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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Our Titas from Las Vegas (Daddy's sisters) stayed with us for a short vacation to visit Daddy during All Soul's day. One Sunday, their cousin invited the whole family for a Chinese lunch at GOLDEN BAY FRESH SEAFOOD RESTAURANT!

We're all here in GOLDEN BAY FRESH SEAFOOD restaurant!

Photo grabbed from Golden Bay website

We often passed by GOLDEN BAY FRESH SEAFOOD RESTAURANT going to Cavite before but this is our first time to eat here.

Que Horror!!!!!!!

I've got to say, I'm impressed!!! The dining area was clean, cold, and VERY spacious!

As Andrei would always say, there's more than enough space to do the tango!

They also have  a special corner for the live seafood.

I read somewhere that GOLDEN BAY has more function rooms in the second and third floors for special events. 

Reservations were for a corner function room and the whole family was already there. 

My aunties wasted no time getting hugs and chika from their beloved cousin (in pink in the middle). My Mom was close to her as well so she joined in on the senior fun. He he he he!

Please take your seats!

It doesn't take much to make me happy but I'm loving the elegant Chinese set up in GOLDEN BAY!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc Benjie, Tita Toying, and Tita Carmie!

Thanks Doc Benjie and Tita Toying for the invite!

Kuya Jay and Karen!

Mommy, Kuya Jon, Ate Jojit, and Anthony!

Tita Meldy and Tita Carol!

Andrei and Rocio!

The 2 cousins kept on bullying Mati by pretending to shoot him while saying PEW PEW PEW!

It's evil but sort of funny na din. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The Yub, MEEEEEH, and Master Mati!

Don't worry. He's in the emote teenager phase that he doesn't mind the Pew Pews!


FOOD IS HERE and it's served laurita style!

First up is the GOLDEN BAY Combination of appetizers.

Pickled seaweed with meats in soy sauce was really a good start.

It got the Chinese Dimpol's smile of approval. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Next up are Steamed Suahe!

The shrimps were indeed fresh and sweet! Sarap especially with the soy sauce.

GOLDEN BAY Hot Prawn Salad!

Shrimps dipped in batter and fried golden brown then drizzled with a sweet creamy sauce with mayonnaise -- one of my favorite dishes in Chinese dinner parties!

Yun lang, I wasn't able to taste it this time because I saw how much Andrei happily munched on his that I gave him my share.

GOLDEN BAY (faux) Shark's Fin Soup!

(Faux) Shark's fin soup has always been my favorite the first time I've had in Sun Moon Restaurant. There's just something about the sweet/spicy  thick broth with eggs, mushrooms, and ground pork. 

Given that Sharks are endangered species nowadays, I actually respect a restaurant more if they serve the faux or imitation shark's fin. 

Mother Nature rules!!!!!

GOLDEN BAY Yang Chow Fried Rice!

I thought since we were having lauriat style for lunch, the rice will be served last. SOBRANG saya namin lahat when we saw this big platter of piping hot Yang Chow!


GOLDEN BAY Sauteed Eel with Ginger and Scallions!

GOLDEN BAY Vegetable with Conpoy and Crabmeat.

GOLDEN BAY Abalone with Braised Mushroom in Brown Sauce!

Almost allo f us thought that the orange thingy was a carrot cut in a stylish way.

When I bit it (since I loved veggies), it's the abalone pala! Ha h aha ha ha ha!

GOLDEN BAY Steamed Lapu Lapu!

We were all getting pretty full at this point but the fish was so fresh, juicy, and sweet that we feasted on it. 

GOLDEN BAY Spicy Chicken!!!!

Crunchy chicken with just the right kick to make you eat more rice! He he he he he he! Yummmmers!

My plate! My full of veggies plate!

Chomp... chomp...

We may be a family who loves to eat but since we're getting old na, we have to watch our food intake na din.

But I think we forgot that today. He he he he!

For dessert, we got my favorite, Buchi!

Plus Coffee Jelly.

There was Mango Sago too!

My bunsoy loved Mangoes and scraped his bowl clean. 

Burp!!! That was a delicious Chinese lunch!!!!

While the oldies were eating and chatting, the kiddies hammed it up at the other side of  the room. 

Ha ha ha ha ha! I hope they would still do this even when they're older na. 

Thank you so much Tita Toying and Doc Benjie for the very delicious and fun Sunday lunch!

Even if my Daddy is not with us anymore, it's still great to spend time with his relatives. In fact, I love spending more time with them now because I can't get enough hearing stories about him. They are, after all, the people who were also very close to him.


CBP1, Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, 
Baclaran, Pasay City
02 5567525



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