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Monday, July 14, 2014


After our Gondola ride at the VENETIAN HOTEL (SEE HERE) Yub and I spotted a familiar sight... 


My husband and I were instantly hooked by this gentleman in black, diligently working on what seems to be a masterpiece.

Oh yes... GODIVA melted chocolate masterfully drizzled on fat fresh strawberries. 


I think we were just seconds away from pressing our oily faces on the mirror and panting like a hungry werewolf. We just HAVE to check this out.




I remember when my husband and I were honeymoonin' in Las Vegas, we went straight to GODIVA to get some MORE sweets.

I said MORE because we were pa-sweety sweety, cutesie poo lovey dovey at that time. 

Now, we're more like, YEAH BRO!


When you go inside GODIVA, you would know that it is far from  your usual chocolate factory. 

GODIVA chocolates were on display like it were pieces of  rare jewelry!

Yes! GODIVA gift boxes were neatly arranged and stored in high cabinets reaching up to the ceiling. 

GODIVA also offered special deals depending on the season. During our visit, they offered discounts on their bags of chocolate. 

Of course there may be A LOT to choose from GODIVA's mouthwatering selection. But my husband and I were there for only one thing.

GODIVA's strawberries in chocolate!

GODIVA sells these fruity luscious treats for $9 for 1 big piece and $12 for the smaller berries in the paper cones. 

Since my husband was not really fond of fruits in chocolate he recommended that I get just the $9 GODIVA strawberry -- the same one as we had before. 

I remember my husband initially scoffing before why a mere fruit would cost that amount of money. 

But then you would HAVE to consider that they were really fresh berries dipped in that rich GODIVA chocolate the brand is famous for. 

I would love to try this some other time because right now, just the sight of these GODIVA bananas ($8 each)  is already giving me a tooth ache!

Mmmmm.... GODIVA strawberry skewers.... 

After I was given a free taste from the nice gentleman who welcomed us, I lined up for my strawberry dipped GODIVA!

Ordering up at GODIVA!

While I was pregnant with Andrei, I always craved for chocolates. Now for some reason, it then became his favorite growing up.

 Seeing these marvelous GODIVA truffle bites made my little guy so excited. 

Andrei (jumping up and down) : I also want some chocolate Mommy!

The nice lady at the cashier told me that Andrei also gets a free GODIVA truffle chocolate. They had some sort of a buy one take one thing going on. 

Either that or the GODIVA cashier lady found Andrei so cute!

Yup! Case in point!

Andrei took a huge bite from his GODIVA chocolate!

The GODIVA chocolate was so rich and creamy that some of the fudge trickled over Andrei's arm. 

Mati did not ask for anything. He was not really a chocolate guy.

Our GODIVA bill!

As for me and the Chinese Adonis, we excitedly took a bite from our plump strawberry dipped in GODIVA like we did 11 years ago. 

Like so.... 

Yup! And it's as fudgy and velvety as we remembered it to be!

Like I said, my husband was not really a fan of chocolates and fruit mixed together. So he just got a teensy weensy bite then left everything to me. 

You may find it hard to believe but the GODIVA strawberry was so big that it cannot fit my mouth even if I opened it like a venus fly trap.

And yes, my mouth is not THAT big too!

I really did not expect the strawberry to be almost as big as a beefsteak tomato. But yes, it almost was! 

The lovely fruit was fresh, juicy, and deliciously sweet. Add to that some of GODIVA's dark chocolate which was smooth and indulgent! Truly a heavenly bite!!

The next time you're in THE VENETIAN, drop by at GODIVA for some their kick-ass chocolates. 

Just one bite and you'll surely have more than enough happy hormones to get you through the whole day. 


3377 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas,
 NV 89109, United States
Phone:+1 702-732-1577

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