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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


It was the second BAGUIO trip for THE YAPPY BUNCH this year and I was in search for a hotel that could accommodate us on December -- the city's peak season. Great thing that we checked out GRAND SIERRA PINES, BAGUIO City's new hotel and it had an available room for us. We booked it, paid for it, and got so excited.

We know the little lords would enjoy having another staycation in the City of Pines. As for the me and the Yub, we're looking forward for more quality time with the family and not think about work.

In the end, we're so happy with our stay in GRAND SIERRA PINES. We were pleasantly surprised at how different their accommodations were compared to others that we didn't want to leave our hotel! Well.... almost!

GRAND SIERRA PINES Baguio indeed redefined our Baguio experience. To be honest, now we want to make our City of Pines' trip a yearly thing!!!! 


The little lords were so excited to see that we're going to stay here.

At first, I teased them that we will only be staying at a hostel because we have to save money. The disappointment in their faces were so obvious but later on they understood our reasons. 

They were so relieved when we parked in this driveway that they were giggling like crazy (ang sarap pag-untugin)! He he he he he!

Checking in!

The GRAND SIERRA PINES' Front Desk officers were very lovely and accommodating. I made some requests and clarifications and they were gracious and friendly.

We were made to wait a bit because our room was not yet ready.

We didn't mind. Internet was fast and I have cute company! He he he he he!

Going up!

We're loving the clean and green vibe of GRAND SIERRA PINES. Let's just say it's a far cry from the log cabin hotels that are popular in Baguio. He he he he he!

The brand new hotel had a total of 61 rooms. That may be a big number for a Baguio hotel but everything is still so cozy wozy.

We're given room 411!!!

And we're here!


We got the De Luxe Room for our little family.

Oh no a ghost!!!! He he he he he he!

The De Luxe room was spacy enough for us. But if the little lords get bigger, I guess we have to get another room. He he he he he!

Our mini-table and painting.

Coffee pot and goodies sold at reasonable prices.





Little Andrei kept on calling me excitedly to show the terrace.

WOAH... It was big! Kwarto na to e! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I know where my emo teenager would want to hang out most of the time.

We'll have relaxing coffee/tea sessions here for sure.

The kind GRAND SIERRA PINES staff set up the little lords beds in  no time (additional P1,500 per pax with breakfast).

Bunsoy Andrei's pre-birthday staycation was REALLY off to a great start!

With the modern and transparent design, it's like we're in a museum!

We were supposed to go somewhere but the grounds called out to us.

GRAND SIERRA PINES is situated near a main road but somehow, we still felt the privacy and quietness of Baguio.


All you need is LOVE nga naman.

It's like they built a play area in the middle of a forest. He he he he he!

Yayyy! My happy bunsoy!

My boys were ecstatic upon seeing the playground (especially Andrei) that they immediately attacked it.

When they were at the see-saw, Andrei cannot get his Kuya to go up. That's why he called me. I'm much heavier daw.


Sige while you guys play there, we'll make muni muni right here.


It's so nice to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila and be surrounded by the freshness and calmness of trees.

Ang saya saya lang!

We're so looking forward to going back here in the night time. The Front Desk Officer informed us that they have a bonfire tonight.

As much as we wanted to stay in and just enjoy the hotel facilities, we also have to fulfill the wishes of our little bunsoy.

Horsey back riding in WRIGHT PARK!!!! It was so near the hotel.

We then went to BENCAB museum for some art in our system.

Then, dinner at AMARE Italian restaurant!

When we returned to GRAND SIERRA PINES, we were happy to discover that there WERE bonfires that night!

So warm and toasty!!! Perfect in this very cold night.

Andrei wanted to have a campfire the last time we were in Baguio. So he was so excited that the hotel had one.

There were even stalls that sold marshmallows, hotdogs, etc at cheap prices.

Cook for us kiddies! Andale andale!

Kidding! They wanted to roast the marshmallows themselves.

Later on, they got so full na of the marshmallows and gave it to us to finish.

As pareng Walter White would say.... LET'S COOK.

Andrei, the muni muni boy!

Huy! What are you looking at?

Ayun! He ran off to the playground again. Ha ha ha ha ha!

He gave me his marshmallow stick also!!!!!

Since we're getting such a sugar high from the marshmallows, the Yubhub got a hotdog and coffee for me.

These were very good!

He got some fishballs too!!!!!

While the Yub and I were relaxing by the fire, a guy was proposing marriage to his girlfriend in the love hut.

He he he he he he he!


The day was so fun and the night was just perfect!!! We all had a great time.

In fact, the boys kept on saying that this was the best night ever. They were so thankful for the campfire experience!!!!

That night, the Yubhub and bunsoy Andrei dozed off fast.

The Master Mati had a hard time sleeping because the excitement of the day kept him awake. He he he he he he!

As for me, I'll end the night with some coffee and Chris! He he he he he!

When we booked at GRAND SIERRA PINES hotel we just wanted a nice and clean place to stay in while we're in Baguio. We didn't expect that we'll find many fun things to do that might keep us from doing our plans. He he he he he he!

Part two of our GRAND SIERRA PINES Baguio stay coming soon!

Yup! That's because we took a LOT of pictures. He he he he he he!



No. 43 North Outlook Drive. 
Brgy. Gibraltar, Baguio City 2600
 (074) 619 0488



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