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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Our dear friend Gem celebrated her birthday so mareng Gail and I thought of treating her and the family to her restaurant of choice. And because we're considering not just the enjoyment of the seniors (he he he he) but of the kiddies as well (we have more fun when it's a family gimmick), her choice that night was in CIBO, POWERPLANT MALL!

Wohoo! We're all in CIBO!

Mareng Gail and I had this decade long tradition of treating each other during birthdays. We learned recently that mareng Gem wants to join in on the fun so YAY!!!


Birthday girl Gem and Jojie!

Team Campo!


If you're looking for the other kiddies, they already ran off to do their thing.

Besides dear Gem, the star of the night was cutie pie Soleil! Me and Andrei can't get enough of her!

The same goes for the Navarros.

ORDERING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellooooo double chin!

First one on the table is our favorite, the CIBO Spinach Gorgonzola Dip (P270.00)!!

Andrei is so crazy with this and would usually lick the empty ramekin dish clean when he's done scraping it from all the gooey cheese.

So delishessssss! A must order in CIBO!

Besides the Spinach Dip, we got the Potato Chips with Garlic Mayonnaise (P295.00) so that the kiddies will have something to munch on while waiting for our orders.

Everytime I'm in CIBO, I always order the Classic Bruschetta (P215.00) but I have all the toppings on the side because I wanted to maintain the crustiness of the bread. 

Dear Gem ordered a Cibo salad.

Sorry I'm not sure what this is he he he he he he...

CIBO Roast Chicken (P475.00)!

I think for the price and serving, this dish is very sulit!

Of course, since we're in CIBO, the Yubhub got himself a Margerita Pizza (P375.00)!

The pizza was generously topped with shaved parmesan cheese and arugula leaves -- such a perfect combination.

Now get ready for some major carbo-loading! 

A platter of CIBO Genovese pasta with Margarita Sauce (P440.00)!

The sauce was supposedly tossed in spaghettini pasta but mareng Gail chose the ribbon style.

CIBO Spaghetti ala Pescatora (P310.00)!

CIBO 3 Cheese Spaghetti (P650.00)!

We ALWAYS order this in CIBO!!! This time since Master Mati didn't feel like having Lasagna, I got the platter for us!

Master Mati and I felt that we would be bitin with our 3 Cheese Spaghetti platter so we had Andrei order a kiddie Carbona pasta.

Even if it's already a cream based pasta, he loved eating this with the Spinach Dip!

Yup! I meant that literally! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

At first, I was like AUUUGHHH sayang the Spinach dip but then since my bunsoy was enjoyed it and ate a lot, okay lang.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family and friends in CIBO!

Later on...

Syempre a birthday deserves a song ALWAYS!

Yay! Happy Birthday dear Gem!


Our bill!

Since CIBO closed down on us, we all decided to transfer somewhere else. Here we are all crammed up in the elevator. He he he he heh!

For dessert, we all trooped over to DEAN AND DELUCA!

I wasn't able to take a picture of all our orders but we had some ice cream while Andrei got a shake.

And I had coffee!

Even if we already chatted up a storm in CIBO, we were still non-stop in DEAN AND DELUCA!

Don't worry about the kiddies, they were also having fun at the other side!

Later on... I felt that I was being watched.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

AND our celebration is done!!! 

It was a happy night for THE YAPPY BUNCH because we loved the company! The best part of our gimmick was that we were with our boys and they also had fun with their kiddie friends (yup, even Mati... ha ha ha ha)!

(Belated) Happy Birthday dear Gem!



Third Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 8952426



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