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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I know I may sound bias but I really feel that our office gives the BEST CHRISTMAS PARTIES ever! Of course, there are gatherings here and there, but ours is done by the people who gives the country isang libo't isang tuwa every day so it's no wonder that our annual holiday celebrations are indeed, EPIC.

It's EAT BULAGA's Christmas Party! Yehesssss!!!!!

We usually hold our Christmas parties in Oasis Events Place or Sampaguita Gardens.  But for this year, the celebration was done in our studio in Broadway.

I wasn't able to watch my favorite Ika-6 Na Utos (hi hi hi! CHE!) because I immediately rushed to Broadway Centrum after lunch. There I met up with my friends, the Titas of TAPE Inc!

Father Mario is the regular priest for our Christmas parties. He just went to Rome for 2 years and I'm glad he's back in the Philippines (for Christmas anyway). 

After the mass, we all settled down on our seats excited for the program AND dinner!

Since Tita Josie was not able to join our group picture kanina, we had a selfie!

Uuuuy! We're so sweet!

Uuuuuy! Tita Florie is jealous! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And now, it's time to EAT!

For this year, LA COMIDA catered the food for our party.

We would usually have dinner at another venue but for special (secret he he he) reasons, we had it tonight at the studio. It may get cramped for the buffet tables but we didn't mind.

Broadway Centrum became our "home" anyway!


Pancit Luglog and toppings!

Chicken and Pork Adobo!

My friends loved this and really requested for it to be part of the menu!

Lapu Lapu with Cream Sauce!

Since I love all things creamy, this was a major yum for me!

LA COMIDA Kare Kare!

We always have this every year. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I remember one time that Admin decided to try something else. Maaaan, a lot of people complained that night!

Filipino salad!

LA COMIDA servers!

For dessert, we had fresh fruits...

And our favorite...

LA COMIDA Bibingka and Puto Bumbong!

This Filipino Christmas delicacy is just THE BOMB especially if it's hot off the burners!!!!

Sarap talaga!

The hosts and ladies were the first to line up always. 

Yun lang, since we made chika chika pa, nahuli kami sa line! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. We saw some grapes (used for props during the live show) and had some of it as appetizers.

Nahugasan na kaya to???! He he he he he!

Yeyyy! We're finally near.

We got our plates and ready to fill it up.

Huy Sunshine (at the back)! What are you eating???

My plate! My plate full of all things delicious!

Besides my full plate, there was also a big platter of CHARLIE'S PRITCHON!


Sorry I wasn't able to get a picture of the actual lechon because I was hungry na. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Let's eat!!!!

In between shoveling spoonfuls of the glorious food in my mouth, I also helped myself to some Pritchon! Sarap!

In no time...

SIMOT! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Since I finished everything, I rewarded myself with ANOTHER piece of Charlie's Pritchon!

For dessert, we had some piping hot puto bumbong and bibingka with brewed coffee.

So perfect this Christmas!

Everyone was just busy eating and chatting up!

After eating, we were called one by one to go backstage and line up.

Our SVP for Finance, Mam Zeny is there. This means, it's time for one of our favorite "portions" of the Christmas party!

Inside the room is Mr. Tuviera, our President, and he's going to give us his Christmas cash gift that's besides the usual 13 month bonus!

So we all happily lined up!

While waiting, we had a mini-picture session. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ate Heidi and I did our usual SUPER KADUPER friends pic....

Na plastic lang talaga. He he he he he!

Posing by the backstage backdrop. 

And I'm in!!!!! I'm always behind our Sales Executive whose name starts with the letter T.

After I receive my additional bonus from Mr. T, (sayang no pics allowed), I went back to our table. I was just in time for the program.

Unless called to go to the back, everyone was requested to stay in their seats.

Bawal magCR! Kidding!

Before the raffle draw started, Tito Sen asked the Broadway Boys to sing the song he composed.

While listening, we got some wine to get in the mood.

Pinky fingers out!

Every year, Direk Poochie hosts the program but she would always call on the EB Dabarkads to help her.

Like JoWaPao!

It's always a riot when they're together.

Direk Bert!


Pia Guanio!

While the program was going on, I munched on some Chicharon. He he he he he!


Ryan Agoncillo!

He's on sick leave actually because he broke his knee. We're all glad that he was able to join today.

In between the raffle draws, we had some games. This one was the Takbuhan (similar to what we had in JUAN FOR ALL) that's only for girls.

We just needed to bring P5.00 to join. I got behind EB Babe Maricorn and hoped to win talaga.

I didn't. But she DID. Kaya YAYY!

The winner will get P4,000 in cash PLUS a kiss from Alden!


Now it's the boys' turn and everyone joined.

