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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


During our trip to the US, my husband and I made a fool proof itinerary of the things we will be doing as a family. We thought, we have scheduled everything that we wanted to do and that we've got all the important things covered for a true fun filled YAPPY bunch summer vacation.

While we were going around though, we encountered a lot more sights and activities that were not in our initial plans -- The Grand Canyon, Titanic and Car museum, Mamma Mia, Strip Shows... este... family oriented CULTURAL shows...

Whew! He he he!

Anyway, one insta-plan that we did was MADAME TUSSAUD'S wax museum while we were going around THE VENETIAN. It's a fun activity for the whole family and you will never get enough pictures. That's why I suggest that yes after some popular sights like Hoover Dam, Bellagio Fountain, Grand Canyon, Mamma Mia, Little Darling... (este) little boat ride in THE VENETIAN, you may want by the classic MADAME TUSSAUDS. It's your ticket to see your favorite American personalities all in one roof in Sin City!


MADAME TUSSAUDS is open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm. 

Ticket prices are as follows...

   WALK UP Price  
Adult (13 + years ) $29.95
Child (4-12 years) $19.95
Child (3 & under years) FREE

Adult (13 + years ) $23.96
Child (4-12 years) $15.96
Child (3 & under years) FREE

Outside MADAME TUSSAUDS stands dear Johnny Depp. Even if he was only a wax figure, his eyes gives you a look that would instantly melt you up! He was so lifelike you could almost pass him up as the real thing!

I remember before my husband posted on facebook a picture of him and a wax figure of Tom Cruise. Of course, all in the name of fun, we pretended that it was really pareng Tom who was being all friendly with the Chinese Adonis. Then a stupid party pooper, who felt the world depended on his earthly wisdom, pointed out that it was just a wax figure. 

DUH. I don't know what I hate more. Clueless people who do not get an obvious joke OR Know-It-Alls who feel feel they have an IQ same as Albert Einsteins when really they are at the level of Harry and Lloyd from DUMB and DUMBER.  

Tsk tsk! Anyway...!!!

Upon entering we were welcomed by fashion critic Joan Rivers.

I guess, she didn't think much of my flowery blouse because she was looking somewhere else! 

To get to the actual museum, we rode an escalator that was illuminated with twinkly lights up above. I love twinkly or tivoli lights! It just makes everything more romantic and/or magical! Such a shame my camera was not able to capture it's beautiful glow!

And we're here!! 


From here we scrambled in every direction to get a picture with our favorite wax figure!

Can you smell what the ROCK is cookin'???

Hmmm... That's some bump down there for a wax figure.

Yub here is making a pretty indecent proposal with Sandra Bullock. 

"So pareng George, will it be plus one or plus 3 for me for your wedding?"

Of course I had to take a picture with Matthew Mcconaughey here since he just won the Oscars and he's my current boytoy after watching TRUE DETECTIVE.

Yup! I'm a user that way!

Will you agree with me though when I say this wax dude doesn't look like Matthew? I'm even seeing a bit of Christian Slater there. 

The little lords do not know who this guy is but they were curious with the bed and the costumes to wear (yup! Some wax figures at MADAME TUSSAUDS have props for you to get that picture perfect look!)

With regards to my boys and Hugh Hefner, I'm sure they will worship this old playboy when they get old!

And speaking of props, my Chinese Adonis enjoyed being a bunny TOO much!

Yipeee! I'm Brangelina forever!

As much as I love Angelina Jolie, check out that scrawny leg. Gross!

Mati idolizes Justine Timberlake from NSync so he asked for a picture with his Sexy Back!


While the boys were cheering, I was trying my hardest to pose like Britney.

Up next are the sporty wax figures. Forgive me if I don't know most of them....

Mati with a racer dude...

Yub with an Ultimate Fighting Champion!

Andrei was much cuter though.

The little lords with Michael Jackson...

este... Jordan.

Yup. I typed Jackson first. Ha ha ha ha!

After I took a pic of Michael Jordan, Yub shoved me aside and demanded to have a picture with his idol too!

Yup! He shoved me and I almost fell!!! Huhuhu! Kidding. 

The YAPPY BUNCH shouting boo at this baseball player...

Yub playing one on one with... Magic Johnson!

Oooh! Raise those arms higher Yub!

(Upon reading my blog entry, Yub laughed at this part and said this was Shaquille O' Neal! Ha ha ha ha! My bad!)

After the sporting goods, it was the tube for us!

Luuuucy! I'm HO-OOME!

Mati singing some One Direction song and being judged by Simon Cowell!

Jerry Springer got me for his show. While I was waiting for him to introduce me, I was swinging my legs hard.

In tagalog, we call that "kuyakoy!" He he he!

The little lords with ol' Larry King for an interview!

Andrei's first crush was Katy Perry but he's shy to have a picture with her. He did give out this very sweet smile when he finally agreed to stand beside her. 

Oh yeah! Because my pwit is so BOOTYLICIOUS!

Yub and the duchess.... FERGIE!

We caught Andrei going at it with the turntable!


Aren't you the cutest dj???!

If we were going to have icons, it's just fitting that the King of Pop is there. 

Yup that's me trying my best to be a smooth criminal. Yub naman did not tell me to fix the front of my suit. I look like a Filipino monster here (aka Manananggal)!!!

Mati did it better!

LOOK! Up in the sky... It's a bird! It's a plane!


Huuuuwait a minute!

The Yappy Bunch having a Viva Las Vegas moment with the King of Rock!

I like Elvis better at his pre-Vegas days.

The label says this is Cameron Diaz.

Madame Tussaud, this ain't like nothing like Cameron!

Among the James Bond actors, Mati's favorite is Daniel Craig. He would always refer to him at "the guy with the blue eyes".

"A kiss on the hand may be quite continental... 
But diamonds are a girl's best friend"

I would have to disagree with you Ms. Monroe.... Boobs are girl's best friends.

You get not just one... but two pa!


Come with me if you wanna live... Sarah Kahnar!

Beside the "Governator" was a monitor showing what his red eye sees.  

Look!!! The AHNOLD got his eye on me!

The YAPPY bunch gets hungover with Pareng Brad!

Dear Robert also invited us to play a round on the table.

I hope the little lords win enough money for our next plane ticket here.

The YAPPY pack!!!

The kids were not that hung over enough to do stunts like what Evel Knievel does!

Oh yes we got another dare devil coming up!

Mati was so excited to see his idol Robert Downey Jr. doing his Tony Stark pose. 

MADAME TUSSAUDS recently renovated their museum and included the Avengers.

The kiddies and an oldie of course, loved Iron Man!

The Chinese Adonis also went for a very surprised Nick Fury.

Along with the renovation, MADAME TUSSAUDS included this 4D show featuring the famous superheroes from the AVENGERS. It was a fun watch but I personally found that it ranked different from what MADAME TUSSAUDS usually offers.

And we're done at MADAME TUSSAUDS! Hey is that a wax figure of Cersei Lannister behind us???

Going back to THE VENETIAN, I was amused to see some more immobile figures. 

I think it got pissed when Yub was taking pictures of him without giving a tip. Ha ha ha ha!

Pissed? Aren't you supposed to be a statue?? He he he he!

SO there.

3377 S Las Vegas Blvd #2001, 
Las Vegas, NV 89109, 
+1 702-862-7800

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