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On our 11th wedding anniversary, my husband and I celebrated with the little lords in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT by Chef Jessie (SEE HERE).  We had such a wonderful night that I cannot stop raving about it and giving out my heartfelt recommendation to anyone who will listen.

With that, when the very handsome Maru Sotto asked us where we want to eat on his birthday, 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT naturally came up from my side. I was happy that my "Ladies Who Lunch" group agreed. The last time I was there with THE YAPPY BUNCH it was at night. Having a meal in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT in the daytime would surely put a different spin on things (pun sort of intended).

After our wonderful lunch and the candles blown, I was once again enamored with the "romance" of 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT. At least I was able to see that having a meal there while the sun is out is something worth making a return for. I cannot wait to bring back my little family here so that they'll be able to see a breathtaking view of the Metro in the light of day.

And I got handsome Maru and my "Ladies Who Lunch" group to thank for that! 


100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT'S maitre d' was ready to welcome us! He he he he!

The restaurant was all about peace and quiet for that lunch time. There were only a few diners enjoying their meals in silence. Hmmmm... I hope we don't disturb them too much!

My office mates from TAPE Inc., and I used to regularly go out when someone from the group was celebrating her birthday. Later on, work, not to mention our figures, got in the way so this was our "ladies-who-lunch" gig in a loooong while! Yey!

When you eat in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT you have a choice to sit by the "moving" side. 

Don't worry... you won't really feel the floor doing its "revolving" save for some bumps or minor cranking sounds. To get a picture of how fast it goes, a total revolution takes around 2 hours. 

When you're seated by 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT'S window you'll have a wonderful, moving view of Metro Manila on the side! 

I think I intended the pun there. He he he he!

Isn't this a wonderful table for a day/night out with family or another couple friend?

If you're not that comfortable moving along Metro Manila skyline while eating, you could request to be seated at the "stationary" area located at the middle with the wooden floors. 


Ms. Jeny and birthday boy Maru!

Ms. Grace, Ms. Eileen, and Maru's loving wife Ms. Mabel!

Ms. Jo, Ms. Florie, and EAT BULAGA's SUPER SIREYNA Ms. Philippines!!!!!! 

(He he he he!)

Ms. Jo and Ms. Florie said they felt like there were on top of the world... or Quezon City for that matter. He he he he he!

Our 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT server was very alert and accommodating! He made our lunch more comfortable!

After we have taken all necessary pictures in the revolving side of the restaurant, we parked ourselves in the middle dining area!

It's okay. We could still see the lovely view!

I could say the same for Maru with his view of us beautiful ladies... He he he he he!

And since we were ladies, we found this petite table setting simple yet adorable!

Ms. Grace and I sat together since we will be sharing/splitting our orders.

Time to EAT!

When we were all settled, we were served with 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's complimentary bread basket and a light tomato and pepper spread. 

The warm toasty bread was best eaten with a generous slather of their salted butter... 

... then topped with a teaspoon of 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT'S spread! So delicious! It's an instant bruschetta if you ask me!



I would like to point out that since most of us were watching our weights, we shared our food with a designated partner. So with that, what you see here are the "split servings". We were all thankful that food in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT was cooked up with "sharing" in mind.

Ms. Florie and Ms. Jo had 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT'S Pumpkin Soup (P200.00). They said it was creamy and really tasty without that cloying flavor. 

The dynamic duo also shared a 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Caesar Salad (P250.00). 

Ms. Jeny and dear Maru shared a 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Tessie Salad (P995.00). 

The same goes for Ms. Mabel and Ms. Eileen's order of Goose Liver salad (P995.00).

I guess they loved their orders because I heard their "Mmmmms" while they finished their plates clean!

Ms. Grace and I shared a 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Seared Tuna Salad (P395.00) since I was curious of greens with wasabi mayo dressing. 

