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Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Whenever THE YAPPY BUNCH are in our favorite Powerplant Mall, we always go to our usual restaurants -- Healthy Shabu Shabu, Mongkok, Pepper Lunch, Kenny Rogers, 8-Cuts, Press, Cafe Mediterranean, Mamou, Mcdonalds, Jollibee, etc etc., I'm usually happy and contented with our default choices but there was a time when I suddenly can't take it any more. I don't know. Blame it on PMS (or menopause???!!!) but when my guys asked me where we're going to have dinner for our usual Saturdate, I was somehow hysterical (no joke) at demanding that anywhere is fine as long as we haven't eaten there before.

So that's how we ended up in SARSA. Although we have already eaten at the establishment when it was still Kafe Batwan, but technically, TECHNICALLY, it's still a new restaurant for our taste buds.

He he he he he he!

Check out our delicious dinner at SARSA!

SARSA is located outside the Powerplant Mall but it was just a short walk from their doors.

Inside, SARSA is well lit, chic, and warm. It somehow has that New York cafe vibe. 

Service was fast and we were seated immediately and served drinks.

Master Mati chose to sit beside me but it was a decision he immediately regretted especially after I joked that I look like his old girlfriend (something that my late Dad (RIP) used to tease me with to make me angry... he he he he he).


Master Mati and MEEEEH!!!!

The Chinesh Dempelsh who seem to be wearing breyshes....


If you're looking for Andrei by the way, he chose to be his Lola's date that Saturday.

Ordering up!

Since it's our first time to eat at SARSA, we just asked the servers for their recommendations. 

First on the table were 3 sticks of Spicy Chicken Isaw (P185.00)!

These were deliciously different from the grilled innards that we're used to because it's crunchier and obviously more clean. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Just in case you're wondering, Master Mati already got his share that's why 2 sticks were left in the plate. He he he he he he.

Next up is the SARSA Bugtaw Bugtaw (P190.00), a dish that is so similar to Gising Gising!

In SARSA, they didn't just throw in all the veggies on the plate. They served it deconstructed style with the thick coconut milk separated from the string beans and shrimps.

I think that's atsuete sauce that they drizzled on top.

This dish was SO good with rice!

Almost every table had this so we also ordered the SARSA Sizzling Kansi (P395.00)!

Kansi is like bulalo but with a broth similar to sinigang. In SARSA, they reduced that soup to gravy like consistency and served it on a sizzling plate.

Woah! Look at that marrow. I know what Mati and I will be fighting over later. 

The only dish that was not recommended but we ordered was the SARSA Sizzling Adobong Pusit (P350.00)!

It's my fault actually because Master Mati actually wanted the Grilled Squid that he would usually get in Filipino restaurants and I thought it was the same with this.

Check out how thick that black sauce is though.... 

Oh well. Good thing it was still good and fared well with the other dishes. My handsome guy was still happy.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati in SARSA!


My plate... My gorgeous plate!


And we're done.

Our SARSA bill.

Uy it still says KAFE BATWAN on top.

Afterwards, we had coffee in PRESS.

He he he he.. Check out the hashtag.

Our drinks look so cute!


It was a great dinner and even if it was not technically, TECHNICALLY, a new restaurant for us, I'm happy that we were still able to enjoy dishes that are not from our default list. He he he he he he he he!

122 Joya Lofts & Tower, 
Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell,
Makati City
02 6255166




  1. So is it worth coming back for? Again and again? Any certain dish that you’ll crave for in that resto? I just noticed, same resto but different name. I think the first resto was a flop, then they’re (owners) giving it another go sporting a diff name. Oh well

    1. Huloooo Speedster!!!!

      It's a great place to bring balikbayan relatives for some delicious Filipino food and yun nga, alternative to my other usual Rockwell choices. I would go back but it's not something I'm sobrang pamatay craving right now. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Since it's Filipino food kasi (which I enjoy deliciously at home din), it would take a while before I return.

      Sarap the Sizzling Kansi yun lang it was not that sizzling anymore.

      Yup! Same resto but different name. Sarsa kasi is more popular nowadays.


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