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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I really hate the times when I could be so stupid.

Don't get me wrong, those "times" are really rare (ahem ahem) but yes it happens and when it does I want to kick my big behind for it.

Take the instance when we went to the US for Andrei's 7th birthday! When Yub and I were planning that we'll be going to Los Angeles to invade all of the theme parks there, I declared to him that by hook or by crook we will be eating at PINK'S. My obsession stems from my round the clock watching of the FOOD NETWORK. If you see some of their specials, they would always include the famed hotdog restaurant in their "best of something" countdowns. So after watching "Top 10" or "The Best Hotdog" show one after another, I was really excited and looked forward to get a taste of it. In fact, upon meeting my nieces in Los Angeles, I immediately said that "YES, we will be eating at PINK'S".

Even if my niece had promised to take us to PINK'S when we have an LA day, we got a chance to eat at the popular hotdog stand when we were in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (SEE HERE).

So after years and years of obsessing over PINK'S hotdogs, what do I do while I was standing by the counter to give my orders?

I. Ordered. A. Burger.

Oh yes. I did. SO DUMB of me. I misread the menu and ordered a friggin burger.  I wanted to bonk my big forehead right then and there. I know that I should've just ordered one more but the sandwiches were too big even for us to finish so at that time, it felt impractical and wrong (see stupid again?).

It is really now that I am kicking and regretting everything that happened that day at PINK'S.

Haaay! Oh well. So there it is. Ha ha ha ha ha!


I was really craving for a turkey leg in Universal Studios Hollywood and we were supposed to eat at the old restaurant of PINK'S in Los Angeles, but the food gods directed us to have our lunch here. 

PINK'S meynuh 1.... 

PINK'S meynuh 2... 

PINK'S meynuh 3!!!

Lining up at PINK'S!!!!

When we were at the US, Yub tasked me to do the ordering while he took the pictures.

No wonder I ordered the number 8 (PINK'S famous Chili Cheeseburger), I was still wearing my shades when I was talking to the guy at the cashier!

GRRR! He he he he!

In PINK'S at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, you just place your order at the cashier and wait for your name to be called out. While waiting, get whatever you need for your meal by the counter. 

PINK'S condiments section had almost everything!

It was open air dining at PINK'S in Universal Studios. Good thing too that weather was really cool that day even if the sun was out. 

And our PINK'S food is here!!!!

Even if I was internally combusting with disappointment that I accidentally ordered a PINK'S Famous Chili Cheeseburger ($10.49), I was appeased with the look of it -- my burger seemed fat, saucy, and overflowing with goodness!

So THIS is why I was not able to order another PINK'S hotdog -- this is more than enough for me.  Their cheeseburger was quite good especially the chili. I guess just in case somebody is possessed to NOT order their famous hotdog, this is a very delicious alternative!

My husband ordered a PINK'S Naked Dog ($6.99) since he just wanted the meat, bread, ,cheese, and nothing else. 

Hmmmm... that IS a mighty long hot dog!!! My husband let me take a bite of it and yes, PINK'S DOES live up to the hype! The hotdog itself was really juicy and tasty. When I took a bite, there was a slight crunch from the perfectly cooked skin that was enveloping the tender meat inside. 

My husband ordered an extra topping of cheese on it and yes, it was SOOOOOOO good! 

My master Mati was not much of a burger or sandwich person. So he just got the PINK'S Kiddie Meal ($6.99) chicken tenders. 

The chicken WAS tender alright but he found the PINK'S breading too hard and not crispy. Plus the flavors of the breading had too much pepper in it. 

The PINK'S fries that came with the kiddie meal was so good! 

It was perfectly crunchy and flavorful!!! 

The kids cannot stop munching on it!

Little Andrei also ordered the PINK'S hotdog sandwich kiddie meal. Besides the fries, it also came with apple sauce, cookies, and a kids drink.

When in the US, do order the kiddie meals in restaurants. Not only is the price and food served worth it, sometimes the also give away some cool toys and/or box with your order.

Even if I was not able to order what I should've that day, it was still a VERY enjoyable lunch with THE YAPPY BUNCH at PINK'S!

It is now that I'm torturing myself of my "engotness".

Ha ha ha ha ha!

So. There.

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