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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I love celebrating birthdays. Not only does it ensure a getogether with special people in our lives with great food, but I also get a blast seeing other people grow old.

Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! Bitter sentiments from a senior citizen looking lady!!! He he he he he!

Of course I'm kidding. I'm happy to celebrate and see friends/family being blessed more by turning a year older. It is indeed a getogether of merriment, laughter, and love!

Just like when we recently celebrated the birthday of our BP friend Gem. She treated us to a staycation in Belmont Hotel, then for dinner, we all went out for ICHIBA in Resort's World. We all had fun because not only did we savor delicious Japanese food but everyone got along so well (yep even the kiddies) that we all enjoyed chatting up the night.

PLUS, kaming mga "Titas of Manila" were so glad that the youngest of our group is finally catching up to us "oldies." Bwa ha ha ha ha!

(Belated) Happy Birthday dear! Tumanda ka na din like us Gem! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The BP Group are in ICHIBA, Japanese Market!

We had dinner here last year also for Gem's birthday. And since we all had a delightful dinner then, we thought of having the same thing tonight.

ICHIBA is set up like the Japanese food markets in Tsukiji except that it's bigger and spacious. 

They even sold live seafood that's ready for cooking!

ICHIBA was still full that night but we're thankful that they accepted our reservation for 20 pax.

Cute kasi ako.



Mareng Gail, Sky, and Baby Soleil!

Pareng Jun and lookalik Sasha!

Pareng Jonas and BB Aning!

Abel, Chel, and Tobey!

Master Mati, Johans, Andrei, and Jelo!!!

Dani and Tiana!

The birthday girl Gem, Jeorgina, and Jojie!

Gem surprised us all because since she's sick, we thought she can't make it. O di ba, kami pa nasurprise!

Jennifer Cavilieri and Oliver Barrett!

(Guess what movie I just watched when I wrote this??? -- Jaz)


ICHIBA Spicy Tuna Tartare Salad (P298.00)!

When I see this in the menu,  I always order it. I'm just addicted with the spicy and creamy combination with the fresh tuna. Would you believe that I eat this with rice? Hells yeah!

ICHIBA Spicy Salmon Roll (P235.00)!

Ordered this just so that we could have some sushi to munch on. We cannot eat in a Japanese restaurant without having sushi!

Master Mati had the ICHIBA Chicken Teriyaki (P245.00)!

He wiped this out till the last grain of rice. He he he he he!

The Yub and Andrei shared the ICHIBA Shrimp Tempura (P410.00)!

Each piece was big, crunchy, and flavorful! Master Mati even got one.

To match my Tuna Salad, I got a cup of fried rice (P90.00) and shared it with the Yub!

Our carbs!!!!

The others ordered ICHIBA Gyudon (P320.00)!

ICHIBA Beef Sukiyaki (P595.00)!

ICHIBA Chicken Teriyaki (P265.00)!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the BP Group for Gem's birthday!

Aba! Aba! Etong si Mareng Gail sinungayan din ako!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good thing Aning still brought her Birthday cake for Gem. We used it to surprise her with a song!

He he he he! She really didn't want to wear the hat!

(Belated) Happy Birthday dear Gem!!! We love you!

Awwwww... So cute ni Jeorgina!

Polly's cake for the win!


Our bill!

While the girls chatted, the boys shared romantic stories with each other too.


As for me, I asked to have a picture with my god daughter Sasha, and the other kiddies photobombed.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay! Everybody join na! 

I guess they love me because I act like a kid din. He he he he he...

Sige sungayan nyo pa ako!!!!!!

Syempre, I cannot resist having a pic with my handsome teen!

That was a very fun dinner. The best part of course was that everyone in the family had a great Saturday night out! Gimiks are more fun with the family!


Second Floor, Newport Mall,
 Resorts World Manila, Newport City, Pasay City
+63 9177322176 / 02 8656859



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