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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


ERICJAZ FOODIES are treating the little lords to a super DISNEY vacation in Hong Kong and we thought of including a staycation in our itinerary. Since it just opened the month of our trip, we decided to go for the new DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE and we were so glad we did. For two days we were holed up in the hotel and enjoyed going around the surroundings doing our own adventure. I know we should go out and tour HONG KONG, but we all decided to just make the most of our staycation and enjoy what they have to offer.

Check out part two of our wonderful family staycation and explorins!


We all slept so soundly last night that we had a difficult time getting up.

As much as we wanted to sleep in longer, we had to go down for breakfast.

It's not so hard to convince the little lords to do so because they knew we were going to have their favorite Mickey waffles there.

PLUS! We'll get to meet MICKEY! Yay!

Blog post coming soon!

After our heavy breakfast. It was time to go back to the room.

Bunsoy Andrei asked what these little dots on the floor for, and Master Mati answered that it's for the blind. I think it's very considerate of DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE to provide for people with disabilities. 

We enjoyed breakfast too much that we're running late for check out. he he he! But that doesn't mean we would not take our usual pictures around the room. He he he he!

On the bed... 

Ay yun lang. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Like I said, we were rushing out.

Bye messy room!

Thanks room 5246 for having us. He he he he!

Our floor's common area.

The boys were given pabaon by their loving lolo (rip) and they decided to buy something from the souvenir store for memories.

This is what Andrei chose!!!

I told him that the design is not something he could wear for a long time (could you imagine him being 15 yrs old and having THIS on his head??) but he really can't let go of it.

Okay! Whatever you like little one. He he he he he!

He was so happy wearing his hat in our HONG KONG trip.

He even took a picture of it and posted the photo on his Facebook account. Ha ha ha ha!

Hall shot!!!

After checking out, we still felt like going around DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE because we realized that we haven't fully explored all corners of the big resort.

Now where should we go huh???

DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE has 4 themed gardens that were named after some of their pixar characters!

First off, is the LITTLE SQUIRT Garden or the Oceana Garden!

LITTLE SQUIRT is a character from FINDING NEMO and you'll see his picture all throughout the garden.

The garden has lush greeneries and trees! 

There were so many picture perfect spots!

Master Mati, my new teenager, did not feel like having pictures and preferred to just make muni muni on this big stone.

Hey Mati! Come play with us!

Tee hee!

He cannot resist!

My bunsoy Andrei asked to have his picture taken here. Awwww so cute!

If you remember, Little Squirt was the baby surfer tortoise from the movie. Hence, the many surfboards on site.

Fooling around with the boys.

Hmmm.... Could this be our new family picture?? He he he he....

Next one is the HATHI JR. Garden or the Asian Garden!

HATHI JR. is the baby elephant from the jungle book but there was nothing "foresty" about this.!

The tall trees certainly dominated this garden. 

Syempre, amidst the beauty, THIS is what the boys noticed. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The stairway leading up to the fountain.

There's always something so zen-like when there's a running fountain in the middle of a garden.

Andrei, the little fountain boy, asked if we could still stay out a bit while he stared at the waters.

See the little elephants?

The beautiful garden is set outside their restaurant for breakfast. You could go here after having your fill from the buffet. He he he he he!

Bathroom break!

Yep! DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE has that aztec wooden design even in their restrooms!

Look at what they call it!

When going to different themed gardens, you could use the hidden passages aka hall ways for a more "cool" walk. 

The fun of course, is figuring it out!


I guess this is where they have bonfires at night!

Since the hotel was just new, I think this area is not yet finished.

It would be nice to go here when they have a bonfire going.

Now what's next????

The last one is the KEVIN GARDEN or the SOUTH AMERICAN GARDEN. 

While we were there, there was a construction going on so I guess they have something more for this garden for hotel guests.

More birds????

It's okay. The place was still beautiful for a family stroll.

Should we go back to the hotel?

Since we're done with the themed gardens, we just thought of lounging by the pool area.

After all, it's so peaceful and quiet.

NOT FOR LONG!!!! He he he he he!

Master Mati and I chose a tent and saw that they have simple games on the table.

Later on, he ran off to join his Daddy and Andrei!

And then, it's time to go!

Awwwww... The boys didn't want to go yet. He he he he he!

My yub got the bags that we left for deposit in their luggage room. 

It's like a port area!

Check out the decors.

Master Mati was aliw with the vintage radio.

And there you have it. Our DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE staycation!

We all had loads of fun going around the place and discovering their beautiful surroundings. 

This hotel is more appropriate with families who have bigger kids or those who would want something more than the usual classic DISNEY fairy tale experience. 

It's really for those who are seeking for a new kind of DISNEY experience with adventure.

I'm so glad that we booked our family staycation here in HONG KONG!! Yahoo!




Magic Road, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, 
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 3510 2000




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