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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


When we planned our HONG KONG trip, we decided to focus on one thing alone...


The trip pushed through because I promised Master Mati that we'll go to the DISNEYLAND HONGKONG IRON MAN EXPERIENCE if he reached his academic goal that year. At that time, I thought it was something far-fetched, but my dear Mati was able to pull it off (perhaps with that trip in mind) and I was so proud of him!

I'm glad that even if they're not as young as before, the boys were still excited to go to DISNEYLAND. Other pre-teens would usually be jaded and prefer to go for the more  R-13 experience to feel more like "men". He he he he he! But not the little lords! I guess they're very secure in themselves and more focused on having fun that they don't mind acting like small kiddies again with their Mommy and Daddy.

The Yub and I were happy too because we will also be forever kids at heart and we will NEVER get tired of DISNEYLAND. It is one place I would always make it a point to go to whenever there's a chance. I'm thankful that the Chinese Dimpol feels the same.

We had a VERY grand time in DISNEYLAND HONG KONG and as expected, the classic theme park gave us a lot of fun in so many levels!!! At one point, I told Master Mati to promise me that even if I'm already old, he'll should still take me to DISNEYLAND so that we'll all be kiddies again. Without batting an eyelash, he answered that he'll rent me a wheelchair should I be too old to go around. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Wohooo!!! Yay for all of us. Nothing brings out that unique childlike and loving attitude when you're in the happiest place on earth!


We actually had a DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE staycation but we made it a point to not schedule it the same day as our DISNEYLAND day because we wanted to really enjoy both destinations without scrimping the other one off!

How much did we love DISNEYLAND?

Just the sight of the sign already excited us to bits that everytime we passed by it during our staycation, we made a point to always have a picture! He he he he he he!

I told the boys that we should have a picture already so that we don't need to have one come park day...

At least we didn't have unwanted photobombers here. 

BUT STILL, when it was our DISNEYLAND day, we were not able to resist to have more pictures! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sa train pa lang, mega pictura

My bunsoy Andrei was so enchanted with the DISNEYLAND fountain that he asked for 5 minutes there before going in. 

Okay! You're the boss anyway. :)

I think we were late by an hour from the opening time. But still, the line was forgivable.

Let's go Yubhubbers!

In DISNEYLAND, you'll always be met with smiles!

Yohoo!!! Our DISNEYLAND stubs!

We bought our tickets online and got these cool Star Wars cards at the counter.

Yohoo! We're finally in!

Every spot warrants a family picture! He he he he he!

For those wondering, we didn't have a tripod or another person with us in this trip. For our family pictures, we would usually ask kind passers by to take it for us. There are a lot of kind beings who would gladly oblige especially if you give them a very sweet smile.

Naku kapag kasing ishweet pa ng smile ko, with matching hand stand pa sila!!!!! Kidding! 

He he he he he!

Now let's explore DISNEYLAND!

Where should we go first????


Of course, the first one we'll go to is TOMORROW LAND!

I don't know if we're just early or what but there wasn't a lot of people in DISNEYLAND.

And we know where our first stop would be.


It's the main ride we went for anyway!!

Upon entering, master Mati got more excited seeing these small illuminated cylinders. He really asked me to take a picture of it.

I'm glad that since we were early, the queue for the line was not that long yet.

I'm sure later on this will be PACKED.

What I like about DISNEY rides (or any other theme park rides for that matter) is that they already entertain you while you're lining up.

In every corner you'll see something that would make you wanna stop and check it out.

Ooh! Ironman's attache suit (I forgot what they called it).

Let's go to the HALL OF ENERGY!


The Avengers tower!

Their Hall of Mobility!

Now where did I see this again?

The Expo Edition!

The little lords enjoyed checking out the different IRON MAN items.

And finally, we're going in!

The IRON MAN experience is a 4D ride similar to most of the attractions in Universal Studios.

The story for the IRON MAN experience was that we're going to help Iron Man when one of his robots went berzerk in Hong Kong.

The ride was really fun and the graphics were popping out especially with our special glasses. Our hydraulic chairs also did a fine job in throwing us around. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Outside the ride, Master Mati saw this contraption and pointed out that it was one of Tony Stark's robots who kept on fumbling with the fire extinguisher.

Awwwww... wawa!

The IRON MAN experience was really fun and worth the trip. Hopefully we have time later to do a round 2! Tee hee!

While walking around, we saw this IRON MAN tech showcase.

Master Mati said that anything with Iron Man is worth going to. H ehe he he he!

There was a long line so we figured it's something we should check out.

Internet service was free AND fast in DISNEYLAND Hong Kong so nobody got bored with the wait. He he he he he!

It's cool that we didn't have to wait too long.

The Stark Expo was supposed to be a seminar showcasing the company's creations.

Like so...

When suddenly....

We got a visit from IRON MAN himself!!!!

IRON MAN explain that he was grateful with the support of his Star Expo guests and to show his appreciation, he dropped by to say "hello."

We got to say hi to IRON MAN himself! The little lords were so thrilled!

The Chinese Dimpol even showed IRON MAN his special shirt. He he he he he!


After meeting IRON MAN, we learned that the little lords could be IRON MAN themselves in a video game featured in the souvenir shop. The game was free we just had to line up.

