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Thursday, July 31, 2014


While we were in Los Angeles for our US family vacation, I wanted to eat at some fast food restaurants but there was no time because of our very crazy theme park filled schedule. The reason for our craving was, in the few times that we were able to watch TV, we saw that CARL'S JR and TACO BELL had new mouth watering grub that is not available (yet?) in the Philippines!

So with that, my very hot niece woke up very early  and got a lot of fast food goodies for us!!!

Yohoo! Now this is what I may call the "best" unconventional breakfast there is!

While I was still snoozing, my niece Gayle went out early to buy these goodies for us!

If you're wondering who was taking the pictures, it's my dear Chinese Adonis who I kicked out of bed for this. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

"Eat Like You Mean It"

Oh yes we certainly plan to!

According to my husband, everything was still piping hot from the bag of fast food goodies that he was controlling his cutie pie self from reaching out and getting one. 

So dear Gayle got us fast food goodies from CARL'S JR and TACO BELL!

Here are the ones from pareng Carl!


CARL'S JR. Chili Fries!!

CARL'S JR Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich!

(Looks sorry I know but it was mighty good!) 

CARL'S JR Spicy Chicken Sandwich!

CARL'S JR Turkey burger!

I know that Gail also ordered some of CARL'S JR Western Bacon Thickburger for us but my husband was not able to take a picture of it!

CARL'S JR Criss Cut Fries!


Mmmm.... this plastic container from TACO BELL gave out the most wonderful aroma of all!

TACO BELL's Smothered Burrito Shredded Chicken!

We also had some TACO BELL Quesadillas!

Simple but still very gooey and tasty!

We also had this!

TACO BELL's Doritos Locos Tacos!

The taco shell was made up of doritos!

Now this gave every crunch MORE flavors and spices than it already has!!

Of course, don't forget the TACO BELL sauces!

Some Sierra Mist to wash it all down!

Hmmm... I seem to remember that oranges are a required drink during breakfast!

I'm not sure if it's applicable to sodas though!

Wohoo! LET'S EAT!!!!

I finally joined Gayle, baby Izh, her husband Ron, Mati, and Yub after my bath!

A lot of FAST food EVERYWHERE!

My plate full of CARL'S JR and TACO BELL goodness!

Ooops! Don't forget the tacos!!

My husband enjoyed this breakfast to the maximum! This was his kind of food! Ha ha ha ha! He especially loved the CARL'S JR burger and said that he would choose it over IN N' OUT!

As for me, my tummy was in a happy dilemma! Even if I was TRYING to diet, there was just too much on my plate!

But the CARL'S JR sandwiches were mighty good! Even the healthy turkey was a mean contender!

My boys finished in a jiffy and watched a bit of TV while waiting for me.

Where's Andrei you ask? Hiding because it's time to eat! Ha ha ha ha!

And in no time...



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