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Monday, July 21, 2014


After meeting up with some of my High School friends in Moon Korean Barbecue (SEE HERE!), dear Sheila took us back to my cousin's house right on the dot at 6:30pm because we were going out for dinner.

Me texting: "We're on our way home to eat again!!!
Yep. The eating never stopped for us in the US hence, my 12lb weight gain.... on each thigh... and forehead.

Why didn't it just go straight to my boobs instead????

Anyway, we were going out for dinner with my first cousin Ate Baby and her family at KULA REVOLVING SUSHI bar. They have been regular customers of this joint and would always post pictures of their meals there that we were all pretty excited.

And by WE, I meant Me, Mati, and Andrei. My husband detests sushi and swore to just have a burger afterwards. (Eeew so embarrassing... ha ha ha ha!). It's okay. He did try his best to be happy for us while we gobbled plates upon plates of fresh sushi.

In turn, the boys and I were MORE than happy too that we got what was supposed to be his share.

So everybody lived happy ever after in the end. La dee da! Ha ha ha ha!


As expected, there was a line outside KULA sushi bar. We really didn't mind waiting because that meant we could take more pictures!

This is me and Ate Baby!

Me and little Baby Iz!

I still call her little and baby because that's what she'll always be in my eyes.

Yup! Even if she already has her own baby and married to her Prince charming Ron.

Here's the eldest sister Joyce holding Iz's baby Zeddy, and her fiance Hemal. 

Fast forward picture!
Ate Baby's second daughter Gayl (hot is her middle name) with her husband Rob and two little girls. 

AND EricJaz Foodies!

The two most interesting people in the phase of the universe...

the black hole part that is. Kidding!

KULA sushi bar has a very limited space but they were able to maximize diner occupancy with strategic placing of tables and long dining area. 

What I like in KULA is that you wouldn't feel cramped nor robbed of your airways. Everything still had that mini-zen feeling save for the munching sounds of eating sushi. 

Yep. My ears are THAT sensitive. 

And like what the name of the restaurant suggests, KULA has little sushi plates going around on a conveyor belt that covers all dining areas. 

So I could just sit my big butt on the booth and wait for my desired sushi to come by. 

Mati was very excited to eat at KULA since it was his first time to eat in a revolving sushi bar.

The speed of the KULA sushi plates going around was similar to that of a walking kitten (so do you picture it?). You may want to make up your mind fast if you wish to get the plate in front of you.

I don't know if it's magic or what but if I have trouble making up my mind, the KULA sushi plate would whizz past us by. But if I'm busy eating, it will almost crawl next to me and call my name to pick the plate up. 

Hmmmm.... There's a different kind of magic here. He he he he!

I wonder how you would feel though if after a getting your KULA sushi plate, somebody is staring at you like THIS from the other side. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Actually, if you're impatient (or petrified) to wait for your chosen KULA sushi to go your way, you could just order the dish from the waiter. 

Like my husband is planning to do. 

But then, where's the fun in that??

Here's my hottie niece Gayl showing the menu for KULA'S sushi plates that were "revolving" us by. 

Each KULA sushi plate costs only about $2.00! I think that's pretty cheap compared to the other sushi restaurants in the US. 


Yub was so happy to discover that there were other grubs for him to order at KULA!

Wohoo! Time to do the polka!

KULA dessert!

Mati was a man with a plan and decided that he would get a KULA octopus sushi. 

He was eagerly waiting for it to pass by. Mati told me later on it was because he promised his Tito Jon that he would eat some Octopus Sushi in the US if he had a chance. 

Awww... My little foodie guy is so cute that way!

fast forward picture...
Little lord Andrei, me, and Gayl's daughter Hayley. Yup. That's an instant scowl on her face right there. 

Yes. I'm a little girl repellent. That's why I could only have boys. He he he he! 

My niece Gayl, the life of the party, immediately ordered some Asahi ("cools so well and light as a breeze") beers for the guys. 

Yub was amused with the size of his Asahi beer and asked for a picture. He did not drink it though since he was going to drive.

Yup! My Chinese Adonis is cute AND reliable that way! :)

While we were chatting at KULA, I spy a favorite pass by so I yanked it out of the conveyor belt.

KULA Salmon Sushi!

Little Andrei waited for HIS sushi favorite in KULA...

And he instantly got it! KULA's Tuna sushi!

Anyway, here are some of the KULA sushi plates that we ate. Hope I got the names right!

KULA spicy tuna sushi!

KULA Spicy Salmon Crunch!

KULA Philadelphia sushi!

KULA Shrimp Avocado!

KULA Tempura Philadelphia!

KULA's Albacore Ponzu sushi!

Mati's KULA octopus sushi!

Now that's one happy master Mati!

He loved his order and wanted another one!

Of course, along with the sushi, I also got me some KULA steamed edamame!

For dessert I had 2 plates of KULA's Daifukumochi! These were SO good!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with family in KULA!

ERICJAZ foodies' family part two!

Pretty baby Hayley loved the KULA sushi with avocado and cream cheese!

While I was about to try the KULA sushi with cheese in it, my niece Izh suddenly decided to express her love for "see-food".

Gross! Yes. Weirdness runs in our family! HA HA HA HA HA!

So... beware. There's a LOT of us. Ha ha ha ha ha!

He he he he! Yes! Resistance is futile!

Anyway, in KULA, they compute your bill based on the number of plates stacked up at the end of your table. 

I think our table did pretty well! Could you count how many plates that is?


Sorry I was not able to take a picture of Yub's noodles and topped rice he shared with Andrei.

As we finished eating, baby Hayley suddenly cried! For some unknown reason, she just bawled her eyes out! 

I really don't know why!!!! 

Oh well... I guess I DO have that effect on little girls. Check out Iz pointing at me at the pic above. Ha ha ha ha!

It's okay Hayley, welcome to OUR world!!!

Yep! And THAT explains her scowl at the start of this blog. Ha ha ha ha!

While we were all chatting, I caught Andrei taking selfies using my camera. 

Yep! He loves doing selfies now.

Now, THAT'S a selfie! 

Yep! He also loves taking pictures of his Kuya Mati too!

My poor little man was so tired since we were awake at the crack of dawn!

The KULA revolving sushi bar bill!

Thank you Ate Baby and family for the delicious KULA treat! I swear! My mouth is now watering just by looking at the picture!


KULA Revolving Sushi Bar
333 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, 
CA 90012, United States
+1 213-290-9631


Of course even when we got to the elevator, we cannot resist taking MORE pictures!

MONOPOD moment!!!!

This was such a fun night!

When we got home, we still stayed up chatting and doing a lot of catching up. We didn't mind that we have to wake up early for Disneyland the next day.

The little girl in front is my god daughter Alique! She grew up to be such a pretty little lady!!!
Of course, besides the awesome food and exciting sights, one the best things about going somewhere is to hook up with loved ones. 


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