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Monday, June 12, 2017


It's my 32nd... este... 42nd birthday and personally, it's my greatest year yet!!!

Because why shouldn't it?

I've got my little lords who are growing healthy, handsome, and funny. We may have to work on their naughty skills but that just makes everyday more memorable. They are and will forever be my favorite treasures.

I've got my family who provides the best sense of emotional security for me. They are always there when I need them and always give more even if I don't. As long as we're together, I got the BESTEST of times!!!!

I've got my Best Gal Pal Marian who is the greatest best friend of all. We are like sisters from another mother and I love how we got each other's back. We always give what we can to each other including time and food treats. Her only drawback is her annoying husband, Manong Fred. :P

I've got my friends who always get me laughing louder every time we meet up. I don't care if I don't have a trillion of people chanting my name. I just need the ones I have right now and it's surely going to be a memorable sunny day or starry night.

My work at EAT BULAGA. I think it's very rare to be in a job that gets you so inspired and devoted. With my 9th year at TAPE Inc., I'm happy to be in a workplace that's like family and be in a show that we really believe in. Not only that, we also get the "Isang libo at isang tuwa" in our office!!!!

I still have my silly little blog, ERICJAZ FOODIES! I'm glad I have this online diary in order to record all the crazy and delicious things that's going on in our lives. I'm very thankful too for my 7 readers who haven't blocked or deserted me..... yet. Tee hee!!!!

And of course, I've got my Chinese Dimpol who.... (cricket... cricket...) is here.


Ha ha ha ha! I'm kidding of course. If you know us, I don't need to expound at how he is the ultimo Daddy and hubby. If I get into details, I swear, you might nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. He he he he he he! BELIEVE ME. Blech! :P

And you know what? I don't care if I'm more wrinkly, pudgy, stretch-marky, and low metabolism-y -- I'm now 42!!!!
 If you think about it, I don't have to ask for anything more.
What is important is that I've got them...

With loads of food on the side!!!!  
Ha ha ha ha!

A (belated) happy 32nd.... este... 42ND to meeeeeeeh!


I'm now 42... este... 32... wait. Ano nga ba??? Sorry. Senior moments.

Or in denial? You decide. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


My "birthday season" officially started when as early as February 2, my officemate/friend Tita Josie surprised me with her early gift.

Wow! I'm so shoshal na bigla!!!!!!  Finally I have something from Debenhams!!!!

The next day, I met up with the "Quezon City chapter" of my friends for dinner at our favorite SHANGRI-LA Chinese Restaurant in West Triangle. 

I didn't really thought of it at first but they suggested that it could be a pre-birthday meet-up for us.

I thought, why not? We all had a great time anyways!!!!!

Blog post coming soon!

On February 18, 2017, the Chinese Dimpol and I met up with his childhood friends. It was another fun riot as usual!

After dinner, they sang to all the celebrants for February and March! He he he he he!!! Hay... Buti na lang ako pinakabata sa mga magagandang dilag na ito!

Tee Heee!!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol and I had an awesome time at SHANGRI-LA WEST with my Quezon City friends that we thought of going back with the little lords the night before my birthday weekend.

We liked the food so much the last time that we ordered it again!

As we were about to finish eating, the Chinese Dimpol arranged a birthday song for me with the SHANGRI-LA servers.

Say what you will but birthdays are always fun with a loud birthday song! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course, I would only blow my birthday candles with my baby bunsoy.

YEAAAAAAAAH! I'm 32... este... 42!!! Nirarayuma ata my other finger!


When we got home that night, I prepared my traditional birthday midnight snack... Toast with loads of butter and coffee. You see, ever since I hit my late 30s, I thought it was sacrilegious to my diet to have butter on my bread. But then I realized it wouldn't hurt to indulge once a year on a birthday. Hence, a new tradition was made.

And this is one tasty tradition too (Pun not intended for those who think I used Tasty bread... he he he he)

As I was finishing with my snack, my boys surprised me with my birthday cake and OA song! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Thank you so much my dearest Mati, Andrei, and Yub!

I don't know what my husband ate, but he got a gift for me this year at the stroke of midnight!!!!

Yayyyy!!!! New earphones! I've been asking for this so I could watch my downloaded videos in peace!!!! Thank you so much Yub! I loooooove it!

"Ikaw magligpit niyan!!!" 

That weekend, the little lords slept with us. And when I woke up that morning, I declared to everyone who could hear that it was MY BOITHDAY!!!!!!!!!

And without missing a beat, I asked (or demanded) Andrei to fix the bed (my usual job). HA!!! It's my boithday after all!!!!!!!

When I got downstairs, THIS greeted me. Here are the headlines on my birthday!

However intriguing that day's news was, my attention diverted to my birthday gift from my Mom and Dad! Sorry I may be a married adult and earning my own money already but this will NEVER get old. It just makes me feel like a kid again!!!!

Yay! Money!

And no, I don't care that it's in an ordinary letter envelope. This is like actress Jennifer Love Hewitt -- It's the bewbs... este... the inside that counts!


