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Tuesday, May 8, 2018


It was a Sunday and that means THE YAPPY BUNCH will be out for our usual family day -- something that is very sacred to us. I promised myself that, like with my family, even if the little lords have their own gimmicks or families in the future, they will still reserve Sundays for mass and lunch with us fuddy duddies. Basta, whatever happens, we will always be together. NAKS!

For the last day of the week, the Yub and I received an invite to check out RUSTIC MORNINGS' collaboration with FLAVORS RESTAURANT in Holiday Inn and Suites.

RUSTIC MORNINGS and FLAVORS RESTAURANT? Now those are two worthy sites that have already captured my heart and tummy before, and they're going to "work" together???

Woah!!! That's definitely a kablooey in my tummy!!! We would be crazy to miss this, so we are definitely IN!

Wait. I forgot if the kiddies are included in the invite?

Meh. I'm sure they'll be fine at home with whatever. We ARE talking about RUSTIC MORNINGS serving brunch with FLAVORS RESTAURANT here!!!! He he he he!!

Oh I'm kidding. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Or am I?

If you see their mouth watering spread though, you might think I'm not. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Summer was in full swing that Sunday that's why HOLIDAY INN AND SUITES was a cool refuge for the hot weather. 

When we got to FLAVOR'S RESTAURANT, a familiar face greeted us.

It's Chef Portia of RUSTIC MORNINGS!!! 

I have enjoyed her breakfast food with friends before that's why I'm excited for this. To think that her luscious dishes will work so well with the buffet of FLAVORS RESTAURANT? It's like a watching-Avenger's-Infinity-in-its-first-day moment!

Bunsoy Andrei, it's time to eat! He he he he he he!

No sooner than I said that when a server handed out some Mimosas by the entrance.

Oh yum!!!

Ah... eh... Andrei, maya maya ka na.


We entered FLAVORS RESTAURANT and got so excited to attack the buffet. We remembered our staycation here recently (blog post to follow) and their super sulit breakfast!

Oh we are SO going to stuff our bellies today!!!!!


The lovely Chef Portia was there to welcome us all to the RUSTIC MORNINGS brunch at FLAVORS RESTAURANT. She was so pretty, so fresh, and so gracious as she told us how they will serve their popular dishes for brunch (11:30am to 2:30pm) in all Sundays of May for only P1,900.00 nett.

Chef Portia is so charming that my (very) unsophisticated and weird self got embarrassed to raid the buffet ( tipong "For Narniaaaaaaaa!") and just acted all pa-sweety tweetums with pinky out ( tipong "Ah yeah, that's so nice. I'll get later... I'm still full e...").

Tee heee!!!!!!

But of course from afar, I can't help but drool over the RUSTIC MORNINGS' display on the buffet!!!!

I fear that I will never move from this corner. He he he he he he!

Design  Your Own Waffle Station!

Take your pick of freshly baked Butter or Chocolate Waffles!

And choose from the luscious toppings!

Yep! Let your imagination run wild!

Your tummy will be happy for it anyway.

Besides waffles, there's also creamy pancakes!!

More fruits are available in the mason jars.

Oooh! It's my favorite RUSTIC MORNINGS syrup!

The buffet is just getting better and better!

If something is this colorful and pretty, then it must be good for you!

If you want a more special brunch ask the server to cook up omelettes from this selection!

More RUSTIC BRUNCH munchies!

Cherry Tomatoes on Toasted Baguette drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar.

Shrimps with Cucumber on Toast!

Mock Mosa anyone?

Oooh lala... RUSTIC MORNINGS Bacon and Sausage Station!


Like I said, if you're familiar with the food at RUSTIC MORNINGS, you'll agree that this side makes the trip worth it.

E what more if we include the delicious food at FLAVORS RESTAURANT?

Sushi Station!

Hayyy... I really love brunch!

I'm sure the boys will agree. Ha ha ha ha!

Colorful sushi galore!

My favorite was the spicy tuna!

Of course, as much as I wanted to pile up on my favorite sushi, I was saving room for the RUSTIC MORNINGS' goodies.


FLAVORS Bread Station!

Breads are not carbs right?

Tee Hee!



FLAVORS Salad Station!

These assortment of Filipino condiments would make breakfast more appetizing.


FLAVORS Munchies Station!


Yup. It's never too early for pizza.

Uuuuy! Fish Balls!

Spicy Buffalo Wings.

This is where you could also get a bowl of  Salmon Sinigang Soup!!


There was another table serving hot dishes, and this Tinapa Burrito was strongly recommended.

Same with these Kofta Balls!

I got a taste of this and the gravy was CRAZY good!!!! It's so creamy and spicy!! Perfect with rice, bread, pasta... WHATEVER.

I know I should be focusing on waffles and pancakes but this serving dish filled with Kare Kare is just too tempting.

Oh I will come back for you and get you!

There was also some Dinuguan....

Squash and Green Beans in Coconut Milk!

And Nasi Goreng!


FLAVORS' Meat and Seafoods Station!

They also have noodles.

Which you could top off with these fresh ingredients.


Now ain't this a lovely sight????

Fat and fresh shrimps and clams! You could enjoy them chilled or have them cooked with garlic and butter.

I'm so tempted to make kutkut these crabs.

And have a platter of this grilled with lemon and butter!!!!

If you want some meat in your system the FLAVORS US Beef Rib-Eye would be perfect!

Can't wait to sink my teeth into this.

Don't forget too the FLAVORS Lechon!


Amidst all that food, thou shalt not forget about dessert!

Need I say more?

Chocolate Fondue -- a dessert buffet staple. He he he he he!


After taking a long time to check out the buffet (yep the decision was SO hard), we all finally got to settle in our chairs.


Master Mati and the Yub!

Me and the bunsoy!!!!

Somebody dove right into the RUSTIC MORNINGS specialties!

Go Yub!!!!!

For his next plate, he got this naman!

Hmmm... Somebody seems to love going back to the RUSTIC MORNINGS corner where Chef Portia is.


The bunsoy and I were so busy taking pictures and gobbling up our food that we asked the Yubhub to get us a plate of RUSTIC MORNING goodness.

Syempre, he was very enthusiastic to do so. He he he he he!

Yay!!! Thanks Yub!

The bunsoy and I are happy!

These smoothie bowls got my attention so I requested an order each from the server.

Oh wow! 

The Acai was the top winner for me because of its berry flavors and chewy toppings. It's so hard to believe that this is good for me because it actually tasted like dessert!!!

My tummy got full with all that RUSTIC MORNINGS grub but I can't resist trying out the other specialties of FLAVORS.


The shrimps were so good and fresh. However even if we had it fried, it was still cold inside. He he he he he!

Somebody suddenly felt like we were in a shrimp shack... Ha ha ha ha ha!


That plate was full of seafood goodness. We all wolfed it down and suck the shells clean.

Ayan tuloy. Nagfuits na lang yung isa afterwards.

Check out his full tummy.



That was indeed a great Sunday with my guys enjoying delicious food for brunch! 

RUSTIC MORNINGS in FLAVORS RESTAURANT may only be available every Sundays of May, 2018, but hopefully it would be extended to many, many, MORE Sundays! He he he he he he!!!



P1,900.00 net per person
11:30am to 2:30pm
Every Sunday of May, 2018

Lobby Level, Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, 
Glorietta 1, Palm Drive, Ayala Center, 
Glorietta Complex, 
Makati City 1224
02 9090888

 11 Isabelo Mendoza Street, Marikina, 
1801 Metro Manila
(02) 425 8610



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