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Monday, February 5, 2018


Would you guys believe that the Yubhub and I still celebrate our MU or MAG-UN Anniversary? Yep! Gross right? Ha ha ha ha ha! For those who don't know, it's the Anniversary where I gave him my much awaited (Yihiiii) YES to officially mark that we're a couple.

BLECH. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Now before you go "AWWWWWWWW THAT IS SO SWEET" on me, oh please don't. We really celebrate it so that we could have more reasons (and justifications) on eating out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Check out our simple (yet very satisfying) mini-celebration at CONTI'S! 


It's actually our first time to eat at this branch of CONTI'S in Northeast Square. Before, this space used to be Banapple!

Inside, CONTI'S always had that casual yet stylish kind of vibe. More of like a diner that's more romantic and gives you the feels.

I especially liked too that they were playing instumental piano music in the background. 

CONTI'S may be famous for their cakes and pastries. But to be honest, I like their main dishes more! YUMMMERS!

My boyfriend for (number of) years thinking of what to get.

I WON'T tell how many. Maguess nyo pa edad ko. He he he he!

He wanted to take my picture afterwards but I objected. 

Syempre, he still did it.

(Pinost ko naman).


Yihii!!! It's our BF/GF anniversary!

Who would have thought that we'll be married (a number) of years later and with 2 pogi boys???

First on the table is a single order of CONTI'S Mango Royal Salad (P140.00)!

I'm really more partial to salads with Caesar of Blue Cheese dressing but I surprisingly loved the sweet and tangy Mango Royal. 

The Chinese Dimpol had the CONTI'S Roast Beef with Garlic Rice (P385.00)!

I know this looked gross in pictures (parang champorado with parsley... ha ha ha ha) but trust me, the roast beef was quite good!

The thin strips of beef were drowning in gravy and mushrooms -- just the way we loved it! He he he he he!

The Yubhub was so intent on finishing it. As for me, I zoinked the veggies from his plate. I'm sure he didn't mind. 

Whenever I'm in CONTI'S my forever order will always be the Baked Prawns (P395.00)!!

Try as I might to have something else, I am powerless. The creamy garlic mayo and cheese slathered on top of the prawns were just so impossible to resist!

Pair THAT with a cup of Japanese fried rice and kani salad, super sulit na sulit!

It's ERICJAZ FOODIES' MU anniversary!!!!

Internet pic...

Real life pic...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh I'm kidding!!!

I admit we have our bad moments (lots of it) but I cannot imagine being married to anyone else besides my Yubhub!


Sorry cheesiness does that to me. He he he he!

Our food!!!!

Time to eat!

Egad... This is really addicting!

My pasweet picture before I devour all of this.


Of course, I cannot end a date without having coffee.

After dinner, the Yub and I posted in FB about our anniv date. Later on we thought of making it more fun by making it a contest: the post garnering the most likes will be the winner, the loser will then treat the victor! We didn't tell our FB friends so there would be no bias (although I was tempted to cheat... ha ha ha ha)

Here's my post... See? So romantic and funny and long....

Here's Yub's post...



Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ha!

Just to be clear though, we posted first (so my caption was really from the heart) before we thought of having the "contest". When we each got notifications from friends liking our post, that's when we realized "Hmmm... Let's make this more fun..."

Yub's CONTI'S bill!

Of course, we both had a great time with our anniv date night at CONTI's because besides the delicious food, it's always fun to go out with your best friend (who could you make out after... he he he he he)! The bet was derived so that we have ANOTHER excuse to have a date night pig out. He he he he eh he he he!

Second Floor, Northeast Square, 
47 Connecticut Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 6315630 / 02 6317368

AND just in case you're wondering where we went for that crummy date. Grrrr....




  1. HUHU so kyoooot <3 Belated mag-un-niversary! <3

    Ako Ms. Jaz, powerless sa Beef Salpicao nila. Then Sansrival for dessert huhu.

    1. Thanks dear Yanna! Mag wedding anniversary na din kami soon. I'm sure malilimutan ng asawa ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      I haven't tried that!!! I'll suggest to my hub. Ayan craving uli ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Huy wag na Ms. Jaz... tita na lang if you like. He he he he he! Mwa h mwah!

    2. Hahaha okay lang malimutan, basta manlilibre ng out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip as pambawi :D

      Slightly sweeter siya than the Mary Grace version. Saka hindi lumalaban sa fork pag hinahati, unlike the latter. Hahaha :D

      OMG Tita... Feeling ko parang nakapa-FC (feeling close) ko naman hahahaha :D

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sabagay may point ka Yanna!!!!!!!!!!

      O di ba I haven't tried even the Mary Grace version. Anubeyen! I am missing a lot!!!! Puro kasi ako sa favorites ko eh.

      Helooooo! Why not?? I would really love to meet you soon! Picture picture tayo ha? mwah mwah mwaaaah!


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