Monday, April 18, 2016


I often see many quotes in Facebook how "Growing up sucks" or that "Becoming an adult is the worst mistake anyone could make". I mean yes, I do miss the fast metabolism, the energy, and the total lack of responsibility in the world, but really, GROWING UP IS FUN!

Yep! And if you FEEL old, then it's your fault!

I know I often make jokes about how I'm a decade younger. But the REAL reason I do that is because I love making people laugh and it's just hysterical seeing the expressions of those in the receiving end of the joke.  If you get to know the Jazzle Dazzle (aka ME), you'll discover how much I love hearing the guffaws of happy people (even at my expense).

SO! The truth of the matter is, I EMBRACE being 41! I have accepted that becoming older is part of the deal of my existence. I may give in to an occasional rant or two when the hormones of the month kick in, but I have accepted the mortality of my royal cuteness. I have just turned 41 this 2016 and I am proud of it!

But do I FEEL 41?? HELL NO.

I don't really know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I don't feel like I'm ever growing up. Up to now I'm still crazy and I never stop making jokes. I thought when I was little, by the time I reach 41, I would become this lady-like Mommy who would speak softly and bake pies everyday. Instead, I'm this weird Mommy (boys said so) who would make voices and I do prank calls! The only thing true is that yes, I do bake pies. But not everyday.

The great thing about being 41 is, NOW I have my own money to spend, NOW I'm in my dream job, NOW I get to chat with my favorites Tito, Vic, and Joey, NOW I know how to put on make-up, NOW I still have my family (and some of the bossy ones have moved out of our house... tee hee), NOW I only surround myself with great friends, NOW I'm not afraid of boys, NOW I don't care about what people think, NOW I'm not a Star Wars geek (for some reason it's fashionable now compared to when I was ogling over Luke when I was in grade school), NOW I don't have to attend school and study for exams, NOW I don't have a curfew, NOW I don't care about what people think of me, NOW I could make all the weird, green, corny jokes that I want, NOW I could tell if a person is lying or not, NOW I have bigger boobs (from fat),

AND the "bestest" of them all...

NOW I have my little lords, AND NOW, I have a boyfriend / husband / driver (sweet lover) / bodyguard for life!

See? Isn't being 41 grand???  And honestly, if you ask me, I don't think I have fully grown up yet. Although, one of my wishes when I was a kid was that when I grow up, I want to be very happy.

And, even with all the imperfections that life could sometimes give, I could say that I am still happy.

So with that, what else do I want when I grow up?

I'll just think about it when I'm near it.


Oh! Oh! It would never hurt to have bigger boobs and a smaller forehead though.

Tee heee!!!!!


My 2016 BIRTHDAY kicked off with BGP Marian and Manong Fred! They treated us to ITALIANNIS (my choice of restaurant) for my "birthday salubong".

We always love going out with our best friends because we ALWAYS have the best of times!

BGP Marian and Manong Fred even surprised me with a song and dessert (not complimentary ah!) from ITALIANNIS!!!


 Don't you just LOVE having true friends who ride along with your silliness????

For that dinner, BGP Marian and Manong Fred said to order everything that we wanted and that the sky is the limit!

Okay! Even the take home ha???

You'll see our food and MORE on our ITALIANNIS BLOGPOST!

Burp! It was all SOOOO GOOD!

Thanks so muchos BGP Marian and Manong Fred for my birthday salubong!!! REALLY had fun turning 41 at the stroke of midnight!!!


Blogpost to follow!



I got an early greeting from Google.

Of course it appeared as ERICJAZ based on my blogspot! He he he he he he he!

Here are the headlines for that day!!

That morning, I woke up to my boys surprising me with greetings and kisses!

They gave me earrings and a necklace from Silverworks! 

Awwww! Thank you Mati and Andrei!!! They said this came from their allowance. 


Andrei later gave me a card and it just melted my heart.

The note always make me smile whenever I remember it...

"Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you and you also love me!"

Sniff! Sniff!

Then a cute drawing of him and Mati giving me gifts.


When I went downstairs, my Mom was there to give me my BIRTHDAY cash!


I also got this card from her. The card may be simple but I miss receiving cards like these.

It was a Thursday and we passed by church to pray for our blessings.

This was a candid shot by the Yubhub. Promise I only saw this when I was reviewing the pictures. 

I may be complaining sometimes of my lack of accomplishments at this age but when I stop and pray, I realize there's still so, so much to be thankful for.

Like these guys right here!

My birthday morning!

For our lunch that Thursday, guess where we are?

Yep! As usual! We're at my favorite, KIMPURA!!!

It was a holiday and my parents requested to have my BIRTHDAY KIMPURA during lunchtime because they don't want to have a heavy tummy at night.


Newlyweds Anthony and Ate Jojit!