That morning, we all dressed in red and headed out for my BOITHDAY celebration with the family.

And since it's my BOITHDAY, I forced everyone in the vehicle to listen to SPICE GIRLS. Ha!

We passed by church to pray and give thanks.

Oh Mati!!!!!

And for lunch, you know the drill...

Yup! KIMPURA teppanyaki birthday treat by my Dad!!! Yay!!!!

BGP Marian and Manong Fred joined us too!!!!!

Sayang that Kuya Jay and family were not able to make it for lunch.

Oh well... MORE FOR US!!!!!!

Sometime that week, my Mom asked if we could watch MY EX AND WHY'S because she's been hearing a lot about it. My Mom doesn't normally watch movies because she's always with my Dad (who hates doing it now). I thought, why not do it on my BOITHDAY?? It would certainly make me happy to make the best mom ever, happy!

It became an all girls movie day with my best ladies!!!!!

We loved the movie and I was glad to make my Mom happy!

Thanks for the birthday movie treat ate Jojit!!!!

If you're wondering about the boys....

Yeah. We made them wait. It's MY BOITHDAY anyway!

That night, we had another family BOITHDAY dinner, in our favorite HEALTHY SHABU SHABU!

This time Kuya Jay (who was sick) and Karen joined us! Yay!

Rocio stayed with my Mom, Dad, and Mati in the next table.

As usual, Rocio made a joke about my gift. I mean, it's not like I need anything to look younger. I may even pass for an 18 year old!!!

Did I just make you choke?

Tee Heee!!!!!!

We had two full tables of meat, seafood, and hot bubbling soup!

Besides my family, Manong Fred and dear Pao Pao was able to join us again. Yahooo! Too bad BGP Marian was feeling sick that night.


Andrei was so happy to sit with his Best Guy Pal Pao Pao!

Happy Birthday to meeeeeh!

My birthday complimentary dessert!

My Daddy treated us again for dinner (Even with my "weak" objections... He he he he he! Thanks Daddy!) I just treated those who could join us for coffee!

Manong Fred suddenly had an "emergency" (wink wink) and left Pao Pao with us. Poor baby PaoPao was so sad without his Dad. We called BGP Marian to make him feel better.

We were still full but the blueberry cheesecake in PRESS CAFE looked so luscious!

This was so perfect with coffee!

And right on cue, while we were having fun, Andrei suddenly had a tantrum over something. Ha ha ha ha! Oh well....

When we got home, I thought of having a midnight snack.... Spicy Samyang noodles with cheese!!!!

This was SOOOO GOOD!!! Good thing carbs don't count when it's your BOITHDAY!


THE YAPPY BUNCH was supposed to go out that Sunday for my BOITHDAY lunch but we remembered that it was Fiesta in my Lola's place.

Our first stop was at my Tita's house. This would be our breakfast! He he he he he!

The Chinese Dimpol and Master Mati were early with their feast!

As for Andrei, he didn't want to eat and just preferred to relax. He he he he he!

Just kidding. We made him eat.

Our next stop was at my Ninangs house. 

Yep! We all ate again!!! This would be lunch for us. He he he he he!

Our own private table. The Yub was so happy.

This was really for a Fiesta but I consider it as ANOTHER BOITHDAY celebration. He he he he he he!

Daming pagkain e bakit ba???


My finicky eater boy was so happy to see that his favorite Leche Flan was part of the feast. He got LOADS of it!

Even if I was still full from my Tita's house, I just HAD to eat at my Ninangs because... why shouldn't I????


Yay! I got a free BOITHDAY feast. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

(I was asking my Ninang for a gift, she didn't give me.... I'm old na daw. :( Hmp. I'll take home a lot of food na lang. H aha ha ha ha ha!) 

For that lunch, our dessert was BALUT!!! Master Mati had 2 of this!

What a fun fiesta with my family!!!

That night, MARCO POLO HOTEL gave me a birthday family dinner treat at CUCINA!

We were also joined by some our blogger friends -- THE HUNGRY CHEF, THE FOOD ALPHABET family, and PEPE SAMSON!!!!

Dear Mareng FOOD ALPHABET even set up a surprise birthday song for me!!!!


Thank you mareng FOOD ALPHABET!!!

Actually at the end of dinner, I asked her "Hindi nyo ba ako kakantahan???" to which she frustratingly replied "Kaw naman inunahan mo surprise ko. Meron talaga!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry! I was just excited!!!!

Thank you Ms. Judith of MARCO POLO HOTEL for the delicious dinner!!!!

That Monday, I treated my TAPE INC., officemates to my birthday merienda!

I swear, birthdays are more fun in TAPE INC., because besides the food that makes us all bundat, it's picture taking galore!

Here's my simple merienda  treat!

In the big brown bags, we have toasty pandesal....

Then Spam and scrambled egg... Our usual merienda favorite!

Because really, you can't go wrong with Spam!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For long life, I ordered my favorite BEST FRIENDS Pansit Miki Bihon! Everybody loved this!!!!

