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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


We were in Lucena City to spend the Chinese New Year weekend so naturally, when we were deciding where to go for dinner that Saturday night, we went out for some Chinese food. 

The choice that night was in KIMSUY Chinese Cuisine!!!!

The restaurant was full that night so we were given a table in one of their function rooms. This was better for us because we had the whole room to ourselves!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

Hennie and Syoti!

Cutie pie cousins, Hiley, Andrei, and Isha!

Me and the Master Pogi Mati!

Yub's Mom, Aaren, and the Chinese Dimpol!

Brace yourselves... FOOD IS HERE! Yehessss!


KIMSUY Century Egg!

KIMSUY Pork Siomai!

Yup! 3 Baskets of it!

Master Mati's favorite Hakaw!

Nido soup!

KIMSUY Hot Prawn Salad!

If you like prawns, you'll be disappointed that this platter will only give you 12 pieces. Promise, you'll be so bitin.

Don't worry though because you have an abundance of the fruits in cream dressing to make it up for it. He he he he he he!

KIMSUY Beef with Brocolli!

KIMSUY Sweet and Sour Pork!

KIMSUY Yang Chow Fried Rice!

ERICJAZ FOODIES are all smiles with Yub's family in KIMSUY!

Yup! We're all smiles even if we're all hungry. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My plate! My very full, Chinese plate!

Tee hee! I think this is just BEEEYOOOOTIPUL!


But with some leftovers.

The Yub and I enjoyed our Chinese dinner so much because the food was delish (yup even that blasted Hot Prawn Salad) and it was great to catching up with his family. As for the little lords, especially Andrei, they had great fun playing with cutie pie cousins!!!! 



Maharlika Hwy
Lucena City 4320
(042) 373 4889



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