Oh wow! I LOVED this salad! I would certainly go back to 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT just for this! The tuna was perfectly cooked and deliciously complemented with the slight tang and kick of the wasabi vinaigrette. Then as I was munching on the fresh greens my taste buds got a pleasurable touch of saltiness from the nori and parmesan slivers!

TRULY delicious! YUM!

Next time I'm here, I'M NOT SHARING. HA!

For our main meals, Ms. Jo and Ms. Florie split a 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Rib Eye Steak (P1,350.00)

Ms. Josie and Ms. Florie loved this meat dish from 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT and they found the price so reasonable to the tenderness of the meat!

As for me and Ms. Grace, we ordered the same 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT steak dish. What you see here is the steak already split in half. 

Our server wasn't lying when he said that 1 order of the rib eye is good for sharing!

 Ms. Grace got her half and chose the cheesy potato gratin for siding!

Oh nummy! The rib eye was so buttery tender and juicy. I added just a few dashes of pepper and it was so perfect!

And, unlike Ms. Grace, I ordered garlic rice on the side! 


My plate may be an overkill on carbohydrates but it's okay. I'm murderous that way (evil snicker).

I was curious how their bearnaise sauce tasted like and how it would go on the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT beef so I asked our very nice server to give me a small saucer of it. 

The bearnaise sauce was like a very mild creamy butter with a few hints of tarragon. It was good especially if you want everything creamy going around your meat. 

Dear Maru and Ms. Jen each ordered the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Grilled Lamb Chops (P1,450.00). The birthday boy savored the flavorful meat right up to the bones and said it was delicious. 

Ms. Eileen and Ms. Mabel split an order of 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's Seabass with Goose Liver (P1,500.00) and ordered an extra serving of the foie gras (P500.00).

Their order was just delicately lovely!

Ms. Florie and Ms. Josie also had the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Prawns Thermidor (P950.00). They shared this wonderful seafood dish with us since they were getting full from the steak. 

Yihaaa! An instant surf and turf for us!


The Chinese Adonis was with me here in "facebook" spirit... Ha ha ha ha ha!


... and MORE eating.

Check out this beautiful mess on my plate!

While we were enjoying our food, I noticed smoke coming out from beyond the tall buildings over there. From the news later on I learned that it was somewhere in Mandaluyong City. 

And we're done.



The ladies wanted to try the specialty of Chef Jessie so I got what our dear server recommended. 

Here's 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's Banana Caramel Souffle (P550.00).

The one we liked the least of all was the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's Choco Pistachio Souffle (P550.00) probably because we're not much fans of that nut!

Our unanimous favorite was the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Chocolate Souffle (P450.00) because it had the most luscious flavors among the 3!

The souffle was still light but did not lack the fudge we were craving for that day. 

My little souffle plate! I guess it's not hard for you to picture me licking my teaspoon clean when I was done with this. 

Oooh... I should've auditioned for a part in 50 SHADES.... 

Of course, I was able to enjoy all that souffle goodness MORE with 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's cappuccino (P150.00)!

This is me and Ms. Florie doing Ms. Josie's favorite pose... Ha ha ha ha! She does this EVERYTIME she's out of the country and having breakfast at the hotel. 

Even if he doesn't like it, we sang dear Maru a happy birthday afterwards!

He he he he! Sorry dear Maru but it was a major decision from all of the ladies!

Now blow on that little pink candle!

I only asked our server to put a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on one of the souffles. Instead, 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT gave the birthday boy his very own special cake to take home. 


I love extra warm touches like that!

Check out that winning Mr. Pogi smile!!!!

Happy Birthday dear Maru!

Don't worry, for us, you are always MORE handsome and MORE suave than your "older" brother Bossing. 


And now we're REALLY done!


Thank you so much dear Maru for this wonderful birthday treat!!!


Check this out

33rd Floor, MDC 100 Building, 
C5 corner Eastwood Drive, Quezon City
+632 962-1016

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