There were other grub on the side table (aka filing cabinet).

Siomai to show my love to everyone!!!

Siopao because.... this is libre from my pansit order.

For dessert, we had JCo donuts and our beloved Ate Heidi!!!

He he he he he!

Yihiii! Let's EAT!

My super full plate!

Dear Ate Alona gave me a gift that Monday!

Wow! Thanks ate Alona!!!! I'm so touched!

When I opened it at home, I got two bags of Ramen and Laksa!!!

Wow! THIS certainly made me smile!!! Ate Alona really knows how much I love noodles! H ah ah ah ah ah ha!

The hard part here, as demonstrated by Mati, is WHICH ONE TO EAT FIRST??????

That night, the Chinese Dimpol said he'll treat me to any resto I wanted. 

But that night though, I was craving for some of my favorite Chickenjoy and Spaghetti!!! So yummmm!!! I slept a very happy (AND FULL) girl that night!

The next day, Team Campo treated me to my resto of choice, LE PETIT SOUFFLE!!!

I have read A LOT about this chic fusion restaurant that got me so curious!

Thanks Team Campo!!!! We had a great time!!!! The tradition lives on!

Check out the blog post HERE!!!!

Even if we were so full already, we can't resist having "dessert" of coffee, belgian waffle, and CHICKEN WINGS! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yup! That's just how we roll!

That Thursday, the Chinese Dimpol wined and dined me at VU's SKY BAR AND LOUNGE!!!

MARCO POLO HOTEL invited us to try out their APERITIVO before dinner appetizer and cocktails. 

The Chinese Dimpol thought this would be a perfect date night for my BOITHDAY week!

And he was right. We were certainly on top of the world with fun!

Check out our blogpost HERE!

That Friday, my Best Gal Pal Marian with Team Mina treated us to dinner at METRO CLUB!!!!

Yummmm.... I remembered how delicious the steak there the last time we had it!

The pizza was mighty cheesy too!!!!

Thank you so much BGP for my BOITHDAY treat!!!!!!!!!

Pwede next year uli??? HA HA HA HA HA HA!

MWAAAAAAAH! I love you as always!

Check out the blog post HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

That Saturday my BP Group celebrated my BOITHDAY at my restaurant of choice, CIBO in Powerplant Mall!

When they asked me how we're going to celebrate my BOITHDAY, my request was for everyone to be together with the kiddies!!!

And YAY! I SO got my wish!

This was ANOTHER epic time with great friends!

Check out the blog post HERE!!!!

Yup! We closed Powerplant Mall as usual.

Next Saturday was (supposedly) the last day of my BOITHDAY CELEBRATIONS!!!

And what better way to celebrate it than with our favorite HOUSE OF WAGYU steak???

Yihiii! My BOITHDAY song and cake!

I'm sure you're wonder why I said this was "supposedly" my last birthday celebration.

Well.... It's actually just a ploy to make my Yub think that we're still celebrating my BOITHDAY that weekend.

But really, we were setting something up.

Still though, it was an awesome ending (fake or not) to my 42ND BOITHDAY!!! 


And another BIRTHDAY week ends for me. To be honest though, I was cranky at the days leading to my BOITHDAY because of my usual weirdness. But during the actual week, I was just overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

I may rant, I may whine, I may show signs of menopause before getting a year older, but when the day finally came, I am faced with the blessings I often take for granted 

So yes. This is my greatest BOITHDAY CELEBRATION yet. Why? Because I can't think of anything that will top the feeling of SUPERKADUPER love from all those who are dear to me.

Of course, with a side of A LOT of food.

He he he he he!!!


Here's to being 32... este.... 42!!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh! gusto ko na din magka month long birthday celebration! Fave din namin yung Cheese Samyang!!! Super spicy haha! I am looking for the cheese ramen, mas masarap daw yun.

    1. Go Erika!!! Although with me, I use it as an excuse to eat more. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! We got our Cheese Ramen at this Korean Shop near Montessori in Greenhills. Ang dami pa nilang ibang noodles dun. Go go go!

  2. Pure happiness from you and your family/friends. :) Cheers!!

    Kat from Maryland

    1. Thank you soooo much dear Kat!!! Yes you're right!!! It was indeed pure happiness from the people I love. We don't care where we go, as long as we're together. Mmwaaaaah! Cheers to you too! Thanks again.

  3. Happy birthday Ms. Jaz! ๐Ÿ˜Š Mukha naman talagang 32 eh ๐Ÿ˜‰ Age is just a number, a social construct wherein... okay, ubos na English ko ๐Ÿ˜…

    June babies rule! ๐Ÿ™Œ

    1. Hiya Yanna!!!!!!!!!!! I agree ha ha ha ha ha ha! Although I was not born in June but in Feb. Belated na tong post na to ha ha ha ha ha! Mwaaaaaaaaaah!! Talaga ah??? Belated gift mo na sakin yung mukha akong 32 kuno. Ha ha ha ha ah ha!


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