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Friday, February 23, 2018


Before our trip to BAGUIO, I was already checking out online recommendations on which restaurants to go to. Of course, as much as we want to visit the popular places, we have to consider if the food will be appetizing for the little lords and if prices were affordable for for us.

My friend BAON FLAT LAYS was in BAGUIO the week before our trip and I saw the places she went to with her family. One restaurant particularly caught my eye because it let their younger diners make their own pizzas. When I asked her about the food she said it was delicious.

Now I'm sold!!!!

With that, the Yub and I really included AMARE WOODFIRE BRICK OVEN PIZZA in our itinerary. We just know that our bunsoy, whose pre-birthday were celebrating, will have a great time.

And we were SO right! 


AMARE was located inside a mall and there was a line for the available tables.

There were tables outside but since this was our first time, we wanted to have some AMBIYENSSSSS!

It's okay!

We don't mind waiting because we have each other...


AMARE menu 1...

AMARE menu 2....

AMARE menu 3...

AMARE menu 4!

My finicky self took over because I was torn between controlling my carb intake and enjoying the food in AMARE.

It would have been no problem if Master Mati was willing to share with me. But he adamantly said that he could finish one whole bowl. 


He he he he he! I was tempted to order a pasta bowl by myself but that would certainly make me pig out on carbs. If I order salad, nobody (except me) will eat it!

Decisions... Decisions.

See what the Yub had to live with??? He he he he he!

Check out Master Mati's face. He's like "Please decide already!!!"


Finally we were seated inside.

I'm glad that in AMARE they still considered space and did not crowd a hundred tables inside to get more diners. At least we were all still comfortable!


Bunsoy Andrei and Master Mati!

Meeeee and the Chinese Dimpols!

Oooh! AMARE's Brick oven!

Like I said, AMARE lets their little customers assemble their own pizza. With that, Andrei got so excited and waited for his turn.

The pizza expert was so patient with Andrei and taught him how to knead the dough.

He also taught him how to flip it but my bunsoy kept on giggling.

Andrei followed the advise of his "pizza teacher" and carefully ladled the tomato sauce onto the dough.

Don't worry. AMARE will still make sure that your pizza is up to their quality standards that their "pizza teachers" will "polish" off the job.

Time for the cheese!

And the pizza goes inside the oven!

Awwww! My bunsoy is so happy!!!!!!

I love you my baby!

Yohoo! Food is here!

First on the table is Master Mati's Pasta Ala Gamberi (P325.00)!!

Shrimps cooked with spicy tomatoes on a bed of linguine pasta.


Master Mati loved it! I had a taste and the tomato sauce had the right tanginess in every slurp. Yummms....

AMARE Margharita Pizza (P325.00) with extra cheese (P100.00)!

This was just awesome!

The pizza crust was baked to a light crisp but the dough was still chewy inside. 

Of course, it was EXTRA good because of our little Andrei!

Look how proud he is!

My bunsoy really enjoyed his pizza and immediately got 3 big slices.

Since I can't decide between pasta or salad or pizza, I just had the AMARE Ribs (P380.00)!

This was strongly recommended by our server and we're glad we listened to her.

We got several pieces of fall off the bone ribs tossed in sticky sweet barbecue sauce. They gave us a tub of ranch dressing for dipping.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in AMARE!

Master Mati was right in declaring that he could finish his pasta bowl because he got several slices of pizza and ribs! He he he he he!

Ayan pati sa ribs ko masama ang tingin! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My growing boy talaga.


Our AMARE bill!

It was a happy and delicious dinner in AMARE!!! I'm glad that the little lords, especially Andrei, loved our time there. We're happy to discover too that there was a new AMARE branch in Barrio Kapitolyo. Will definitely check that out soon!



EGI Albergo Hotel
 #1 Villamor Drive, Brgy. Lualhati
Baguio City
 +63 916 332 1522



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