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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


We're going to HONG KONG! Yay!

Well we we're not really planning on having an out of the country trip this year but a promise is a promise. I told Master Mati that if he gets this certain grade, I will treat him to HONG KONG  as his reward. I know we could've just went for an out of town trip, or a gadget, but we gave him a sort of "impossible" or outrageous gift so that he'll really aim high. And as expected, he worked really hard then did it! Yayyy!! We were all so proud and excited for him. But of course, we're superkaduper looking forward to our summer family trip as well!

Now why HONG KONG?

These days, it's always Japan, Korea, or US for the Filipino tourists that HONG KONG is like this ordinary option compared to those flashy and popular destinations. But not for us! We always find something fun and exciting wherever we go anyways, so HONG KONG would still be something SO worth going to.

Also, besides being the cheaper and instant option (meaning: no Visa), the boys would like to try out the new Ironman Experience in HONG KONG Disneyland. Now that's so fine with us because we could never have enough trips to Disneyland that's for sure.

So before our trip, people have been asking us, "Are you going shopping?", "Are you going to Macau?", "Are you going to Ocean Park?" -- Nope! We are just going to HONG KONG for some DISNEYLAND fun with the boys. That's what they wanted, that's what they worked hard for, now that's what they'll get. They're the real reason we're going on this trip anyway.

And as expected, we had uber loads of fun. Of course, other people have their own way of going on vacations. But for THE YAPPY BUNCH, when we're just focused on giving the kids the time of their lives (seeing them happy makes us ultra happy anyway) and do some serious family time, it will surely be another unforgettable YAPPY getaway! 

We booked a very early flight so no traffic for us.

Checking in!

As always, the Cebu Pacific flight attendants were very friendly.

There were actually a lot of people for our flight but good ol' Yub did online check-in already so we're good to go!

After immigration and other airline routines, we're going to our gate!

When my bunsoy Andrei saw this set up while we were walking, he really asked to have a picture with me.


Time for some brekkie!

Since we're going somewhere, we thought of having our favorite Filipino breakfast because it will be awhile before we do so again.

Somebody is about to have a mean temper because he didn't want to eat everything on his plate.

Now THE YAPPY BUNCH are fueled up to go to the HONG KONG!!!

The plane! The plane!

The Chinese D was in charge of all our trip documents.

Somebody found someone's name funny. Che!

Even if we've had other trips before, the run going to the plane is always very exciting!

To Andrei's disappointment, our seats were at the middle aisle. No windows!! Good thing the very kind Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant heard Andrei's dismay and offered to transfer the two of us in front.

Yayy! He got his window seat!

And even if he's been on a plane several times already, Andrei gets so excited seeing the view.

Don't worry. The Yub and Master Mati were fine at the back.

Uy check out the "pool" in the middle of the island!

And we landed!!!!

Since Andrei wants to be a pilot when he grows up, we've always make it a point to check out the cockpit.

As usual the Cebu Pacific pilots were very nice and accommodating!

They were very impressed that Andrei knew about the plane A330 and its specifics.

Their walk way is so much different from what we have in NAIA. He he he he!

Wohoo! We're in HONG KONG!

While waiting for the train going to the main airport, we saw a familiar sight.

There was a very long line at HONG KONG immigration but the staff were so efficient that we were out in no time.

Yohoo! HONG KONG baby!

Is it obvious that we're excited?

We didn't book a travel tour for this trip and will just figure out everything ourselves. (It's more fun that way!)

The Chinese Dimpol was able to plot out our transportation going to the hotel.

The boys don't usually commute in the Philippines but here in HONG KONG, they got excited that we're doing so.

Yep! Little things already make them happy.

Besides, HONG KONG transport system is so organized and clean. Who wouldn't want to be a commuter here?

It's oks pa for us because it's more cheaper this way. He he he he he!

We thought of having a lunch stopover before going to the hotel because we still had some time to spare before check in. 

And after going around and around searching for a restaurant, we ended up in...

He he he he he he! We always make it a point to eat in the MCDONALD'S of the country we're in. I just didn't expect this to be our first official meal in HONG KONG.

E pagods na kami e!

The boys loved the food in MCDONALD'S HONG KONG! For one, Andrei saw that they served cheesy fries with bacon!

As for Master Mati, he discovered that they had an Angus Burger!


Check out our blog about MCDONALD'S HONG KONG HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After lunch it's finally time to go to our hotel.

The HONG KONG railway system is one of the most "passenger friendly" transports that I have encountered. You wouldn't be lost because they only have 1 main rail road to take you around HONG KONG!

