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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Las Vegas may be famous for casinos, quickie wedding chapels, Elvis Presley impersonators, outrageous buffets and shows. But besides those "usuals", you should also remember that Las Vegas is a haven for many attractions that you may not see in other states when you visit the US.

Now I have previously done a blogpost featuring the free fun in Las Vegas in my 3 part humongously LONG series (SEE HEREHEREand HERE). With this, I recommend that you also try this popular ride in one of their most famous hotels that would transport you to the romantic waters of Venice.

Yep. I'm talking about THE VENETIAN's Gondola ride. It may be a cliche to some but it is definitely a cause for L'amore in Sin City! 

The VENETIAN HOTEL in Las Vegas!

One of the musts to do when you're in this popular hotel is to have a GONDOLA ride in VENETIAN HOTEL'S very own Venice canal. 

It is indeed one of the most popular attractions in the hotel that tourists should try at least once in their Las Vegas vacation. 

I remember the first time we rode this VENETIAN GONDOLA was during our US honeymoon. 

My what flaring nostrils I had!!

My second time was with the little master Mati when we had a trip to the US to attend my nephew's wedding. 

So the Chinese Adonis and Mati already experienced riding the VENETIAN GONDOLA. With that, it's Andrei's turn! 

Find Mommy and Andrei!

Since we are really in the US to celebrate Andrei's 7th birthday, of course we are going to make a return to the VENETIAN GONDOLA for my little lord!

We were too late the first time we were there (too much swimming at THE GOLDEN NUGGET). Boo!

The next day, we made sure to come in early for the VENETIAN GONDOLA ride! 

Here are the rates and riding hours of the VENETIAN GONDOLA. We chose the one indoor ride because it was just after lunch and it was deathly hot outside!

You could buy your tickets at the Emporio di Gondola room just beyond the end of the line.

After we paid and received our ticket, we queued up. 

There were a lot of people ahead of us, but we don't waiting. 

We'll just take pictures of our cutie selves!

There was quite a number of gondoliers available for our VENETIAN GONDOLA ride so there was not really much of a wait. 

The birthday boy Andrei was pretty excited! His favorite movie is JAWS and he loves boat rides!

Wait a minute... That doesn't seem right.

Now we're next to the next.

Why do I seem to have Kim Kardashian's butt in this picture???

And finally it's OUR turn!!! 

Little Andrei chose to sit beside the Chinese Adonis. 

While me and Mati sat side by side in the VENETIAN GONDOLA!

When my husband and I rode the VENETIAN GONDOLA, the gondolier told us we should kiss under this Bridge of Sighs.

We have a picture but I won't include that here. Eeewy.

I did give Mati a long kiss on the cheek and a hug!

Our gondolier! Such a shame I forgot his name. I think I had amnesia when I was abducted by aliens or something. 

But we loved him! He was so nice to the kids and he sang not just the famous Italian songs. Our gondolier guy knows the Disney tunes as well!

So I'm sure you pretty much know what happened next...

I had a duet with our Gondolier with songs from FROZEN!!!! He he he he!


Me : "All my life has been a series of doors in my face
And then suddenly I bumped into you!!!"

Gondolier guy : "I was thinking the same thing! 'Cause like
I've been searching my whole life to find my own place
And maybe it's the party talking or the chocolate fondue"

Me and the Gondolier Guy : "And it's nothing like I've ever known before.... 


We stopped at that point. Not only were the kids getting embarrassed. I only knew the lyrics up to that part. Ha ha ha ha!

And NO. I will not post the video.

Yub was also using his camera phone and took several selfies with little Andrei.

Of course, when I asked him to take OUR picture, this is what he got of me.


Finally! That's more like it!

The VENETIAN GONDOLA ride was about 10-15 minutes long and it was such a great experience for the kids. 

I could tell that the little birthday boy was happy -- he sat down with all his might and just took everything in. 

You could tell that he was very behaved and shy though. 

As for me, I was getting all so sentimental again that I was back here with not just one member of the YAPPY BUNCH, but all of us!

The VENETIAN GONDOLA ride was also a smooth and relaxing way to go around the hotel.

If you want to get married THE VENETIAN style, you could just rent their customized gondola for the occasion!


You could also make new friends along the way -- we waved to the other Gondola's that we passed. 

Just don't forget to request for a picture with your gondolier. It's a very nice keepsake!

Our great fun on the VENETIAN GONDOLA! This is for you Andrei!

After the ride you could go back to the EMPORIO di GONDOLA to check out your pictures. 

If you like your pictures of your VENETIAN GONDOLA ride, you could have a copy printed at about $15 a piece. If you don't feel like getting it then don't. 

They were very strict in taking pictures inside the Emporio De Gondola because some people would try to get a freebie from their monitors. But of course, there is nothing that a cutie "please" would do for the ERICJAZ FOODIES blog! He he he he!


Yes there may be a lot to do in Las Vegas that may be MORE flashy, more action packed, or MORE colorful. But sometimes it's just nice to sit around, enjoy the sights, while listening to somebody sing about the "moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie'.

Yup. And that should be with our AMORE'S! 

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, 
Las Vegas, NV 89109
+1 702-414-1000

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