Mati and Andrei!

Kuya Jon, MEEEEEH, and the Chinese Dimpol!

Kuya Jay, Karen, and Rocio were not able to attend because they fear going down from their mountain and get stuck by the traffic for that holiday.


Salmon Sashimi!


Yakiudon for long life!

Fried Rice!



Hello from the other side!

Would you believe that Andrei was the last to eat again? But this time, it's not because he was so slow in eating. He feasted on the Teppanyaki socarrat from the Fried Rice! He he he he he he he!

My gift from Ate Jojit!

Hmmm... Is it a mirror or is it a make-up???

Later on, I got my customary BIRTHDAY song!!

I love their complimentary ice cream with coffee jelly for birthday celebrants!

For that night, I treated THE YAPPY BUNCH and my Mommy to our favorite, HEALTHY SHABU SHABU!

Our hot soup favorite for many years now!

Fresh seafood!

Where's the beef???

Mommy, MEEEEH, and the Androse!

Yep! He's so happy again.

Same goes for the Chinese Adonis and Mati!

FINALLY somebody brought out the BIRTHDAY CAKE that he forgot in the car while we were in KIMPURA!

Even at 41, I just love BIRTHDAY songs and sparkly candles.

Our favorite HEALTHY SHABU SHABU Allan joined us in the song!


While we were having dessert, Ate Jojit and Anthony followed. They were not able to join my BIRTHDAY TREAT (yey... ha ha ha ha ha!) because they needed to finish something at work (yep. Even if it was a holiday!)

It's okay, they're going to join us for a movie later!

The boys!

The girls!

Well except for Andrei.

He WAS wearing lipstick there would you believe? 

HAPPY night for me! He he he he he!

My Mom and the little lords went home but Ate Jojit, Anthony, the Chinese Dimpol, and I watched a late night movie!

ZOOLANDER 2!!!!!!!

It may have bombed at the box-office but we loved it. 

What a great way to cap my birthday night by having a movie double date with the Ate Jojits!!!


The next day at the office, guess what greeted me?



Thanks Ate Dalden!!! Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tita Josie joined in the picture and I'll be thanking her as well for giving me this stylish blouse from Zara!

Awwwww!!!! She bought my gift way before her daughter MAIKA'S wedding!!!!

I wore that stylish blouse on our DEADPOOL movie date night!!! Isn't it different from what I usually wear?

YES! I don't have style kasi! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks so muchos Tita Josie!!!!!

For dinner that night, I met up with my favorite couple friends at OOMA!!!!

Food was DEEEEELICIOUS and of course, I will feature that in a separate blog post!!!

Mareng Gail (my favorite kumare of all... ha ha ha ha ha!) treated me for my birthday dinner. And she wouldn't have any of that 31 crap.

She declares that I'm 44!!!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Besides the OOMA BIRTHDAY treat, she surprised me with a birthday song and dessert from the OOMA servers!


Until mareng Gail flashed another 44 sign!


It's okay. I know she's having her revenge when I made a gag of her age during her birthday dinner at DEAN AND DELUCA!!!!


We're so loving magkumares talaga!


Such a superkaduper fun dinner with great friends!!!

After that very fun dinner, the APs (or AWESOME PIPOLS -- he he he he he) had drinks at SEATTLE'S BEST COFFEE!

Besides dinner, mareng Gail treated me to coffee too!

Yep! That's how we treat each other. THE WORKS.

There, they gave me my BIRTHDAY gifts!!! YEY!

I got a MAC lipstick from dear Suet!

Plus a sexy dress from mareng Gail!


YOHOOO! Thanks again for making my birthday more fun! I really love spending special occasions with the real people who matter!

Like you.



He he he he he he he!


For that weekend, I received another AWESOME birthday treat from my officemate/friend, Tita Flory!

Guess where she treated THE YAPPY BUNCH???

Tita Flory treated us to this cool 1 bedroom unit in BELLE VIEW HOTEL in TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS!

We were almost at the tip of the volcano!!! He he he he he he he!

Tita Flory also generously shouldered ALL of our meals in TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS! Yes! All!!! At first I got embarrassed but then, it's not everyday that somebody shares her blessings with me on my BIRTHDAY so I accepted! YOHOOO!

Of course, for the TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS activities we insisted on paying for it (even if she said to put everything on her tab). That'll be too much thickness (read "kapalmuks") on our part.

Teee hee!

And what a great time we/the boys had!!!




Come night time, we met again with my TAPE INC family and it was just so fun! Even if there was no birthday greeting nor song, we were all laughing, pigging out, chatting, and just having a grand night.

With that, it was enough to count it as something unforgettable for my BIRTHDAY weekend!

The next weekend, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a staycation at THE DIAMOND HOTEL!!!!

This time, it was a joint celebration for me and the Chinese Dimpol!

