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Thursday, February 22, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in Baguio, our second for the year, for Andrei's pre-birthday celebration. And we thought that since we were here for a special occasion, we should also stay somewhere that would ensure the ultra-fun of our little lords.

Great thing that we were able to book at GRAND SIERRA PINES, a new hotel that proudly declared to "redefine your Baguio experience" -- and it was definitely more than what we expected. There were just many family things to do in the hotel that we're always late in doing the Baguio activities that we initially planned to do!

Check out part 2 of our AWESOME stay in GRAND SIERRA PINES. Yep. That's the word that would perfectly describe the unforgettable 3 days and 2 nights in the hotel that gave us a new kind of fun in BAGUIO.




It was a very cold morning when we work up! Brrrrrr!!!!!!

If we didn't have to go down for breakfast, we would love to stay in our soft beds longer!

Of course, our curiosity to check out GRAND SIERRA PINES' buffet breakfast won, and we were not disappointed.

It was soooooooo good!

More on a blog post coming soon!

For that day, we went biking and boating in BURNHAM PARK!

Had a steak lunch in Sizzling Plate!

Went to the Strawberry Farm!

We returned to WRIGHT PARK again for some horseback riding!

And had a Mongolian dinner in O' MAI' KHAN!

When we returned, there was a romantic "midsummer night's dream" thing going on at GRAND SIERRA PINES!

You would think that the boys were tired already from the day full of activities, but NOOOOH! Andrei asked if I could go with him to the GRAND SIERRA PINES playground.

He loved it there!

It was so fine with me because the night was chilly and smelled of pine trees. Also, there were ZERO mosquitoes!

When Andrei was done playing, we had a bit of explorins around the hotel.

He checked out the fishes....

He also wanted to stay in the lobby and go surfing online (wifi is strong in that area).

Ooooh! Artworks!

In the upper floor, there was a Christmas village display.

This certainly got my bunsoy staring for a long time.

Later on, the other boys joined us in our "explorins." We heard there was a museum in another level so we went up for it.

I think this is the first time that I've encountered a museum in a hotel.

Not just in Baguio but in all the hotels we stayed in! He he he he!

There were even various paintings on display.

These colorful artworks led to the gaming room.

But if you're expecting arcades, PS4's, computers, you'll be disappointed. 

They have here the classic and thinking games like chess, scrabble, etc.

Some of the games were a bit old but it's still something we'd try out.

In the room, there was also an assortment of books and magazines!

Master Mati checked out the book selection and was deciding which one to read.

The bunsoy and Daddy played some Chinese checkers!

Master Mati joined in later.

Andrei and I played some Jenga afterwards...

He won!

Since I didn't want to play with him anymore (yup I'm a sore loser... ha ha ha ha ha) he made a model with the Jenga logs while the Yub and Master Mati went for the Chinese Checkers.

Woah!!! Awesome Andrei!

Master Mati and I tried out some Game of the Generals afterwards. It's been decades since I played this last!

It's actually quite fun!

I won this round!


It was waaaaaaay past our bedtime when we finished in the Gaming Room, and it was so fun!

Yup! Now THAT is time well spent talaga with the family!

The next day....

Breakfast was at the lobby this time.

Yehesss... Now THAT'S a good morning!

Afterwards, it was time for us to check out.

And you know what that means....

Picture taking around the room!!!!!!

By the terrace table....

By the view....

By the bed....

(Our favorite) drunk shot!

By the room hall....

By our room number...

By the hall....

By the glass floors...

See the museum, the lobby, and my noo?

You won't see my noo because the Yub strategically covered it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Akala nyo pa-sweet lang no?

Check out the open hallways. Yup! That's why it's extra chilly!!!!


And with that, it's time to go. 

Checking out.

While waiting for Yub and master Mati with our car, I lovey doveyed my bunsoy boy.

I'm sure, based on your smiles, you had a very fun pre-birthday celebration!

And that's that.

Time to really say goodbye to GRAND SIERRA PINES.

GRAND SIERRA PINES was certainly new to us because it is a hotel that made us appreciate the outdoors even if we're staying in.

Activities are of the traditional type and WE LOVED IT! We all had a more meaningful time together playing in the grounds, going artsy in the museums, and having more family bonding with the classic games. 

Thanks GRAND SIERRA PINES for taking care of THE YAPPY BUNCH!

Thanks also to EN ROUTE for setting this up and for the big discount (he he he he he)! We really had a great time.

No. 43 North Outlook Drive. 
Brgy. Gibraltar, Baguio City 2600
 (074) 619 0488



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