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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Blogspot has a problem.

It seems that no matter how many times I put in "33" in the title. It won't accept it. Laging "43!!!"

Hmmmm.... Curiouser and curiouser....

He he he he he he!


For my 43rd birthday (ayan na naman), I was not as excited as I used to be. Sure I was expecting celebrations, getogethers, gifts, and foodfests, but it was my first birthday without my dear Daddy and I know that it will be different. Before, he would always make a fuss about our birthdays and always made us feel special. Every year, he would never fail to treat us and have the servers sing a happy birthday. Last year I remember how he insisted on paying for my birthday celebrations THE WHOLE DAY (when I initially promised that I would be doing the treating). I guess he felt it will be my last birthday with him that's why he still made an effort on giving it his last hurrah.

:( Oh well.

This year, I missed his presence SO MUCH but I just put on my party-party-tugs-tugs face because I'm sure my Daddyowzers wouldn't want me to be sulking at my special day. And though he's not with us, I could somehow still feel his love from his "representatives"; that's why I was thankful for all the celebrations with my family, close friends, a long lost buddy, and especially, my little lords.

Here's to growing older, lovelier (he he he he), and fatter (che!), with the people who truly matter....

This is me #happyat43.... este #happyat33.


This is for you my Daddyowzers! 

Happy Birthday to me!!!

My birthday celebrations officially started 3 days prior my actual birthday when me and the Yub availed my birthday treat from RAMEN NAGI.

When it's your birth month, the celebrant gets a one time free Butao King ramen as long as your companion pays for his Butao King also. It's sort of like a buy one take one thing that's restricted to their Butao King.

Thanks Yub!!!!

When you avail your free birthday ramen, you are required to show a government issued ID as proof of your birthday. When the server asked for mine, I said joked "Senior Citizen pwede?". Aba! The guy said "Yes mam!"

CHE! Naniwala???

Ha h ah ah ah ah ah ha!

Oh well. I will NOT pull that joke ever again. Ang sakit kapag nagback-fire!

Along with the Ramen, we also got RAMEN NAGI's Gyoza!

Our HIS and HERS Ramen bowls arrive!

I usually order the Red King or Black King in RAMEN NAGI. That's why when my freebie is the Butao King, I just pimped it with loads of garlic, a runny Tamago, Bean Sprouts, Spicy Radish, and level 5 hotness level!


Wohoo! My pre-birthday Ramen celebration!

That server guy initially brought me down. But after having a sip of my porky and fatty Ramen Nagi broth, I did A-OK!!!!

Che pa din though.


I wasn't really expecting anything this week so I was delightfully surprised at my pre-birthday treats when I got home!

First one was an awesome Chocolate Cake from Forbes Travel Guide's 2-time 5-star awardee, MARCO POLO HOTEL!

Oh wow! This is my favorite!!!

Thank you SOOO much MARCO POLO HOTEL!!! 

And lookerooh, I have another gift all the way from the US!

Awwww... from my Best Gal Pal Mariane and Fred and Pao Pao!!!!

She gave me long lasting lipstick and lip gloss!!!! 

Yayyy! Thank you BGP Marian!!! I was so surprised!!!!


A day before my birthday, we thought of visiting my Daddyoh for a different kind of celebration.

We had a fast food birthday feast!

My Daddyowz loved Mcdonalds and Jollibee! That's why we decided to have it for my mini-birthday party with him.

We also brought the cake from MARCO POLO! He he he he he!

Sayang lang that since it's early, MCDONALD'S didn't have Fillet O Fish yet. We just got the next thing that he always ate there.


We didn't anticipate that we'll be having breakfast food, but it's okay. The Chicken Joy went so well with the Garlic Rice and Egg. He he he he he!

While eating, we had Frank Sinatra music in the background. Of course, that caused the waterworks to come flowing in. He he he he he he!

I'm thankful that the little lords joined me in this birthday visit to Daddy.

Now time for some cake!

The fudgy and chocolatey ganache cake was extra, extra good!

After eating and praying the rosary for Daddy, bunsoy Andrei and I went around with Penny.

As for the Yub....

Hmmmm... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I think this is something that we'll do every year na for with birthday.


On the day of my birthday...


Thanks Mommy!!!

Yep! It's ALWAYS going to be "From Dad and Mom".

Uy! Even Google greeted me.

But where's my gift huh????

The headlines on my birthday.

That Sunday morning, I heard mass with my family.

For my 33rd (ahem) birthday, I'm very thankful for my boys (even if they don't have a gift for me).

For lunch, I treated the Gatdula Family to our favorite KIMPURA for some Teppanyaki fried goodness. 

Only this time though we're at Greenbelt since the Greenhills branch will be transferring to a different location.

It's okay. Both serve the same delicious KIMPURA hot dishes that we savored every birthday lunch!

After my birthday dinner, the Yub and I dressed up to attend the wedding of my dear officemate's daughter.

I was prepared to turn it down and all but a promise is a promise to a good friend.

It was fun to see my workmates in a different setting.

Yes. That's Imelda Papin way left. He he he he he!

Congratulations Hiro and Gizel!

We didn't finish the wedding though because I promised the bunsoy Andrei that we will be home early to watch his chosen movie. 

When I got home, my bunsoy was really waiting for me. His chosen movie that night was COCO because he wanted me to remember my Dad/his lolo on my first birthday without him.

Aba! Talagang gusto akong paiyakin ng anak ko! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I was touched by the gesture and happy that I went home early for this. I cannot imagine ending my birthday any other way.

I love you Andrei.

Check out his birthday greeting via FB! He he he he he!

That Monday I treated my TAPE Inc officemates to a birthday snack!


We had some Best Friends Miki Bihon!



Russian and Macaroni Salad from CCME!!!