YOHOOO! Thanks for the cake DIAMOND HOTEL!!!

It was a super cool day with the boys as we swam the whole Saturday in the hotel pool!

Chillin' and swimmin for my BIRTHDAY!

BLOGPOST soon to follow!

That night, the Chinese Dimpol wanted to go for "something special" for our birthday weekend dinner so we made reservations in my old favorite, CAFE ADRIATICO!!!

My Kuya Jay joined us because he was invited to check out some American Battleship in Manila Bay that day. He he he he he!


The dessert that I would have cupfuls of before, COUPE ADRIATICO!!! So yum!!!!

Another family bonding at that unforgettable weekend in  DIAMOND HOTEL!!! It was truly a great way to celebrate my birthday with the Chinese Adonis!


Why did we have to share birthdays by the way. I want this to be ALL MINE! MINE! 

He he he he he he!

For dinner the next day, the Chinese Dimpol, Mati, and I went back to our favorite!

Yep! Since this is my favorite BIRTHDAY place, it was just right to share this with the friends we superkaduper love!!!

BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

Dinner was exceptionally DEEEEEELICIOUS! Too bad that little Andrei did not go with us because he was bribed by his Lolo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Check out our blogpost on KIMPURA GREENBELT!!!!

Sometime that week, we met up with the BGP Marian and Manong Fred again because they were leaving for a US vacation.

Of course, when we go out with BGP Marian, a dinner is not enough. We should ALWAYS have dessert and coffee after.

It was then I claimed my BIRTHDAY cake from STARBUCKS! Yipeee!

I know it's  a little thing but somehow it gave me a bit of excitement knowing I had a sweet treat from our usual hangout.

This chocolate cake was mighty yum too! A perfect night cap to a perfect night!

My BGP is leaving in a few days so we are (almost) spending every night with her and her crummy husband!


The Chinese D is tearing up inside at the thought of losing his honeybro for 3 months. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My last official birthday celebration was with my BB (Best Bud) Ann and the Virreys with my dinner treat at KENNY ROGERS!!!

This time, it was just Andrei since Mati was the one bribed by his Lolo! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We LOVE KENNY ROGERS and just feasted on the delicious roasted chicken!

My godson Jelo was there and of course, he made fun of his Ninang again while I was putting on make up.

After our delicious dinner, the boys went out for some Go-Kart.

And played frisbee in the park!

The grown-ups played a bit but most of the time we just chatted.

And took pictures.

Of course! He he he he he he!

We ALWAYS go back to Casa Virrey when we meet up at Robinsons Magnolia and there, BB Aning gave me my BIRTHDAY gift!

OH WOW! I love it!!! Thanks Aning!!!!


He he he he he he he! Kidding!

And this officially ends my 2016 BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just when I thought that my birthday celebrations are over, my dear friend from High School, dear Hershey reminded me about her treat for me. To think that it was already April!!! 

Mareng Hershey treated me at UMU Japanese Restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel and IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Not only was the food so delicious but we were chatting EVERY MINUTE and EVERY SECOND. I had SUCH a grand time!!!!!!! I loved our over due meet up!!!!!

What a way to OFFICIALLY end my birthday for 2016.

Yep! This time it's true! He he he he he he!


I know I haven't lived a perfect life and I know that I haven't accomplished half the things of other ladies my age. But I don't know, I still feel so happy and complete inside. Don't get me wrong. I would often get bouts of "WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEE?". But most of the time, I just laugh it off, make jokes, then move on. One thing I never do is WHINE. Maybe it's just me always looking at the bright side and being positive, or I could be justifying my laziness.

Whatever it may be, I am already 41 and I had a rockin celebration with the people who are TRULY special and mattered to my puny heart. 

For this, I cannot wait for my next BIRTHDAY even if I WILL be turning 42.

Don't worry. I will still be joking about it.





  1. Replies
    1. Saya kasi e hahahah and I dont want to forget any of it... Lalo na yung sa Ooma!!! Hehehehe!!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Jaz!

    1. Thanks muchos Istin!!!! God bless you!!

  3. Happy birthday to one of my fave and super humble and kind and beautiful lahat lahat na blogger Jaz! Super worth basahin lahat ng blogpost mo. and I can't believe you're 41 na!! akala ko 35 ka lang! hehe!

    1. Naks!!!! Seryoso ka ha?? Tatanggapin ko yan! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thank you too Erika for always checking us out and leaving sweet comments. I really look forward to meeting you soon! God bless you always! Mwah mwah! Tsup! Tsup!

  4. Dinaig mo ang Sikat na Celebrity sa haba ng celebration mo Mare...Belated Happy Birthday

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Mare, bawas pa nga yan since hindi kami masyado nakalabas at may pasok mga bata. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks mare!!!


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