Yep! Even TVJ! He he he he he he!

The last Takbuhan segment is for the "girly" and "boyish" employees!

Bossing tried to join but got kicked out. He he he he he he!

And the raffle continues. 

Our favorite Henyo!

Check out Direk Poochie so cute at the back.


It's always TVJ who draws out the major major raffle prizes.

Now I'm not going into detail how much and what we get but everytime I tell people our prizes, their jaws always drop.

Yup. Seriously!

Tito Sen!

For the major, major, major, major prizes, it's Mr. T!

We all held our breaths....

After he draws out some winners, our very generous President announced that he will draw 10 more winners!!!!

This got us all yahoo-ing!

Bossing even stood up in an attempt to show that he won something. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(Hosts were not allowed to waive their prizes so that they're really part of the fun.)


Allan K went in front to "help" Mr. Tuviera.

First winner was... MY BOSS!!!

Yayyy! Congratulations Mam Malou!!!!

For the next draws, Allan K stood seriously and acted like the beauty pageant contestants waiting and praying for their names to be drawn.

Of course, he didn't win. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I didn't win a major prize also... :( 

Oh well maybe in the Anniversary party na lang.


After Mr. Tuviera's inspiring words where he also gave thanks to everyone in the program, I chatted up some more with my "workmates". Syempre I took pictures na din!

With our Henyo Master!

With Allan K, Ryan, Alden, and Direk Poochie!

With Boss Madam!

With Finance girls plus Paolo and Kuya Jose...

Look down...

And UP!

With Poleng and Ms. Eileen!

I just noticed that Paolo made sungay to tita Josie at the back.

With Alden again!

With Paolo... again! He he he he he!

With my twinny for the night, Ate Shiela (AVP- Productions (Broadway Centrum). I think wearing red gave me bad luck. I'll stick to green next time.

With Luanne!

And of course, my favorite president, Mr. Tuviera!

Even though I didn't win a major prize, I still feel so blessed and thankful to be part of the country's longest running noontime show -- EAT BULAGA!





  1. Parang I know na why sa broadway ginawa hehe. Isa to sa inaabangan mong post mo pag December hahaha! Merry Christmas Jaz and Advance Happy New Year!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Merry Christmas too dear Erika and a Happy New Year!

  2. Isa talaga 'to sa hinihintay kong posts, kasi hinihintay ko kung ano yung prizes. Hahaha. Minsan naisip ko na rin mag-apply sa EB, para lang diyan sa Christmas Party nila. Hahaha just kidding! Happy New Year sa aking favorite online loveteam at sa mga binatang bagets :)

    1. Hello dear Yanna!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Alam mo I was not about to do a blog for our Christmas party kasi I felt baka paulit ulit na e. In the end I decided na sige, I'll blog it again kasi memories pa din siya he he he he he! Memory ko na di ako nanalo! Joke!

      Go!!! Send your resume!!!! Pero tama ka, even just for the Christmas party. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Happy New Year dear Yanna and family!!! Naks favorite love team ha??? God bless you always!

  3. Merry Christmas Ms. Jaz, lagi ko talagang inaabangan tong office christmas party post mo eh. Ang saya saya basahin lagi. More blessings to come po.

    1. Huloooo dear Istin!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Buti na lang pala I made! I thought nakakasawa na for you guys. Pero yay! I'm glad you still like it. Happy New Year and God bless you all!

  4. Merry Christmas Ms. Jaz :) I got so busy with my homebased na and Nathan will be Kuya na next year, just done with my morning sickness.

    1. Hiyaaaaa dear Christine!!!! OMG really?? Congratulations!!!!!! You will be more blessed this year. Please take care of yourself! I'm so excited for you and Nathan. Hope you could share pics! Inggit ako! Ha ha ha ha ha! God bless you always... Mwaaaah! happy new year talaga!

  5. Bongga! XD Hi Mamzi! Long time no comment! XDDD

    I got too busy with the holiday season so I can't read your blog as often as before. He He He. Anywaaaays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Frooom your cute daughteeer, Annie :)

    1. Huloooooo my beautiful daughter!!!!!!! It's okay pareho tayo ha ha ha ha ha! I have a lot of backblogs hala di ko pa napost. Naku 1 month ako nito na ipopost sayang naman.

      Yayyyy I'm glad you had fun this holiday season. Behave ka ba hija??? Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm sure you are. Mwaaaah! Take care always and God bless you dearest. Take care Annie!!!!!!!! mwah!!!!

    2. whooooooo!!! looking forward for more blog post this year. XD.

    3. Thank you dearest for always being there. Cheers to US this 2018!! I'm sure it's going to be a great year pa din.


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