Go Andrei!

Time to suit up!

Oops! Stage mommy captured. He he he he he...

Master Mati waited for his turn while I took care of my bunsoy's things.

Later on, the attendant asked which prototype master Mati wanted to go as.

Go Andrei!


Afterwards, it was Master Mati's turn!

Let's suit up!

Andrei kept on shouting directions at the sidelines. Ha ha ha ha!

Master Mati was a great IRON MAN too!

The Chinese Dimpol wasn't able to try the video game out so nagfeeling IRON MAN na lang siya with the statue outside.

Grrrrr.... Pesky kids... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Next up for the boys is some Jedi Training!

I guess it's obvious given Andrei's shirt choice for the day.

Our bunsoy Andrei really wanted to join but begged his Kuya to join him. Master Mati wasn't really feeling it but being the kind brother that he is, he agreed to do it with our bunsoy.

The 2 registered and even if master Mati was a year older for the age range, the friendly attendant agreed to let him join. 

There was a short wait before the show so the boys had a quick snack.

Ice cream pops for the win!

Then, it was time for my boys to become Jedis!

My bunsoy Andrei was so excited!

As for Master Mati... not so much. Ha ha ha ha! But I'm sure he had fun later. 

The Jedi training started off with some quick moves from their masters.

Could you see Mati and Andrei?

My bunsoy is there!

Then, Darth Vader invades the Jedi class!

Andrei got his wish to battle Darth Vader!

Go Andrei!!!!!

Tee hee! You got him my bunsoy!

Master Mati was next but he couldn't hurt a lady! He just went along with it.

Everyone did a great job!

But then Kylo Ren came!!!!

Use the force Padawans!

Kylo Ren didn't hurt the little kiddies but he did kidnap their female instructor.


Up next...

Hyperspace Mountain!!!!!! 

The Chinese Dimpol and I were not feeling this ride because we know we'd just get dizzy. But in the end, we decided I should take pictures so had no choice but to join them. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Master Mati went for the orange....

While Andrei got the purple!

My little lords!

I seriously didn't feel like going on this ride that's why I cannot be alone on one rocket. Sorry Andrei, your scaredy cat Mommy will hitch with you.

Believe it or not, I got scared when Andrei pulled the lever to go higher. Ngiii!


Since Hyperspace Mountain was Andrei's choice, we asked Master Mati where he wanted to go next. He said he wanted to check out the STAR WAR'S Command Post!

We were actually clueless what it was. We then discovered that it was just a photo op with BB8!

The boys were expecting something more but BB8 was just too darn cute!

He would even respond to us with his beeps and whistles! 

Could we take you home BB8?

Of course, whenever we're in HONG KONG DISNEYLAND, we would never miss riding ASTRO BLASTERS -- Andrei's favorite!

The line here was quick because the ride was consistently moving and was not done in batches.

Buzz Lightyear was there to welcome us!

I told the Chinese Dimpol that I would take videos and pictures so I sat in the front rocket.


Since it was dark, I turned on the flashlight of my celphone. A few minutes later, the ride stopped due to some "ASTRO BLASTER difficulties". When I turned my light off, the ride continued.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm so sorry! Good thing they did not loudly call my attention using the speakers. That would've been so embarrassing.

We're finally done with TOMORROWLAND! That's the boys favorite section in DISNEYLAND talaga. I think we spent around 6 hours here! He he he he he!

Now what should we do next???

Besides dabbing of course!

We dropped by DISNEYLAND City Hall to have our USD changed to HKD.

While waiting, it was nice to look their old photographs.

Walt Disney!

The Chinese Dimpol said we should ride the train to have a mini-tour of DISNEYLAND!

It was also a great way to go to the other side. 

And now we're in ADVENTURELAND!!!!!

Our first stop here was the RIVERS OF ADVENTURE!

In the RIVERS OF ADVENTURE, you had a choice to visit Tarzan's Island or the JUNGLE RIVER CRUISE.

We opted to just ride on the latter instead.

We're glad that the line was not as scandalously long as it was in the US, HOWEVER, since we chose the English language ride, we got in the batch of a group who smelled so much of sweat. :( 

Good thing the ride was fun and entertaining that we forgot about it. He he he he he he!

Hello animals...

Hello squatters on the side of the jungle... (he he he)...

Hello water explosion....

Hello burning cave...

And we're done!

The JUNGLE CRUISE ride is one of DISNEYLAND'S attractions that we will never get tired of. I'm glad that the little lords agreed.

It was already in the afternoon when we decided to have a late lunch. Our tummies led us to FESTIVAL OF FOODS!

If you want to check our lunch experience here, read it up in our blogpost HERE!

In the meantime, let us take a short break as we devour these big bowls of food!!!


As much as I wanted this to be a one post blog, I cannot help it! There are just too many fun moments that I never want to forget!!!! I'm happy that we were able to get our DISNEYLAND fill plus more on this trip. I think it's one of our best theme park visits yet because we were able to try out the rides that we wanted without any feeling of fatigue or tiredness at all!

If you're in the mood to see MORE pictures (sorry tee hee) watch out for PART TWO coming soon!!!!

We L-O-V-E you forever DISNEYLAND!!!!!



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