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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


We are still continuing my 33rd (ahem) birthday celebrations and for one night, ERICJAZ FOODIES met up with my grade school friend Virginia.

Virginia, or Ginny as she preferred to be called but I don't follow, was my bestie during my elementary years, especially during Grade 6. We're both nerdish and shared the same taste in music, movies, etc. etc. and we could just chat the whole day. I actually attributed to her the pronunciation of my name. Before kasi, my family would pronounce my name as "jusMEN." But when Virginia became my friend and would call me at home, she looked for me by asking for "JAAAAAHZmin". Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It made my family laugh and they teased me over it na "jusMEN ka lang huy!" but hearing my name handled in such a chic (and less kadiri way) made me love it na.

So JAAAAAAHZmin it is!!! Thanks Virginia! Ha ha ha ha!

We lost touch when we grew older (alam mo naman ang bata, kung sino classmate yun ang bestie) and we had different friends in High School. We met up each other again when lo and behold, our boys are studying in the same school! Yayyy!!!!!

With that, we would chat up from time to time, give gifts to each other via our sons, then share our food discoveries and favorite dishes. Finally during my birthday month, we met up to have a mini-getogether to celebrate! Other friends were supposed to join us but last minute nang-indyan (ha ha ha ha ha) so it was just the two of us. It's okay because we were able to catch up and talk the way we did during Grade School.

The great thing too is that we did it over plates of my favorite food.



The Yub and I were happy to discover that 8 CUTS had a branch in Promenade, Greenhills. At least if I was craving for a burger after work, THIS is where we'll go.

Yeheyyyy! Virginia is here!

Sorry, I'm really not used to "Ginny" -- Virginia ka lagi sa puso ko. NAKS!

Of course, the Chinese Stalker joined us. Basta there's food, he's THERE! He he he he he he!

O di ba? Dear Virginia knows me too well and gave my birthday gift of Samyang 2x spicy noodle!!! Wohooo!!!!!


Ordering up!

Our favorite 8 CUTS appetizers!!!!

8 CUTS Waffle Cut Fries (P70.00)!

8 CUTS Skinny Fries (P70.00)!!

And my most favorite of all... THE....

ONION RINGS (P70.00)!!!

What the heck???

Yung favorite ko pa ang di ko nakunan ng solo pic??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Oh well... Here's a happy face made of catsup to make up for it.

And our food arrives!

Virginia got the 8 CUT 4-Cheese Burger (P265.00)!

Check out the oozing gooey cheese!

While I had the 8 CUTS Hangover (P295.00) served with egg and shoe string fries!

As for the Yub he got the 8 CUTS Cheeseburger (P195.00 with everything on the side.

It's still deeeeelicious either way!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my school buddy Virginia in 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS Greenhills branch!

Let's EAT!

My ultra beefy and juicy burger bite!

As usual, service was great in 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS! This guy would always go to our table to refill our glasses with cold water; he never lets it go empty on his watch!


I didn't eat the other half of my burger's bun!

Le 8 CUTS bill!!!!

I treated everyone na because it's my BOITHDAY!

For dessert, we had coffee in Starbucks!

There, I picked up my birthday cheesecake! Yohoo!

Our nightcap!

Chatting up a storm again!

Had a super fun night with my dear friend Virginia!!! Let's do this again REAL soon please!

Thanks also Yub for driving me to dinner and being my bodyguard even if you just came back from a 4 hour drive somewhere!


Happy 33rd BOITHDAY to me!



Ground Floor, Promenade, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 6567972



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