Would you believe they also have internet in their train stations???

Wohoo! Guess where we're going?

Andrei got extra excited that we got the Disneyland train almost to ourselves!

To get to our hotel, we went to the bus terminal besides Disneyland.

Their buses have provisions for big luggages. You would just have to load it up yourself.


This bus does regular runs and stops in all 3 Disneyland Hotels. The last ride is at 12:00am so it's very convenient for tourists.

The bus is clean and smells new pa!

And we arrive at our hotel for the night!

The hotel is very new and just opened its doors to the public in less than a month!

More on our blog post coming soon!

We scheduled our DISNEYLAND trip on another day because we really wanted to enjoy the facilities of our hotel. And of course, whenever we say "staycation", it's ALWAYS equal to "swimming!"

Yup! No matter where we are!

After settling in and doing our usual hotel stuff, it's time to go out.

We're all getting the hang of riding the Disneyland bus to go around.

Of course, before going to our train station, we had a picture by the DISNEYLAND archway first! He he he he he!

Buying our tickets.

We'll be going somewhere far away but the Yub had no trouble figuring out which station we'll end up in.

The train! The train!

From Disneyland, we had dinner at ICHIRAN RAMEN!

Yup! It's my ultimo request from the Yub since we're not going to Japan anytime soon.

Ichiran in Causeway Bay was a looooong train ride from Disneyland. He he he he he! But you know us, when it comes to food, distance means nothing.

The trip was so worth it too because Andrei LOVED Ichiran!

Check on our blog post HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that delicious meal, we decided to do a bit of  city explorins!

It's a great way to burn all those carb calories anyway.

And then it's time to go back to our hotel.

This time, we REALLY got the whole train to ourselves.

The little lords still decided to sit beside each other near pareng Mickey.

Before going to our hotel though, Andrei requested if we could hang out by the Disneyland fountain. We agreed because not only was it a beautiful night but we know how much our bunsoy loved his fountains.

And we're back at the hotel!


The next morning, we had an early breakfast with Mickey!

Yohoo! All of my favorite Mickey Waffles to eat!

Check out our blogpost about DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE BREAKFAST!!!

Afterwards it was time to check out.

Of course, before doing so, we really went around DISNEY'S EXPLORER'S LODGE to "explore"!

Check out our blogs about DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE!

After a whole day of explorins', we picked up our bags in their deposit station. 

And it's another train ride for us!

Now, where are we off to?

After doing a bit of walking, we arrived at our next hotel....

The hotel is not as swanky as DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE but since we're going around the whole day, this it's mighty for us!

Check our stay in BEST WESTERN HOTEL here!!!

After settling in our hotel, we decided to go out for VICTORIA'S PEAK!

It was a loooooooong walk going there. Good thing the weather was perfect and we were wearing comfy shoes.

Highway shot!

Yep! It was so windy!

Finally, we arrived at THE PEAK TRAM!

The line was superkaduper long but we survived.

The tram!

When we got to VICTORIA'S PEAK, the view was so breath-taking!

Now this was SO worth the long lines and the neck pains going up in the tram! He he he he he!

For dinner, guess where we decided to go to again?

YEP! ICHIRAN! And even if it was already past 9:00pm the lines were longer compared to last night!

Yayyy!!!! Now were finally in front!

ICHIRAN is SO good that you cannot just have one meal in it.

My very happy picky eater Andrei. He's the real reason why we're in ICHIRAN! It's his request for dinner and considering how he hated eating (seriously), it's rare for him to beg for something for dinner. 

Yes. He really begged!!!!

After a tiring day, a delicious dinner, and a long trip going to our hotel, we are all back in bed for the night. But you won't hear any "FINALLY!!!" or "HAY SALAMAT NATAPOS DIN" from us because even if our bodies were all aching, we were very sorry that the day had to end.

The past few days may be boring or uneventful to some but my YAPPY BUNCH and I had loads of fun and unforgettable memories. I think it's more because of since our real aim was to have a loving trip with the boys, that we also did what they wanted and just focused on having enjoyable times with them (e.g. swimming, fountain watching, fast food eating, tram riding, etc etc).  

We can't wait for the tomorrow. Remember, we ARE going to DISNEYLAND after all!!!!







  1. I am still single, but I wish to have a family like yours someday. :)

    1. Hiya!!!! From experience, I know that everything you dream/wish/pray and meant for will come at the right time. For now, enjoy single life! I'm sure you have people around you who love you like family. Take care always! Cheers! Mmmmwah!


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