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Friday, May 25, 2018


I have been hearing a lot of raves about this new restaurant in the Metro that I was overly curious to check it out. At first, I learned that their only branch was located at MOA ("Inangkupushness!! So far away from the mental institution where I lived), but still, for good food, I was willing to travel far and wide.

Good thing PARADISE DYNASTY opened a branch in Podium at Ortigas that it made my tummy do the Hallelujahs. This was so much nearer my homebase!!! Now I don't have to suffer from Manila traffic just to be able to taste their best sellers.

Great thing too that for the birthday of THE FOOD ALPHABET, our venue for the night was PARADISE DYNASTY. Aba... aba.... This was meant to be!! The food gods really want my appetite and their dishes to come together and get it on!!

Check out our dinner that's written in the stars (naks) in PARADISE DYNASTY. 

PARADISE DYNASTY with my foodie friends!

Woah.... This restaurant features the "Legend of Xiao Long Bao."

Now this made me uber curious of this Chinese specialty! Parang alamat ang dating e. He he he he he!

PARADISE DYNASTY is definitely a notch above your usual Chinese restaurants but there is still that casual feel to it.

It's a great place to catch up with friends and family over good food. Don't forget to make reservations because I think it's usually crowded.

For our group, PARADISE DYNASTY treated us to a private room which you could reserve for P10,000.00 worth of their dishes. The intimate room could seat comfortably a party of 12pax.


ANIMETRIC and hub!

Mrs. THE FOOD ALPHABET wife and Mommy!

THE FOOD ALPHABET and Father in Law!



And us...

Mary and Matthew Crawley!!!!

Guess what series I'm watching AGAIN????

PARADISE DYNASTY table setting.

When you're in PARADISE DYNASTY, thou shalt not miss their condiments section. It is essential to fully enjoy the...(dramatic pause)... LEGEND OF XIAO LONG BAO.

Tee hee!

First on the table is Special Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (P388.00 / 8 flavors).

The sight of the colorful steamed Xiao Long Baos is really enticing and would give you that immediate "wow" factor.

Flavors come in Original, Garlic, Ginseng, Foie Gras, Sze Chuan, Cheese, Crab Roa, and Black Truffle.

There is a particular order in the eating of these Xiao Long Baos for that full PARADISE DYNASTY experience that they'll provide a "kodigo" for it.

Still, even if you're enraptured by the lure of the colorful Xiao Long Baos, don't forget to try out the original ones (P298.00 / 10 pieces). 

The wonton wrapper is delicate but still firm and chewy to hold the flavorful soup. The meat is also juicy and had its own seasonings. Sarap! Kulang ang isang basket FOSHO!!!!


For those who want dumplings with an exciting kick, get the PARADISE DYNASTY Pork Dumpling with Hot Chili Vinaigrette (P168.00).

Here you get flavorful dumplings doused in chili loaded with garlic and oils. The oil mixture is so nice to mix with rice. 

PARADISE DYNASTY Charcoal Custard Lava Buns (P188.00). The black hue might be overwhelming at first but really, it's worth a try.

You'd be crazy to be able to resist THAT.

He he he he he!

The PARADISE DYNASTY Radish Pastry was a surprise for me (P138.00). I was actually prepared not to like it because veggies in pastries are not my thing.

But really, inside the flaky crust, you'll get this sweet yet light filling that's so great with tea. A half piece is more than enough though.

One of my top favorites in PARADISE DYNASTY is the Chilled Tofu topped with Century Egg (P188.00).

I love soft tofu and I love Century Egg. Put this together with a generous light mixture of sweet soy sauce and oyster sauce, and you've got a winner.

Egad. I'm drooling just looking at this. 

PARADISE DYNASTY Chilled Jellyfish and Seafood in Vinaigrette (P328.00).

PARADISE DYNASTY Chilled Baby Spinach with Vermicelli (P288.00)

PARADISE DYNASTY Steamed Glutinous Rice in Red Dates (P238.00)!

I was not a fan of this because I didn't like dates. He he he he he! But my dinner mates loved it so I guess it's something worth a try too!

For the main dishes go for the PARADISE DYNASTY Pork Strips with Chinese Crepes (P388.00)!

This was so good wrapped in crepes! Don't forget to give it a good mix so that you will get a complete bite of the whole deal.

(Ang laki ng kamay ko o!!!!)

This is also very appetizing with your rice so make sure to leave some as topping.

PARADISE DYNASTY Scrambled Egg White with Fish (P328.00)!

There is a technique to the mixing of this so you better call your server to do the job. Otherwise, it's going to have a consistency that is not so appealing.

This main dish is light yet a recommended entree with your meal. I also mixed it with my fried rice and ang sarap niya!

PARADISE DYNASTY Kung Pao Chicken (P298.00)!

This was not as spicy as I wanted it to be but still a safe order if you're going to eat here. Kung Pao chicken after all is like in the Universal Language of Chinese cuisine. He he he he he!

PARADISE DYNASTY Crispy Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk (P588.00)!

This was good but I just find it a tad too expensive. Unless you're SERIOUSLY craving for seafood in salted egg, you could get something else.

PARADISE DYNASTY Spicy Szechuan  Crispy Chicken (P298.00)!

For the serving size and price, this is so sulit. You just have to make sure though if your dinner companions like food on the hotter side. But this is not blow your mind off spicy. More like, AY NAUUBO AKO hot.

PARADISE DYNASTY Beef in Szechuan Oil (P788.00)!

Now I don't need to tell you how this could wow any hungry group who's looking for a strong entree with matching KAPOW!!!

Thin and tender slices of beef simmered in vegetables and Szechuan peppers. You'll ask for 3 more cups of rice for this. 

PARADISE DYNASTY Egg Fried Rice (P238.00)!

This plate of carbs may seem so simple but it is so flavorful and perfectly complemented with the crispy gooey egg. Though I wasn't able to try the other fried rice viands, this will be the best for me and will always be in the selection when I eat here.

Yes! Ganon siya ka nyarap!!!!!

For drinks we got the Water Chestnut (P80.00) and the Barley Water (P80.00).

We liked the Barley Water more and found it so refreshing.

For dessert, we got the PARADISE DYNASTY Pan Fried Pancake with Red Bean Paste (P168.00)!!!

I loved this SOOOO much and can't stop raving over it. Each bite is like buchi but with a crispy crust. It's on the sweet side though so 1 order is enough for a whole group. He he he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my favorite foodie friends in PARADISE DYNASTY!


After we devoured all the delicious food, it's time to give the birthday boy his song!


Happy Birthday pareng THE FOOD ALPHABET!!! Thanks for inviting us!!!!

What the....????

Nasungayan na naman ako???!

It was a super fun night with my lovely and pogi foodie friends to celebrate the birthday of a great man (NAKS TALAGA!!!!!!!!!!!). Our dinner was extra enjoyable because of the delicious dishes from PARADISE DYNASTY. We will surely be back!

Thanks PARADISE DYNASTY for having us!!!!!!!!!!



Second Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, 
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
02 6823333



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