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Monday, May 28, 2018


Let me start off by saying I'm really annoyed now.

I already did a draft of this blogations and finished it already. Now for SOME WEIRD AND MIND-BLOGGING reason, it disappeared and what I got were 2 COPIES of ANOTHER blogpost!!!!! How the freak did that happen???


Now since I don't have a photographic memory like the other geniuses out there, I HAVE TO REWRITE THE WHOLE THING!!!! Egad! My big forehead can't handle all that thinking!!!!

If I'm in front of you I would gladly dramatize my sarcasm and anger with actions. He he he he he he...


(Using my sweet voice na) It's the actual day of my 33rd birthday (tee hee) and after mass, I invited my family to a Japanese dinner treat in our favorite.....

Yup! You guessed it!


Yup! It's ALWAYS going to be at KIMPURA. 

But this time though, we're going to be at their Greenbelt branch because their Greenhills restaurant closed down (it will be transferred to another location).

I made reservations for 11:00am and good thing I did because this was so full later on.

Of course, when in KIMPURA, it's ALWAYS the Teppanyaki table for us.

He he he he he. KIMPURA was not yet open but we were able to sit inside na. Sorry at ngawit na ang senior citizen he he he he!


Master Crabby Mati and the Yub...

Me and the bunsoy Andrei!

Mommy, Kuya Jon, plus Daddy (in spirit... he he).

Plus Ate Jojit and Anthony (who arrived late).

Okay lang kasi I got ampao naman. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sayang my Kuya Jay and family had a school event which they scheduled matagal na.

It's okay because... MORE FOR US!!!!

As always, we munched on some KIMPURA appetizers of dilis and kimchi before doing anything else.

KIMPURA Miso Soup (which came with some of our orders).


For appetizers, we got the KIMPURA Salmon Sashimi (P495.00).

So fresh and fatty!!!! Our two plates were wiped off real fast!

KIMPURA Tekka Maki (P165.00)! 

You know it's a good Japanese restaurant when there's a balanced fish to rice ratio. He he he he he!

I got an order of KIMPURA California Maki (P275.00) for Mommy since it's her favorite.

My only complaint with KIMPURA is that they don't put enough mayonnaise on top of their California Maki. He he he he he! I know it may not be authentic but I like it in huge dollops SO THERE.

KIMPURA Ebi Tempura (P595.00/8 pieces).

Even if we're all about the Teppanyaki and sushi, we NEVER fail to order KIMPURA's Tempura because every bite is just crispy and juicy goodness.

For long life, we had some KIMPURA Yakiudon (P395.00). 1 order is already more than enough for us.

I also got a small order of Sukiyaki (P495.00 - equivalent to 2 bowls) for my Mommy and Mati to share.

Now it's time for our favorite Teppanyaki dishes!

Yahoo! The Chef is here!

He started off frying some garlic with loads of butter for the KIMPURA Japanese Fried Rice (P105.00).

When ordering their delicious Mixed Fried Rice, make sure first if your main dishes have complimentary plain rice. This is so that you could just pay a little extra to convert it to fried rice instead of getting a full order. 

The slab of Chicken breast for the KIMPURA Chicken and Prawns (P850.00)!

Chef puts it on one side to start cooking while he works on the fried rice.

Yohooo!!!! The aroma was just glorious and getting us all hungry FAST!

Wohoo! The finished product.

Even if the ulams are not yet cooked, I'll start feasting on this one agad.

Whenever the KIMPURA Chef fries up some mixed rice for us, the kiddies always request for the layer of fried goodness left on the griddle.

The little lords LOVED munching on this and would always fight over it.

Next up is the KIMPURA Sukiyaki Beef (P580.00).

We had ours cooked to Medium so as to maintain the tenderness and fattiness of the beef. Please lang wag Well Done! He he he he he!

Yup!!! The thin slices of beef were cooked perfectly and flavored just right with the butter and garlic.

I didn't mind just watching the food being cooked because I'm already feasting on noodles and tempura with my fried rice!

After the beef, the Shrimps were cut up and sauteed with the garlic and butter.

When cooked, the buttered prawns were just heavenly!!! Every tender morsel is packed with garlic and buttery goodness!!!!

Last but not the least were Master Mati's KIMPURA Oysters (P250.00). This is just for him and him only. He he he he! Damot! When he's not looking, I zoink a piece or two.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my family in our favorite KIMPURA for my BOITHDAY!

Yohoo! Our KIMPURA plates!

That chicken was so fat that it's the last one to finish cooking.

Then, out of the blue...

OMG I was so surprised!!!! He he he he he he!

Say what you want but even at 33 I would NEVER get tired of birthday songs. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My birthday dessert! Yayyyy!

My KIMPURA bill!

Yep! No help from the Yub. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

We're all waiting for the return of our beloved KIMPURA in Greenhills. But till then, we're happy with their Greenbelt branch.




Level 4, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, 
Greenbelt, Makati City
02 6216791




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