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Friday, February 2, 2018


As mentioned in my super explanatory blog post yesterday, I will be eating again in OOMA Rockwell but this time with the bunsoy Andrei and Team Campo. I was here the previous day with the Chinese Dimpol and Master Mati that's why I have different dates this weekend because the former was in Lucena while the latter stayed with my Mom. Still, I certainly didn't mind making it a straight twosome here.

It's OOMA anyway!!!! Who's going to complain having 2 straight nights of delicious food???

We're in OOMA!!!!



Me and the bunsoy Andrei! He loves going out on dates with me.... or with Team Campo????

Mareng Gail invited me out to cheer up because she knows how super down I've been for the past few months. I really appreciate the gesture and had fun making our marathon chikas!

First on the table was an order of OOMA Salmon Skin Aburi Maki (P275.00)!

This was again supposed to be doused with OOMA's delicious, but cloying, spicy aioli dressing, but I just had it on the side.

Don't let the size deceive you -- this maki filled me up real fast!

When I asked bunsoy Andrei what he wanted he said he'd like to share with me the OOMA Ebi Tempura (P385.00)!


You got about 5 fat pieces of fried prawns that were dusted with additional seasoning and served with spicy mayonnaise and all you can eat rice.

I think this is so sulit and Andrei agreed!

Team Campo ordered the same things we did but with the additon of the Beef Gyudon (P299.00)!

This big dish full of tender flavorful beef with crunchy onions and fluffy rice is enough to feed 2 hungry diners or 3 seniors... He h he he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with bunsoy Andrei and Team Campo in OOMA!

Let's eat!

While the seniors were still eating, the little rugrats played quietly. Later on we heard kiddies calling us from above.

Hello bunsoy, Sasha, and Sky! We see you!

We realized later on that Andrei hasn't finished eating yet. Ha ha ha ha ha! He returned to the table and sulked a bit.

My OOMA bill!

After dinner, Jun had to go home with Sky because the little girl was tired from her pictorial at Zara (o di ba??? ha ha ha ha!). Sasha and Andrei had a long playdate in Toys R Us. Afterwards I treated them to some donuts and drinks!

As for the oldies, we also had donuts but matched it with coffee, chika, and some tears coming from me. Haha ha ha ha ha!

Don't worry. I still had loads of fun. 

Great night with Team Campo!!!! However, I missed my absentee guys again when we ate at OOMA..

Master Mati because he loved the food here....

The Chinese Dimpol because he's going to pay.

He he he he he!



Ground Floor, Edades Tower And Garden Villas, 
Amorsolo Corner Waterfront Drive, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 9586712




  1. Replies
    1. Hiya Speedster! Ha ha ha ha ha! To be honest, OOMA is not one of my favorites. The reason why I ate here again is because of....

      READ PREVIOUS BLOG. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


    2. Hehehe. Too bad kimpura is closed. Try Omakase Japanese Resto. I believe they have one in green hills. Its not as yummy as kimpura but it has its different flavor. It is my second fave (locally). But ofcourse there are the small jap authentic restos owned and food personally cooked by Japanese chefs around Manila

    3. I know!!!! :( My family ate in KIMPURA GREENBELT recently but it's not the same. Winner pa din their Greenhills branch because it comes with nostalgia on the side.

      Sige I'll try Omakase. What do you order there? Thanks for the reco! Dun ako magpapalibre kay hub. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! :)

  2. Dang, everything I wrote to reply was lost. Ok I’ll just KISS it this time (keep it short and simple). Anyways, try Jurassic maki and Philadelphia roll, Salmon sashimi for starters. Then get some katsudon, ebi tempu, sukiyaki, tori karage for your entrees. And also spicy tuna salad. But don’t expect it to be as good as kimpura, but as an alternative, it would do. A bit better than sumo Sam. 2 notch higher i think. Bon appetit! ��

    1. Hulloooo Speedster!!!!

      You know what else? This comment was in SPAM! Sorry but I don't know why! First time this happened. Good thing I check my spam comments folder every now and then. He he he he he he he!

      Egad.... You got me at Jurassic Maki and Spicy Tuna Salad! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! My birthday is coming up and we already made reservations in Kimpura... Yun lang Greenbelt. Pero still, I will keep your list in mind. Parang feel kong magpalibre sa isang taong feeling Chinese Dimpol. He he he he he he! Thanks again! Take care dear Speedster!!!!!!

  3. Orayt! advance happy bday. When is it ba? So you’re turning 43? Hehehe aging is inevitable dear but at least you age gracefully. Naks! Enjoy and take care Miss Jaz of Aladdin ��‍♂️

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!Thanks dear Speedster! In fairness, I'm ok with getting older. Yun lang it's SOOOO funny when I shock people by giving them an age that's 10 years minus the real deal. As in di sila makapaniwala!!!

      Teka... That's not nice pala.

      H aha ha ha ha ha h! Kidding!!!!!!!! Thanks again! Mwah mwah!!!!!!!!


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