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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


It was a holiday and I thought that since my aunties are about to leave for Las Vegas in a few days, I would treat them to something different.... 

Watch EAT BULAGA live in Broadway studio!

My Mom and sister haven't seen the show live yet so they joined us. Of course, whenever there's a family gimik, THE YAPPY BUNCH won't be far behind.

Yup. Even the asungot at the back who's covering his face.  He he he!

Syempre since it's my Mom with the family, they'll be at the very front! 

My Mom and Aunties enjoyed watching the show live. I took them backstage to meet some of the hosts.

Too bad that the only other hosts that day were Bossing, Tito Joey, and Allan who were still finishing something when we went backstage and we cannot wait for them. 

It's okay. My Mom and aunties REALLY wanted to meet Baste because they found him so cute and funny. As in sya talaga hinanap nila!!!!

Check out Tita Meldy's super happy smile when she saw Baste backstage. I think this is one of the highlights of her vacation.

(Hmp. My Tita Meldy doesn't give me that smile when I hug her. Bakit cute din naman ako ah? Che!!!!

 Ha ha ha ha ha ha!) 

I just had a pic with the Baes. It's funny because my Mom and titas were crushing on Tommy (the guy in yellow). Ha ha ha ha h ha! As in they were really kilig!

They all enjoyed their live studio experience of EAT BULAGA. I'm not surprised because truly, EAT BULAGA IS THE BEST!!!

So there, Showtime! 

He he he he!

My Mom and Aunties were in the studio from 9:30am to 3:00pm that they were all so famished!!!! They didn't want to go far anymore so they all agreed to go to CONTI'S for our late lunch.

Even if this was around 3:30pm, the place was full!


Tita Carol and Ate Jojit!

Would you believe that my Tita Carol is 86 and is actually my Daddy's ate? Yup!!!! She said the secret to looking (and feeling) young is to always be positive and happy always!

Ate Jojit, Anthony, and THE PIMPLE.

Master Mati and a tantrumy Andrei!

Tita Meldy and my Mom



We're all hungry!!! Let's EAT NOW!

We were supposed to order their bestseller Mango Royale Salad but since they ran out of it, we just had the Caesar's Salad (P260.00) to share. My Aunties liked it and were able to finish it.

For appetizers, we got the CONTI'S Calamares!

Crunchy and delicious! My Master Mati said he could totally eat this with rice. 

Another favorite appetizer is the CONTI'S Chicken Lollipops!

It may look dry but trust me it's SOOOO good. Especially with that honey mustard sauce. 

Whenever I'm in CONTI'S I always get the Baked Prawns (P380.00) served with Japanese Fried Rice and Salad. 

I am forever in love with creamy and garlicky topping. It's so good I want to slather it on my arm and lick it bad. He he he he he!

Instead of Prawns, you could also get the original CONTI'S bestseller, Baked Salmon (P385.00)!

We all loved this except my Tita Meldy. He he he he he! She's a healthy eater and wasn't fond of cream or mayonnaise. 

Master Mati had the CONTI'S Beef Tapa (P215.00).

CONTI'S Angel Hair Puttanesca (P205.00)!

Tita Carol has been craving for Lasagna (P235.00) for so long. Finally she was able to meet what she was pining for in CONTI'S. He he he he he!

My bunsoy boy didn't know what to order and just had the Carbonara (P335.00)!

He wasn't able to finish this but he took it home for his merienda later.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family at CONTI'S!!!

Gobble! Gobble!


We were so full that we just had an order of Mango Bravo (P180.00).

Master Mati had a single order of CONTI'S Halo Halo (P120.00) which he shared to us as well.

Mommy's bill!

He he he he! Thanks for the treat Mommy!

For that holiday, we got isang libot isang tuwa AND sarap via EAT BULAGA and CONTI'S!!!



Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, 
New Manila, Quezon City
02 9610866 / 02 6245933




  1. Hi Ericjaz! I watched Eat Bulaga almost everyday. Your Mom and relatives seem to enjoy watching the show live base on the pictures. Baste is so cute so is Andrei! May I ask do you work for Eat Bulaga and Tape Entertaiment?

    1. Hi Cindy! I work for TAPE Inc., the producer of EAT BULAGA. :) Have a great day!!


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