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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


With our US TRIP this summer, I was able to show THE YAPPY bunch that there is indeed a LOT to do and see in Las Vegas that won't charge us any sort of admission fee. I was already able to do the first part of our LAS VEGAS fun (SEE HERE) and here's the "sequel". He he he he!

By the way, just a warning -- since my blog is really my online diary (i.e. it's not an instructional guide nor an advertisement page) there will be a LOT of pictures (since it's also my online photo album). So check this out on your own risk.

Have fun! Tee hee!

The lovely Las Vegas strip at night!

 And here we are at one of Sin City's most popular hotels...


As always Las Vegas casinos are as colorful as they could be. So when you go at CAESAR'S PALACE in the night time, you will just wow at the sights!

I'm sure Andrei agrees with me. 

We were supposed to watch CAESAR'S PALACE "Fall of Atlantis" free show but we were too late (last show was at 11:00pm). 

The kiddies did not mind though because there was still a lot to see in CAESARS PALACE!

In the area where they have the "Fall of Atlantis" show, they also have this big aquarium with different kinds of marine life.

Andrei was particularly amused with this resting stingray. It may not look like it but this guy slimy guy was HUGE!

I'm talking about the stingray okay? Not Andrei. :)

We will just go back at an earlier time to check out the "Fall of Atlantis". For now, we'll just roam around to ooh and aah at the sights in CAESARS PALACE.

I loved Greek Mythology (especially THE TROJAN WAR ) so it was really a treat for me to see the different gods in CAESAR'S PALACE. 

What I also loved about CAESAR'S PALACE is their high ceilings that make you feel like you're in their gods' temples! 

Here's the goddess of beauty... ME... este... Aphoridte!

Tee hee... Andrei was snickering when he requested for a picture with David!

Of course, what's CAESAR'S PALACE without Julius Caesar himself?

Here's another statue of the famous Greek guy by the entrance of HIS hotel ( he he he he!).

Just want to share this pic of US by the same Julius Caesar us 11 years ago! 

Ha ha ha! Yub and I saw this at the gift shop and I remember Alan asking from the HANGOVER if Julius Caesar really lived before in this hotel casino. 

photo grabbed from

When in Las Vegas, do include THE VENETIAN hotel in your itinerary.

The VENETIAN hotel is not only the place where you could ride a gondola (blog post coming soon!) but here you could do a lot with the kids!

St. Marks Square at THE VENETIAN!

It's like you're already in the actual St. Mark's Square in Venice!

And it's such a romantic place to go around.

If you're in the mood for it, you could also enjoy ST. MARK'S SQUARE with some creamy gelato!

While we were going around St. Mark's Square, a living statue caught Andrei's fancy. He was so surprised when it moved and waved hello to him. 

For a dollar, you could have a picture with the VENETIAN "statue".  I even sawthe lady wink at Andrei as he was walking away. 

There are also regular shows at St. Marks square that are free for everyone.

Andrei and I took a seat and enjoyed the show.

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's..


"Hopiang di mabili... May amag sa tabi..."


Ha ha ha ha!

This guy was really able to hit the high notes!

And Andrei kept on imitating the guy sang the high notes.

There was also a jester going around and joked with the audience.

Same goes for this character with VERY short legs. He he he he!

After their mini show, you could take pictures with the VENETIAN opera singers for free!

Besides the mini shows at the VENETIAN, the surroundings of the hotel could already give you a big wow!

There are many picture perfect stops there for the family.

The little boys, who would usually look for toy stores, had a lot of fun exploring around THE VENETIAN. 

Where's Mommy and Andrei???

Daddy and Mati are at the other side!

Like other casinos in Las Vegas, THE VENETIAN had these special painted walls with the effect of daytime. 

Yup! You could lose your track of time here!

At another visit in THE VENETIAN, we just roamed around and took silly pics using our monopod. Ha ha ha ha!

