some tapsilog and ordered the FLAPJACKS Beef Tapa platter (P385.00) which came with garlic rice, two eggs, watermelon squares, and coffee! She said this was as good as she craved for tapa to be.

Tita Carmie wanted waffles and had the FLAPJACK Waffle Platter (P315.00) that also included 2 eggs, bacon, watermelon cubes, and coffee!

My Dad just wanted pancakes and got it by ordering the FLAPJACKS Golden Pancakes (P195.00).

I got a taste of it and WOW! So much better than what some other popular international franchise offers. The pancake was fluffy, buttery, and easy to swallow! Sarap!!! The sticky maple syrup makes everything a MORE delectably delicious chew in my mouth!

Ate Jit and I shared the FLAPJACKS American Platter (P450.00) which came with bacon, 2 eggs, 3 pancakes, watermelon cubes, and this big shlong of a hotdog. 

When I was in my teens, I could wolf this all down in 5 minutes. But since 5 years had already passed (SNICKER), I shared this with my lovely sister. 

Oh don't let her sweet "I'm-a-helpful-doctor" demeanor fool you. She's like Anastacia from Cinderella.... Tee hee!

Just kidding! She knows I love her. She's the BEST sister there is and I pity you guys that you're not her sib!

(ahem... Cyma... ahem)

Young people eating! 

I spy 2 photobombers in this pic. Hmmmm...


Oooh.... Ate Jit has an admirer.. Ha ha ha ha!

Here's a fatter view of me. 

BTW, if you're looking for the Chinese Adonis, I did not tell him we had breakfast for that morning. 

Kidding. He's at work. Us sibs (minus the eldest who comes from hills away) took a half day off work to celebrate with our BOSSING! 


I asked Jep (with an EP) if they could give something to my Daddyoh who was celebrating his birthday today. FLAPJACKS gave us this 3 stack dessert pancake with a colorful message!

FLAPJACKS' Jep (with an EP) sang from behind!

My Dad was surprised and pleased I assure you. :)

In our family, there's should ALWAYS be cake candle blowing whenever there's a birthday! 

YEY! Happy Birthday Daddy!


Almost done!

That's me still working on half a pancake. I also ordered garlic rice by the way. 

I may not be a morning person but I am DEFINITELY a breakfast gal!

Done! With some TAKEHOMEH!

Our FLAPJACKS bill!!!

Dad was supposed to whip out 4 senior citizen cards for a discount. But I told him that I have a BISTRO premier card which automatically cuts off 20% from the total bill. So yohoo!!! 

I loved the blue cheese salad and the pancakes at FLAPJACKS that I will definitely go back here very soon. The Chinese Adonis hasn't been here yet so I might make him suffer a bit with the raves and the pics just for fun. He he he he he!


GH Theater Mall - F & B Arts Plaza
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 584-0639

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