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Thursday, February 8, 2018


It was Karen my sister in law's birthday, and they invited the family for a Saturday Korean dinner at JANG GA NAE!


JANG GA NAE is located in Ortigas City and was busy that Saturday.

Hungry Filipino and Korean diners came in and chomped on Korean barbecue cooked tableside.


Birthday girl Karen and Kuya Jay!

The Seniors table: Kuya Jon, Tita Meldy, Tita Carol, and Mommy!

The Kiddie Table: Mati, Andrei, and Rocio!

Karen Page and THE PUNISHER!!!!

(Don't you think they go so well together??? Was watching that when I made this blog -- Jaz)

We officially started dinner with a prayer led by Andrei.

What I love about Korean restaurants is the eat all you can Ban Chan (or appetizers).


Besides the Kimchi, you could also find a simple salad tossed in vinaigrette dressing. 

Oooh! Sweet potato in sugary syrup.


I'm not sure if this was an appetizer or an entree but this Kimchi Pancake was YUM!

JANG GA NAE Seafood Pancake (P400.00)!

JANG GA NAE Steamed Egg with Vegetables!

JANG GA NAE Fried Shrimps (P420.00)!

JANG GA NAE Chicken Broth and Ginseng Soup (P600.00).

My yub's favorite!

JANG GA NAE Jap Chae (P330.00)!

The server fired up the JANG GA NAE grill and we immediately started drooling. 

Barbecue condiments!

JANG GA NEI Thinly Sliced Sirloin Beef (P450.00).

We asked the help of the JANG GA NAI servers to cook our meats.


My brother also got some JANG GA NAE Pork Belly P330.00).

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family for Karen's bday. Thanks for the treat!


Besides having it with rice, THIS is how I always eat my Korean barbecue.

It was extra good with Perilla leaves too.


I love Pork belly when it's chopped and grilled to a crisp. 

Good thing ate Jojit and hub was able to catch up even if she closed her clinic late. 

After the kiddies had their fill, they began playing with the grill.

Time to turn it off!!!!!

After our Korean dinner, we went to the bakeshop owned by JANG GA NAE.

There, we had coffee, cake, and more chatter.

Could you tell how we were all holding in our tummies? He he he he he...


Andrei and Rocio shared a Mango shaved ice dessert.

Andrei loved it and wanted to finish his luscious dessert all by his lonesome.

Syempre when it's a birthday, we will always have a birthday song!

With matching birthday candles!!!!!

(Belated) Happy Birthday Karen! Thanks for the Korean dinner.

God bless you always!


He he he he he he!

8137 Plaza Ortigas, 
Jose Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
02 6336960




  1. Janggane and Masil are two of my most favorite Korean Restos in Ortigas area... They offer quality food though a bit pricey. I'm drooling now upon seeing your post!

    1. Hi Dave!!! Missed you!!!! Kamusta ka na??? It's actually my first time in Jangganae kasi I always go to the cheap ones (buffet ha ha ha ha ha). And you're right it IS good!!!! Sana manlibre uli my brother. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Cheers!!!!!!


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