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Thursday, May 24, 2018


The Yub and I were celebrating my 2-week birthday (Bakit ba? buti nga hindi 1 month... he he he he he!) that when he fetched me from work, it was MY decision where to go for our late dinner.

For that night, I was seriously craving for Korean. And though we could have tried our usual suspects, we decided to check out a place that made us so happy before.

However, we usually ate in their Makati branch. This was our first time to try their restaurant located in San Juan.


There were only a few diners that night and that's just fine and dandy with us. I was seriously craving for some spicy Tofu and Kimchi soup so that meant we'll be served faster. He he he he he he he!

ALAS, we were informed that they didn't serve ala carte dishes that night. They only offered their buffet dishes depending on the meats you choose...

P349.00 Pork Only
P599.00 Beef Only

Oh well....

I guess it's the buffet for us!

That's okay. At least I'll still get my Kimchi craving!

Side A...

DONU Kimchi!

DONU breaded and fried dilis!

DONU empanadas!

Side B!

DONU Fried Maki?

DONU Okoy...

Side C had dishes in their deep aluminum warmers....

Bulgogi... Spicy Rice Cakes.... Jap Chae!

Semi Side A had the sauces....

And the Bibimbap Station!

Time to get our grub!

Don't worry DONU. We won't!


We only got the Pork All You Can because we're nagtitipid (tee hee). Upon confirming, the server gave us this big plate filled with frozen thinly sliced pork!

We immediately tossed some pieces on the grill!

The happy Chinese griller.

While that was cooking, I got my battle gear for my Korean wraps. He he he he he he!

And some of these meats to try out.

Cook damn you!!!

He he he he he...

And finally....

Yehess!!! My Korean wrap! Sarap nito!

Lets eat!!!!

Ay ang dami ko wrinkles!!! I swear, I shouldn't smile so much na!

We finished that big plate fast. That's why for the second batch of pork, we only asked for half the amount of the first one.

This is me, happily chomping at 33!!!

And cooking na din. He he he he.

Oooh lala!

Besides wrapping it with lettuce, I also ate the crispy pork with my Bulgogi.

Burp... DONE!!!

Yub's bill!

I treated the Yub naman to some ice cream dessert at the Korean Grocery next door. While getting our ice cream bars, these messages caught my eye.

Sige... Hindi na po....


Kidding! I was laughing at the signs and the servers were so game showing it to me. They had some unruly customers daw kasi who would rummage through the ice cream and leave everything in pandemonium. Natunaw na din daw yung ibang ice cream sa tagal.

One of the ladies even asked me "Mam galing kayo sa DONU no?"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I joked to her that we didn't and that's just my putok. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My dessert going home!

Even if I was not able to get my craving that night, I still had a great Korean dinner with the Yubhub. Thanks for my birthday treat! He he he he he he he!

#happyat43.... este... #happyat33




39 Annapolis Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 8976878




  1. Hi Ms. Jaz. Belated Happy Birthday!!!

    Wishing you all the BEST this world has 2 offer!!!

    Mtagal din me hindi nka visit sa blog nyo kya ending nag backread me entries nyo haha.

    Hope you enjoyed ur 2-weeks celebration mukha nman. Of course spending it with family & friends how can you not?

    I just watched Infinity War last week. Loved it.

    Nkita ko nag Manila Hotel kayo never been there. How would you rate it from 1-10?

    U always make me smile when I read ur stories. Keep it up =)

    Ingat po kayo.


    1. Hello dear Kyle!!!!!!

      Hey thank you sooooo much! Mwah mwah!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! I hope hindi sumakit ulo mo with the backreading. Ha ha ha ha ha h aha!

      Yep! I really enjoyed it. Yun lang may times I would cry when I remember how I'd spend it with my Dad. Pero overall, I think it was a blessed 2 weeks pa din. Tumaba ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Yayyyy really? Me din! I already watched Avengers Infinity 3 times and I want to again!!!! Where's Gamora? Who's Gamora?? WHY's GAMORA??/ Ha ha ha ha ha ha h aha!

      With regards to Manila Hotel, even if I had some concerns with regards the stuffiness of the room tapos they didn't change the pillow cases (yes naamoy ko ha ha ha ha ha) I still rated the whole stay a 10. We all had fun tapos, we enjoyed the tour, the breakfast was good, and the swimming was sulit for the boys. I was so happy too that Andrei got his wish to see the hotel where the Beatles stayed in. So 10! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Of course, iba-iba tao. Pero me kasi, bukod sa mababaw na kaligayahan ko, basta kasama ko family ko (especially the boys) for sure masaya yun. He he he he he he he he!!!!

      Yayyy! Thanks! If you get my humor, kindred spirits tayo. NAKKKS!!!

      Thanks dear Kyle! You too! God bless you always and take care. Mwah!


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