We were not allowed to use our tripod so it was just the little monopod for us. Still, I think we were able to take wacky pictures. 

The kids just loved fooling around and did not let me and the hub take a pic by ourselves. Ha ha ha ha!

This was the closest one that we got. But Andrei was able to jump in at the right second. Ha ha ha ha!

There are also many shops to check out in THE VENETIAN. Of course, we had to take a picture with the one that has a WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS in it!

In case you get thirsty, there are many vendor machines in Las Vegas casinos. Usually 1 drink costs about $3. 

In this picture, Yub accidentally dropped a coin which went under the vendor machine. When he bent down, he saw a LOT of other coins! Ha ha ha ha! He said he was able to collect $1.50!!

Yohoo! The boys got drinks and a bit of cash!

If you're a fan of "The Cake Boss" you would be happy to know that he has a store in THE VENETIAN. I wanted to buy some of his famous crumbles but the line was scandalously long!

Oh well! 

Even if it was so cozy and comfortable in THE VENETIAN, we went outside and gambled on with the Las Vegas heat!

Oh yes it was so hot!

But there is a lot to explore in Las Vegas!

The heat made us do crazy things though... Ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. At least we'll be able to explore the strip in the day time!

Actually we were really going to TREASURE ISLAND hotel!

Shiver me timbers!

Such a bummer though... 

There used to be mini-pirate show in TREASURE ISLAND with matching guns and explosions. Unfortunately, they already closed it down. 


Check out Andrei yawning! Ha ha ha ha!

Too bad. The kiddies were so looking forward to watch it. We just had a picture by one of the boats instead. 

Of course, the little ones were so amused with the female statue and it's dress code. He he he he!

During another staycation, we dressed up and went out for a night on the town!

We wanted to go for THE FREMONT EXPERIENCE!

The FREMONT EXPERIENCE is a light show in Downtown Las Vegas. 

It's a long stretch of road where the older Las Vegas casinos could be found. 

Like the 4 Queens... 

... and the Golden Nugget (where we had our staycation!) among the few.

I really wanted to have a picture with this winking and waving cowboy. If you watch a lot of James Bond movies, you would recognize him from "Diamonds Are Forever"! 

Before, you could drive through this area in Downtown Las Vegas. Now, they closed and covered it up, then made it into a walk thru entertainment avenue!

Even if the FREMONT show hasn't started yet, the lights above were already entertaining!

He he he!

The boys loved it too!

While walking along FREMONT, we saw an Elvis impersonator performing.

Good thing I already introduced the King of Rock and Roll to the boys! 

Because it wouldn't be a real Las Vegas experience if you don't see an Elvis impersonator! He he he!

I saw a drunk lady who was so into Elvis' live performance!

She was dancing without a care in the world, so I danced along with her! Ha ha ha!

We also saw this duo breakdancing to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"!

Yes they were really good!

This guy thought so too that he really danced along. He he he he!

There's always one in every crowd!

And then it started... 


The FREMONT EXPERIENCE is a nightly show that starts at 6:00pm and goes on every hour until 12:00am.

Imagine 5 blocks of 12.5million lights at 550,000 watts that you get to watch for free!

Look at how my nose is flaring up with excitement! He he he he!

It's truly a Las Vegas spectacle that you shouldn't miss! 

The kiddies will surely love it!

Happy kids means Happy parents! He he he he!

After the show the kiddies may be tired but they were still joking around.

Andrei even saw this bottle cap and kept on kicking it. Mati and I joined in on the fun and kicked the cap for like a block or two. Ha ha ha ha!

Afterwards, it was a cool walk back to our hotel.

You know what else is free in Las Vegas that gives out so much happiness to everyone?

Looking cute and cool that's what!!!! And Andrei is SO good at it!

He he he he!!!!

Part 3 coming soon!!!!

Check this out TOO!

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(866) 227-5938

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 414-1000

3300 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 894-7111

425 Fremont St,
Las Vegas, NV, 89101
(702) 678-5600

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