Yup! Larlene and I share the same birthday so we shared in our merienda treat!


He he he he... Office fun.


Check out my very full plate!

The next night, Team Campo treated me for my birthday at my chosen restaurant....

It was my first time to eat in TORCH Greenhills and we enjoyed the food!!

Thanks mareng Gail (kahit binuko mo edad ko)!!!

The next day, I got out late from work but since I'm craving for some Korean food, we went to DONU!!!

It's our first time to try their Greenhills branch and they only offered their buffet. 


On Thursday, the Yub and I met up with my buddy from grade school, Virginia!

I treated her to our favorite 8-Cuts Burger!!!!!

After our uber fun burger dinner, we transferred to Starbucks for MORE chika!

There, I claimed my birthday cake! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

We were still so full from dinner that's why this is more than enough for us.

I really had a great night with Virginia. I'm glad that we had our long overdue date!

Thanks for my gift too!

Thanks also to the Yub who agreed to be my "bodyguard" even if he came from somewhere so far away.

That Friday, as part of my mini-birthday celebration, I took out the Campo girls and my bunsoy boy!!!

As promised to my little guy, we'll watch THE GREATEST SHOWMAN!!!

I'm happy whenever I see my kids happy that's why I'm so glad that not only was Andrei's wish to watch GREATEST SHOWMAN was fulfilled, but he also sat between 2 lovely ladies.

Check out the Yub already sleeping. Ha ha ha ha ha h! In fairness, after I woke him up to watch the movie, he liked it. Hindi na siya nakatulog.

It is indeed a GREAT night with my kiddie squad!!!!

When I took the Campo girls home, I got loads of coffee and chika from mareng Gail!


That weekend, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a staycation in MANILA HOTEL as Andrei's reward for winning the BEST IN TALENT in his school's grade school competition. He chose Manila Hotel because it's where THE BEATLES stayed when they were in Manila.

I wanted the weekend to be all about him to celebrate his win so I didn't count this as part of my birthday celebration.

BUT for dinner, my bunsoy agreed to celebrate my birthday. And for that night, I craved for my family's favorite, KAMAMESHI!!!!

I think my bunsoy agreed with my choice because his favorite is Japanese food. He he he he he he he!

The following week, we were still celebrating my birthday (2 week celebration no!!!!) and the Yub treated me to some Chinese food.

Yehessss.. Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Yup! Dimsum should ALWAYS be on anyone's birthday list. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My friends were supposed to give me a birthday salubong at the eve of my birthday but since Chef Cecile's engagement party was moved to that date, I scheduled my BP group's getogether as well.

Our venue for that Friday was FLOSSOM!!!!!!!


I think my kumareng Gail is drunk. I'm 33, woman!!!!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thank you BP Group for celebrating my birthday! I love you all!

Now that officially ends my birthday celebrations....


BUT WAIT! May humabol!!!!!

HOTEL JEN invited to treat my family for dinner at Latitude!


WOAH once more!

Anak ng... Ginawa naman akong 55 ng anak ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Check out blog post on LATITUDE BUFFET!!!

And that officially ends my birthday celebrations....



Dear Gem treated me out for my birthday in my favorite...

Ooooh... la la la... Could everyday be my birthday na???

Now that is a VERY happy smile!!!!

Thank you dear Gem for this fantabulous dinner!!! What a way to finish my many birthday celebrations!!!

Now THAT officially marks the end of my 33rd birthday happiness! He he he he he he!

Believe it or not meron pa dapat isa hahabol but I stopped it na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Nakakahiya na kasi but I'm still so thankful though. Next year na lang? Ha ha ha ha ha!


This may be the birthday that not only had a lot of smiles but it also got many trails of tears as well. Weird as it may seem, I welcome both smiles and tears in my birthday celebrations now and for years to come. Of course, in a perfect world, I would rather have my Daddyowzers with me as I turn a year older (and paying the bill, joke, bwa ha ha ha ha ha). But since we cannot have THAT anymore, I would settle for maintaining our family traditions and getogethers which would make me remember and feel HIM always.

Thank you to those who were really with me in the good times and bad. You just made the ride enjoyable and bearable.

Till next year!!!





  1. Happy Birthday Jazzy. Happy 43rd senior Birthday to you. Hehe joke. Anyway, that’s the reality of losing a parent and having celebrations without them. So sad but we have to accept it. Re your birthday blog, wow that’s alotsa chow! You didn’t even invited me. Hehe feeling close daw. Happy EDSA na din. Wish you more birthday blogs to make. God bless

    1. Hiya Speedster!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm 33!!!!!!!!! May sira lang ang blogspot. Ayaw tanggapin ang 33 sa title! He he he he he he he! Hayyy...When I reviewed my blog nga I thought, I shouldn't be sad, I had a lot of celebrations. Pero really, I would trade it all just for him to join us again. Kahit sa Jollibee or Mcdo lang. Naiyak nga ako last night when I re-read this for posting. :(

      Yes! Ha ha ha ha ha! We eat out for the simplest of occasions. E birthday pa kaya hala bira! Ayun tuloy additional 43 kilos to me!! Oh noooo sorry! Ha ha ha ha ha! Sana nga I invited you para nagpalibre kami. Joke!!! Naku no, I'm hownored that you feel me worthy enough to be close to. Sarap talaga meet-up! Meet up! Yun lang masisilaw ka sa noo ko. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Thanks dear Speedster!!! Have a good week ahead. Mwah mwah! God bless you and your family also.

  2. Though its long overdue. Happy Birthday Maaaaamshiii!! :3

    - from your busy but still super cute daughter. <3

    1. Ha ha ha ha! It's okay!!!! Talagang delayed my post. But still... THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my busy but still SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE DAUGHTER!!!

      -- From your super sexy and pretty and nice Mamshi! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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