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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


My dearest Mati -- my first-born, my New and Handsome Teenager, the love of my life, my favorite foodie partner, and the other half of what makes me strong and go on, is celebrating his 14th birthday and it was something the whole YAPPY BUNCH was excited for.

Of course, even if they're okay for a simple celebration, we would still love to give the boys all that we can (like how my Mom and Dad did before). Hopefully, we inspire the little lords to do the same for their own families.

BUT, that is in the future pa. The very FAAAAAAR future.

Check out our special celebrations for the birthday of our handsome Mati (or Matthew). The getogethers may be simple but it they are surely filled with effort, appreciation, and lots of love by all of us.

Happy Birthday my dearest!!!!!!!


There was no school for students that week that's why the Yub and I thought it would be okay to sing to the celebrant at the strike of 12:00am.

The Yub and I have work the next day that's why we just set up the dining room so that when our big guy goes out for breakfast....


Ever since my Dad passed, Andrei and my big guy are now sleeping with my Mom. At about 12:00am, we all sang to him a happy birthday (they just don't want to be seen in the picture at nakapantulogs na sila... he he he he he)

We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Mati's birthday morning....

Here are the headlines for that day!

The Yub and I have work so Master Mati celebrated with my family at home. My sister, who did not open her clinic that day, treated my big guy to some cake and ice cream. My Mom naman had a chicken killed (yup our tradition; "pamalit buhay") and prepared a sumptuous lunch of Tinola, Fried Chicken, Pansit (syempre nobody took a picture... ha ha ha ha ha).

When it was time for Master Mati's ice cream and cake mini-party, my Dad's long time secretary and her cute daughter joined in!

That night, the birthday boy asked for his usual favorite...

SHABU SHABU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bunsoy Andrei, the Yub, and the birthday guy Mati!

Kuya Jon, Mommy, and MEEEEH!

Sayang my sister was sick that night and my other brother did not feel like going down from his mountain (as it was a weekday).

It's okay.... MORE FOR US! YAYYY!

Master Mati's birthday cake.

Awwww my handsome big guy!

Sorry Master Mati but we will NEVER get tired of giving you birthday songs.

With matching roman candles no less!

Make your wish!

When we got home, I gave the birthday and Christmas gifts of my officemates (Tita Josie, Tita Flory, and Mam Zeny) to the boys.

When we got home, the birthday boy got his wish and played PS3. Yun lang, Andrei got a "free ticket" too.

Sorry Master Mati. Your wishes may be granted but not allowing Andrei to play is not one of them. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The next night, the boys fetched me at work and we ate at Master Mati's favorite, GENKI SUSHI!!!!

Master Mati got his favorites!

And during dessert, we gave him a song!

Look at his stack of plates!!!!!

That weekend, we had a family staycation at our KTG favorite, F1 HOTEL MANILA!

It was also the weekend of our KTG Christmas party!

I actually had a high school reunion but I didn't want to miss the opportunity of having a birthday staycation for Master Mati and seeing the other KTG peeps as well!

While we were doing the party party, Master Mati snuck out to have a birthday massage (included in the overnight stay) with his Daddy.

Don't worry this is NOT the kind of massage my hub would always joke about. 

When we got back to the room, we gave him a birthday song. Yay!

That night, we had another birthday dinner for Master Mati in SALVATORE CUOMO!

Master Mati got a song and dessert from the kind servers.

Check out my blogpost on SALVATORE CUOMO!!!!!!!!!

That Monday, Master Mati had a birthday snack with some classmates at the house of teacher Eyz!

Master Mati brought the Pansit, Fried Chicken, and Cake. Teacher Eyz added the salad, gulaman, and ensaymadas! Thanks Teacher Eyz!

For the rest of the week, we were not able to go out because not only did they have classes, but the Yub was in Indonesia, and my sister was in the hospital for a boob job (he he he he he he) so we stayed with her. 

That Saturday lunch, even if it was just me and the little lords, I cooked up something special for Master Mati!

And green beans!

One of Master Mati's wishes when it's his birthday is to have a BP family meet up. I'm thankful that my friends got together to celebrate my big guy's birthday!

The choice for that night was MANN HANN!!!

It was actually a joint birthday celebration for Master Mati and Tiana!

Sorry kids! Even if you're the big ones in our group, we'll still give you our all all birthday song with candles!!!!

My big guy was so happy!!!!!!

Check out my blog post on MANN HANN!!!!!!!!!

It was a super fun way to officially end his 14th birthday celebrations!

Thank you ladies for making my big guy so happy!!! I know I could always count on you.

Thus ends another series of birthdates for my dearest Master Mati!

Honestly, it's always bittersweet when we reach the last of our birthday celebrations because it really is fun not just for the celebrant but for all of us.

Of course, it's also sad for me because after all the dinners and getogethers, I would be left with a boy who is a year older.

Oh no. Soon he'll really be a man na.

Sniff. Sniff.

Could I have even just one day when he's this chubby 2 year old again????

(Belated) Happy Birthday my dearest!!!! Sayang your Lolo is not here to see you grow into a very handsome man. Number one fan mo pa naman siya. But I'm sure he's also with you in every step of the way.




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